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Published on March 21, 2015 (Updated on March 21, 2015)

Elemental Witches PE

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Can you please make this mod for Minecraft Pe
I couldn’t download it! Because of that piece of shit error!
This is awesome
I hope the Creator can make an Addon like this because I can't download mods THANK YOU CREATOR
What about the Sand Witch?
How can I install textures here in this mod
I download it and I try extracting it and it.say bad zip file
Make sure it's fully downloaded before trying to unzip it.
Hi ^-^ how to make mod
Here are some info about ModPE:
How do you get it?
Guys I have a seed I wanted you all to know about, it is 1418075276. You spawn on a small flat island, but no worries! a larger one is right in front of you and it is a big one! Medium sized at around 30-60 blocks long, and a couple of connected flat island. There is a mainland in a fair distance away but it is completely out of site. Finally, for the cool part. The island is forested with a hilly area and best of all the hills hold a VILLAGE! That's right there is a huge village on this island with a blacksmith and many many houses! It's complete with a dock and a beach and if you like, glitched blacksmith lava! The chest is nice with an apple, 9 ink sacs, 2 bread, an iron pick, and an iron helmet! There's also a church here and under the well is a bunch of iron and just coal too. There is some more iron and lapis lazuli under spawn and a small cave opening on the island though I think it is a dead end cave. There is tons of building space so maybe one could build the villagers their own Pearl Harbor or something. Please post this seed I have tried to get it online for months now as I've never seen one like it. ~Nickdacrazyminer
You should create an account here: and start submitting ( your seeds with images. :)