Elf Queen (Boss) Add-On (v.1.14+)

This is a brand new add-on which adds new “elf” mobs into the game, with new game experience, it has 4 new mobs added to your Minecraft world to challenge and fight new monsters into the game!

In this add-on, it adds 4 new mobs/entities into your Minecraft worl. There are 4 new elf mobs, we have the Elf Queen (Boss), Elf Archer, Elf Warrior, and Elf Spearman.

Elf Queen:


Type: Boss

Health: 1000

Biome: Frozen/Snow Island


• Does only do Melee attack using her Iron Sword!

• Summons a lot of Lightning Bolts

• Summons diffirent type of minions (ex: Elf Archer, Elf Warrior, and Elf Spearman)

• Summons Evocation Fangs

• Makes nearby mobs to have Levitation effect if you go near the Levitation Fog.

Elf Warrior:

Type: Minion

Health: 85

Biome: Extreme Hills


• Does only do Melee attack if your to close to him!

• Can switch to “Defend Mode” if your a bit far away from him!

Elf Archer:

Type: Minion

Health: 20

Biome: Jungle


• Shoots Arrows like a Skeleton!

Elf Spearman:

Type: Minion

Health: 50

Biome: Desert


• Does only do Melee attacks using his Spear!

This are all the entities in the game! Addition details about this add-on, every elf mobs drop good loot, you will have a good and rich life… I hope you like the add-on! 😃🙏


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50 Responses

4.43 / 5 (35 votes)
  1. Guest-6485804177 says:

    This is so COOOOOOOL…

  2. User-6117645504 says:

    Can you make a boobs add-on? It is pretty much the elf queen but hopefully can hopefully be toggled on and off as well size. Thanks! (Joke) Unless? xd

  3. LightningCraft says:

    Uhh can u make a NULL addon he’s a shadow herobrine

  4. Anonymous says:

    The idea is good. But this makes my iron golems attack each other, and modded creatures that attack her just keep on attacking while she stares at them, for example, crocodiles.

  5. ElectricycleTV says:

    Can I use it in a modpack.
    It is a great boss.

  6. Weird Dude says:

    I dont use Twitter, sorry about that :v but i just want to say that can you make more mobs about fantasy and mystical creatures (races) like goblin, troll,…. Just like elf races :v you can search google for more because my english very bad so i can only say that ._. Thanks you for reading!

  7. Sam Walker says:

    I like it? I love this addon just like you make the Entity 303 addon

  8. EnderZ says:

    Looks great. One question though- does it come with a spawn eggs to manually spawn her and her minions? Thanks!

  9. EnderZ says:

    Looks great, one question though- Can you manually spawn her with a spawn egg?

  10. Just a suggestion says:

    Suggestion: Perhaps a Dwarf addon that adds Dwarves who fight the Elves? Can’t have a war that includes Elves without Dwarves lol.

    Also, good addon.

  11. DTech says:

    This add-on is awesome! She’s really hard to beat cause she summon minions. Great job btwπŸ˜πŸ‘πŸ‘!!! And have a nice timeπŸ™‚!!

  12. Anonymous says:

    Also make the chest area just a rectangle

  13. Anonymous says:

    Make a dungeon for this boss to spawn in as well as the enemies

  14. Nie says:

    Can you make rarest spawn rate

  15. Unkown says:

    Add a friendly elf girl that can be tamed with enchanted golden apple

  16. IcEWaRRiOr says:

    Add friendly elf king

  17. Heck yeah says:


  18. RainCraftGamer says:

    Add elf king TMSFIREBOY and If u defeat you can tame in enchanted apples πŸ˜€

  19. Anti-Virus says:

    Elf queen makes my pp hard lmao

  20. A says:

    Very fine addon overall, but you lost a star because of this one reason: the elf queen has titties. Otherwise great overall

  21. Tobi says:

    This addon is being aplied by itself into my realm, i swear i have never downloaded or installed it but still its on my realm and i cant deactivate it.

  22. Patrick Mendoza says:

    This is a good addon but in your next creation, please add Herobrine so your Entity 303 and this new Herobrine will fight each other. You get it right? By the way Im a filipino too

  23. Arex says:

    Hey I have an idea make two types of dark elves and light elves light would be tamamble and dark would be an enemy mob

  24. Liam TDP says:

    Kuya TMSFireBoy sobrang astig nung addon mo ishohowcase ko ito sa channel ko maglalagay ako ng credits at link sa description Mabuhay ang mga Pilipino

  25. RealJoshua says:

    Pilipino ka.Paturo naman pano magsubmitπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  26. Emin says:

    Great add-on, I am a IOS user. So because it’s IOS 13 , I can’t download this 😞

  27. ArcticDragonStudio says:

    It’s legit Men I Think I Have Some Entities That You Can Use I’ll Give Them To You

  28. DuhVirus says:

    great addon the only thing i would change is make it so the elf queen is a little more aggresive she doesnt run over to me and attack she just sits there summoning lightning

  29. Thetigerking says:

    Make it so wen you defeat her you can tame her with enchanted golden apples then she will protect you please 🐯🐯

  30. Arex says:

    Can u make them tamable with written books like ur giving them a treaty or contract so u can make an army and add goblins too

  31. Thetigerking says:

    Make it so wen you defeat her you can tame her with enchanted golden apples please 🐯🐯

  32. Arex says:

    Wth does it have boobs change it pls

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