Elemental Swords (Poison Sword)

Poison sword update!

Poison, water, thunder, earth, fire, and an air sword in this addon!

Sometimes we need powerful swords, we need weapons that give us skills, like fire resistance, slow – falling, water – breathing, speed, and so on. I have made this addon for u, I have made this addon because I knew you needed it.  

Easy crafts, useful uses… the game becomes better. ??

I will  be updating with new swords:))

In this addon you will be able to craft 5 new swords:

  • Water sword
  • Fire sword
  • Air sword
  • Earth sword
  • Thunder sword
  • Poison sword

Let’s see the crafts and characteristics of the swords

Fire sword

Damage: 25

Command: el:fire_sword

Durability: strong


  •  Speed
  • Fire – Resistance
  • Regeneration


Air sword

Damage: 25

Command: el:air_sword

Durability: strong


  • Speed
  • Slow – falling
  • Regeneration


Water sword

Damage: 25

Command: el:water_sword

Durability: strong


  • Water – breathing
  • Night vision
  • Regeneration


Earth sword

Damage: 25

Command: el:earth_sword

Durability: strong


  • Jump – boost
  • Resistance
  • Speed
  • Regeneration


Thunder sword

Damage: 25

Command: el:thunder_sword

Durability: strong


  • health_boost
  • Resistance
  • strength
  • Regeneration
  • speed


Poison sword

Damage: 17

Command: el:poison_sword 

Durability: strong 


  • Regeneration
  • speed
  • Absorption


They are the swords guy 🙂

If you feel Minecraft very very easy with this addon, I highly recommend you to download:

This an addon that makes your Minecraft very difficult. 🤗

I’m all ears if you give feedback. If you want more swords leave a comment!🤭😜😉

Changelog View more

I fixed some errords, textures and bugs to this new version.

In this update i fixed some textures, now they look better. 

I also created a new sword, you may have seen it. 

Im working, and trying to make the swords better

In this update, I added 2 new swords:

  • Thunder sword
  • Earth sword

I also fixed some textures.

I made the sword a little bit stronger (damage is the same).

Add an android version, if you have ios or android, download it NOW.

Just updating some text from the description. It is 100% real, its not fake



If you have more addons, it may not work...


Supported Minecraft versions


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48 Responses

4 / 5 (5 votes)
  1. FrostyLegend1029 says:

    I love this addon, my favorite part was that you can stack sword powers to make you pretty much a god by switching from sword to sword, but can you please make an ice sword and rename the air sword from water sword – +25 attack damage to air sword – +25 attack damage?
    Ice sword recipe
    [d] [bi] [d]
    [pi] [ds] [pi]
    [ ] [s] [ ]
    bi = blue ice
    pi = packed ice
    ds = diamond sword
    s = stick
    i dont know if this is a good recipe or not you can make your own if you want

  2. Mike290107 says:

    you can put more elements or swords that would be great (。•̀ᴗ-)✧

  3. Guest-1185549607 says:

    the recipe for the fire sword doesn’t work, please fix it, thanks

  4. Guest-5028926338 says:

    What is the recipe for the fire sword?

  5. Guest-4851835424 says:

    Hey would we be aloud to use this in a server for xbox as long as we give you credit

  6. Guest-2904747924 says:

    None of the command things work to get it without crafting them and I can’t craft the air sword even though it’s correct recipe. Can please fix this

  7. Guest-4427464662 says:

    When I write command for air sword name of sword is water sword but texture of sword is air sword.
    Can you repair it?

  8. Guest-7771666410 says:

    i can’t do fire sword 🙁

  9. Dalay995 says:

    No funcionan los crafteos en Windows 10, solo tengo ese addon y tengo el modo experimental. 1.16.1

  10. Guest-9661538326 says:

    Yoooo best mods I’ve ever downloaded, can you add more like an end sword.?

    And btw the air sword isn’t workin.

  11. Guest-7073054390 says:

    how about an end-sword, crafted using things like dragons breath, end crystals, eyes of ender, things like that 🙂

  12. Guest-1240885687 says:

    Lets go best mod

  13. Guest-7362065161 says:

    I can spawn in the swords but can’t craft them

  14. Guest-5187706427 says:

    I have a problem. the swords doesnt give me the skills they should and doesnt have the damage the should. for example, the fire sword took me 4 hits to kill a pig. and 2 for a chicken. any idea of what is wrong?

  15. Guest-5513266763 says:

    La espada de viento no se puede crear

  16. Guest-8927002999 says:

    I can’t get the new swords ,any info

  17. Guest-9575519104 says:

    Do we have to reinstall the addon for the new swords

  18. lilywhitewolf says:

    ice if you be so n’ice’

  19. Guest-8981764852 says:

    do i need experimental gameplay on?

  20. Guest-8977813673 says:

    Pls Make a Thonder SWORD its amazing pls 😀 NICE ADDON 😀

  21. Guest-4998081039 says:

    Maybe make ranged attacks like fireballs for the fire sword, shulker bullets for the air sword and maybe make a custom water ball for the water sword.

  22. Guest-9649969917 says:

    can i use this in a map

  23. Hey can u add earth sword? It will give resistance effect so it makes you more durable 😀 and maybe heatlh_boost effect that will give u more hearts?

  24. Guest-7863686912 says:

    Hey can someone let me know the recipe for air sword ? I thought it was membrane but i guess not cause i can’t craft it but the other two i csn

  25. PresidentGato says:

    Does it work with other plugins? or do you have to prioritize?

  26. Killer Smile says:

    Why is there no Earth Sword? It belongs to the four major elements?

  27. Guest-8942629033 says:

    There should be special attack affects on the swords(e.g fire sword sets the opponent on fire, air gives the opponent levitation and water summons water above the opponent’s head, making them drown and slow down). Also first comment. Wow

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