Elementals Foxes (Add-on)

This addon adds 6 new variations of fox in the game. 

 Foxes included elementals: Fire, Water, Thunder, Ender, Ice & nature . All of the new mobs spawn in the world in their biomes.

This addon allows you to tame all foxes too ( with potato & carrot )  and where each one have a special skill , have different  stat values.

You can name your Foxes and they will always be visible.

( You can tamed Original fox mob too ) 

If you loves foxes and you want more , this its your addon !! 

You can use this addon if you feel alone and you loves Foxes. 

Creator: Pandikax


Elementals Foxes ADD-ON V.0.2 ( For now )

it works in your Minecraft version 1.16 : Pe – Windows 10 and Xbox one

Some of the features are: 


This Fox Burn you if it see you with fireballs, its spawn in Nether. 


This Fox drive a very long time, Its spawn in Rivers and beachs.


This Fox its so fast like as quick as a lightning, Its spawn in Plains.


This Fox teleport like an Enderrman and its so fast too, Its spawn in Deserts.


Similiar to Oiginal Fox with little changes, Its spawn in Jungles.


Similiar to Original fox with little changes, Its spawn in Coldest Places.

Have fun and enjoy 🙂



How to install the addon in our worlds?

- Just download and install the McAddon

- Activate both behavior and resource pack you installed in your world settings.

- I hope you Fun and Enjoy


Supported Minecraft versions


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  1. Haze says:

    This looks great, I love it 🙂

  2. Jud3gamer says:

    Make a pokémon mod

  3. Mario Craft says:

    I applaud you from my house

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