Elemental Swords Addon

Hello Random Minecraft Player! Want to have your own powers in Minecraft, In just one click. This addon has great features for players that wants to do pvp with their friends and also for making maps and more. 

Each of the sword have unique powers within them they make you powerful

This addon was originally created by me in less than two days.

~Creator: RenderChunk Gaming~

Please download my mcpe shader

Click here –> BNS Shader


1. How to get all the items, Type this /function elements, In your chat box

2. After that you will receive the items from the addon pack

💠Ingredients to make these items:

You can type /function elements for it is easier to get rather than crafting them. You can also craft the swords, just go to my twitter account and find one of my tweets that are about this addon



🔹Elemental Bow

🔸Elemental Staff

🔹Elemental Sword

🔸Water Sword

🔹Lava Sword

🔸Leaf Sword

🔹Ground Sword

🔸Air Sword

If there are any problems with the addon contact me as soon as possible or anytime

How to make these items:

~Elemental Sword~

“R” means “Blaze Rod”

“N” means “Nether Star”

“0” means “Empty”

0 0 N

0 N 0

R 0 0

~Water Sword~

“W” means “Water Bucket”

“R” means “Blaze Rod”

“0” means “Empty”

0 0 W 

0 W 0

R 0 0

~Lava Sword~

“L” means “Lava Bucket”

“R” means “Blaze Rod”

“0” means “Empty”

0 0 L

0 L 0

R 0 0

~Leaf Sword~

“OL” means “Oak Leaves”

“R” means “Blaze Rod”

“0” means “Empty”

0 0 OL

0 OL 0

R 0 0

~Ground Sword~

“M” means “Stone Monster Egg”

“R” means “Blaze Rod”

“0” means “Empty”

0 0 M 

0 M 0

R 0 0

~Air Sword~

“B” means “Barrier”

“R” means “Blaze Rod”

“0” means “Empty”

0 0 B

0 B 0

R 0 0

~Elemental Bow~

“S” means “String”

“R” means “Blaze Rod”

“0” means “Empty”

S R 0

S 0 R

S R 0

~Elemental Staff~

“N” means “Nether Star”

“R” means “Blaze Rod”

“0” means “Empty”

0 N 0

0 R 0

0 R 0

Changelog View more

-Added ingredients to the content above

-Fixed some issues & bugs

-Each Sword Has Its Own Powers

-Added Photos

-Fixed Bugs

-Fixed bugs and more

-Added more photos

-Fixed the link


If you download the .zip file, unzip the file and manually import it into your games/com.mojang/rp and bp in your MC folder.

If you download .mcaddon file, manually import the file into Minecraft (Once you've done a manual import into Minecraft, just click to install.


Supported Minecraft versions

1.12 1.13 1.14 1.15 (beta) 1.16

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  1. LAgamer says:

    does not work at all.

  2. ranak says:

    worst addon ever

  3. Mike290107 says:

    Hola me gustaría trabajar contigo y tu addon yo de hecho tengo un addon similar que yo cree

  4. MrLenZo says:

    and the function don’t work

  5. MrLenZo says:

    when i go to your twitter they say “This account doesn’t exist”

  6. zhetto says:

    How to craft items? I looked up your Twitter and yt and couldn’t find it, trying to start a modded survival

  7. DarkusAnima says:

    If u make a update try use a sprite that not sowrds to make the nightsege from tarraria kinda lazy but understand if u want to get it out sooner best use custome look other that ionic sprites

  8. P1xe1at3d says:

    Bruh, you cant use bow

  9. ItsMaxo says:


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