Elingo’s Custom Swords Add-On – 36 New Swords (1.14+)

This is my first addon I ever made so i hope you enjoy this.

The addon adds 36 Brand new Swords that you can craft in Survival or give yourself in Creative with commands.

!!If you find any bugs/glitches put them in the Comments!!

    Here is a List so far of what Swords you can Craft, the addon includes the following:

    • Air Sword
    • Quartz Sword
    •  Ice Sword 
    • Magma Sword 
    • Dirt Sword 
    • Melon Sword 
    • BambooSword
    • Obsidian Sword
    • Crying Obsidian Sword
    • Blackstone Sword
    • Prismarine Sword
    • Bone Sword
    • Ender Sword
    • Rainbow Sword
    • Honeycomb Sword
    • Glass Sword
    • Clay Sword
    • Leather Sword + All Colors
    • Crimson Wooden Sword
    • Warped Wooden Sword
    • Chorusfruit Sword
    • Cake Sword
    • Andesite Sword
    • Diorite Sword
    • Granite Sword
    • Oak Wooden Sword
    • Birch Wooden Sword
    • Spruce Wooden Sword
    • Jungle Wooden Sword
    • Dark Oak Wooden Sword
    • Acacia Wooden Sword
    • Sponge Sword
    • Redstone Sword
    • Soulsand Sword
    • Totem Sword
    • Bedrock Sword

    ⚔️ Crafting Recipes ⚔️

        !If you have any suggestions on what swords to add put them in the Comments!

        Damage list:

          I will try to update this addon every week until It has 40 diffrent Swords.

          Air Sword = 1 Damage

          Quartz Sword = 8 Damage

          Ice Sword  = 10 Damage

          Magma Sword = 10 Damage

          Dirt Sword = 1 Damage

          Melon Sword = 7 Damage

          Bamboo Sword = 3 Damage

          Blackstone Sword = 6 Damage

          Ender Sword = 6 Damage

          Obsidian Sword = 7 Damage

          Crying Obsidian Sword = 7 Damage

          Prismarine Sword = 7 Damage

          Rainbow Sword = 16 Damage

          Bone Sword = 5 Damage

          Honeycomb Sword = 5 Damage

          Glass Sword = 8 Damage

          Clay Sword = 3 Damage

          Leather Sword = 3 Damag

          Crimson Wooden Sword = 5 Damage

          Warped Wooden Sword = 5 Damage

          Chorusfruit Sword = 8 Damage

          Cake Sword = 6 Damage

          Andesite Sword = 5 Damage

          Diorite Sword = 5 Damage

          Granite Sword = 5 Damage

          Oak Wooden Sword = 4 Damage

          Birch Wooden Sword = 4 Damage

          Spruce Wooden Sword = 4 Damage

          Jungle Wooden Sword = 4 Damage

          Dark Oak Wooden Sword = 4 Damage

          Acacia Wooden Sword = 4 Damage

          Sponge Sword = 3 Damage

          Redstone Sword = 5 Damage

          Soulsand Sword = 4 Damage

          Totem Sword = 8 Damage

          Bedrock Sword = 100 Damage

          Changelog View more


          • Redstone Sword
          • Sponge Sword
          • Andesite Sword
          • Diorite Sword
          • Granite Sword
          • Wooden Swords
          • Totem Sword
          • Cake Sword
          • Chorusfruit Sword
          • Bedrock Sword


          • Clay Sword
          • Glass Sword
          • Honeycomb Sword
          • Leather Sword + all the Colors
          • Crimson Wooden Sword
          • Warped Wooden Sword


          • Blackstone Sword
          • Ender Sword
          • Obsidian Sword
          • Crying Obsidian Sword
          • Prismarine Sword
          • Rainbow Sword
          • Bone Sword


          • Bamboo Sword
          • Melon Sword


          Supported Minecraft versions

          1.14 1.15 (beta) 1.16

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          29 Responses

          4.71 / 5 (7 votes)
          1. Runaway_Zombie says:

            Idk why this came up for sponge bob mods but I am so glad it did

          2. JonZai says:

            I really like the design and the process that you are having with swords, as a tip do you think you could give them powers? And that you can also make tools in it (pick, ax, shovel etc) with armor? obvious over time, buddy keep it up! they are fabulous <3

          3. ItsMaxo says:

            It would be cool if you made it so you could make a handel and make a custom swords like quartz and obsidian but the damage would only go up by 2 or 1. I know it would be hard to code in but I think it would be fun!

          4. MarsAsteroid833 says:

            Can you pleas make more armor for Minecraft

          5. DrDre0607 says:

            It would be cool if you could add all of the wood variants and stone variants of swords(eg birch, spruce, acacia etc. and diorite, andesite and granite

          6. ash_master says:

            can you add a laser sword the does 200 damage

          7. zeyverOps says:

            Can I put an enchantments on this swords?

          8. Guest-2921460710 says:

            Could someone please help me regarding Sword add ons Like this one I Download the addon I out both resource and behavior and even experimental ganeplay notes it works I get the swords Thry look really cool but there is one problem just ONE that Really bothers me All of the swords I have downloaded the swords dont do anything the attack damage is the same no boost a wooden sword is better it does a damage of your fist its just there to show Does this happen to anyone I just Wanted More swords:( pls help me

          9. Guest-3173746637 says:

            This will be pointless, but Clay sword!! 🤣

          10. Guest-4238009657 says:

            I love the new update! Thanks for using my suggestions as well! (I am New Hydroquake Vortex, MCPEDL signed me out)

          11. New Hydroquake Vortex says:

            I love this addon so much!
            1. It is balanced! Some may see not being able to enchant the swords as a downside, but I see it as a win. You can craft a Magma Sword (10 Damage), which is better than Netherite (8). But if you add Sharpness 5 to the Netherite Sword, it then deals 13 Damage.

            2. Cool Concepts! Although there are some silly swords like the Air Sword, Melon Sword, and the Dirt Sword, there are also some cool concepts like the Bamboo Sword, Quartz Sword, Ice Sword and the Magma Sword!

            3. Nice Textures. You did a great job on the textures

            I hope you continue updating this in the future! I think it would be cool to add different effects to swords (Magma Sword has Fire Aspect, Ice Sword deals Slowness.)

            Sword Ideas:
            Bone Sword (5/6 dmg) – This would be great for surviving the first night, or for a dungeon map
            Prismarine Sword (7/8) – Has a small chance to deal mining fatigue
            Honeycomb Sword (8)

            • New Hydroquake Vortex says:

              More Sword Ideas!
              Ender Sword (10 dmg) Craft with Eyes of Ender. Works like a chorus fruit every time you swing. (The effect could be on you or the opponent.)
              Coral Sword (9/10) Gives some water breathing or deals more damage to underwater mobs.
              Obsidian Sword (8) Lots of durability
              Crying Obsidian Sword (8) Gives a little Regeneration and also high durability.

              Also, I just tested this in survival too, and the low durability makes the silly swords more balanced! However, I think the Bamboo Sword’s durability should be a little higher so it can be on par with wood, (maybe increased damage too). I just love the bamboo sword.

          12. Guest-1933193322 says:

            Could you make it more balanced? Because a netherite sword does 8 damage and a melon one does 10

          13. Guest-9637880505 says:

            you should make it so sword enchants can go on the swords you are makeing

          14. Guest-5306730336 says:

            The air sword tho

          15. Guest-8059948060 says:

            A loas espadas, se le pueden agregar encantamientos?

          16. Guest-5584206631 says:

            I downloaded it n when I tried applying it sais missing dependencies plus upon adding to my wolrd they dont appear in my creative mode

            • Guest-9684402201 says:

              it is very hard to create an extra thing that appears in the creative menu (through experience), and this is their first addon. i dont know why it said the missing dependencies, but i would just try again, maybe trying to add both the addon and the resource pack. it might have also been that when it said missing dependencies and you loaded the world it might have not been in the creative menu due to the missing dependencies. idk

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