Elevator Block Mod

A mod which adds a new block to the game called an Elevator Block. As the name suggests it adds the feature of being able to build an elevator which can take you up and down quicker.

Creator: wilco375


  • The height limit of the Elevator Block is limited to 16 blocks.
  • Multiple elevator levels
  • New GUI button

How to build an elevator?

To craft an Elevator Block you will need 8 Wool and 1 Iron Ingot.


When you have got the necessary Elevator Blocks you can create the elevator. Simply place the first block down at whatever place you want and then the next blocks at a maximum 16 higher level block count above or beneath that block.


Once you get on top of the Elevator Block you will see there is a new button in the bottom right corner of the screen which says Down. By pressing that button you will go down to the next Elevator Block. If you want to go up then simply jump and then you will be instantly teleported to the next Elevator Block.



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9 Responses

  1. Dr. Strange says:


  2. Saiyan004 says:

    Is it working for 0.14.0? Im from the future btw xD (not funny do not laugh)

  3. Mystery C says:

    Ah first time i saw this its kinda cool so i download it and ………… IT WAS AWESOME

  4. spideryou says:

    Minecraft needs mods I can’t get any

  5. Christan Mena says:

    What you do is you copy the url and paste in in mod pe scripts in order to do that you need to click the wrench at the top then click on manage mod pe scripts then click import then web address then paste the URL.

  6. Bggy11111111 says:

    So this is my first time downloading a mod. I hit download it goes to a and so on (can’t see the rest.) What do I do now?

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