Elytra Elite [Minigame]

Elytra Elite is an incredible elytra map consisting of 7 different levels which all are equally awesome. It might not sound like a lot of levels but I can assure you that some of them are insanely difficult. This map is a little bit different from other elytra maps as parts of it is similar to dropper maps except that you now will be flying. This is by far the best elytra map which I have played to date.

Creator: MegaStriker (aka StrikerTeam)Twitter Account

How to play?

Find a pair of elytra wings in one of the chests and equip it in your chestplate armor slot. Jump into a level when you are ready and then press the jump button again to activate gliding. The objective is to get to the end of the level, press a button and then continue on to the next level.

elytra-elite-5 elytra-elite-4 elytra-elite-3 elytra-elite-2 elytra-elite-1

If you manage to complete it please let us know in the comments!

Download Map .McWorld
Download Elytra Wings .McPack
Download .ZIP

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45 Responses

4.67 / 5 (3 votes)
  1. Wut says:

    Great. I finally beat it. Consider adding /tp to the end of the levels.

  2. WinsMaster2225 says:

    I finally managed to reach the end of this map.
    Exhausting but worthed.

  3. Anonymous says:

    It is so hard

  4. Ross says:

    The elytra won’t work on lvl 2

  5. Zachary Gogluicci says:

    Nice textures!

  6. Thomas Murphy says:

    How did you get the ender dragons head to move?

  7. Lol xd says:

    I did it so extremely ultra harddddddd !

  8. Mary 😊 says:

    This was great! MAKE. MORE. PLEASE. This is the best elytra parkour map I’ve ever played on minecraft PE!

  9. Andrew Grosso says:

    Where is level two trophies and what is the remember your steps sign 4?

  10. Hunter says:

    For some reason the elytra says failed to emport what do I do?
    I’m using an apple iPad.

    • Minecraftien111 says:

      Hunter, can you download the pack or is it an ADF.ly problem?
      There are tutorials for iOS users like us and they are updated!

  11. i lost my name says:

    When I go to map download it says… the link is un-safe and wont let me go to the download page…

  12. TheTrueBuilder says:

    Rock On! Epic Map 😄😄😄😄😄😄

  13. Adreana Sofea says:

    Editor, can I do /spawnpoint when next level?
    Hope u say yes, or not, nvm just keep play

  14. OPMaster91 says:

    What’s the song and good job

  15. SoulAvery98 says:

    Wow nicely made, hope you make another one

  16. HaloODST679 says:

    This was really fun but it was also really challenging. I would love it if you made more!! 😉
    Also I found every trophy. That took more than 30 min.

  17. S4/\/\ says:

    Epic Map! I just completet it! It’s at this point the best Elytra Map in MCPE!

  18. Dat guy/girl over there says:

    Is this map for update 1.0

  19. GamerPlayz35 says:

    I completed it

  20. Sami_xz says:

    Wow you elitra map its ULTRA HARDCORE !

  21. TheGreatSuicider says:

    I FINISHED IT!!! Its Too Hard tho…

  22. Joe_Mc203a says:

    Loved it

  23. Cool says:

    I completed it!

  24. Xv_BladeSlice_vX says:

    Dude, don’t use add.ly use media fire!

    Anyway great

  25. Jorge says:

    Make more maps plz

  26. Kirsten says:

    Is this map for Any device that has mcpe or windows 10 that has the update 1.0?

  27. Khaled says:

    Cool Map Dude !😬

  28. MaskedHAZIQ23 says:

    I love some difficult map like this!!plz make more elytra map that are very difficult and add more level!!!

  29. XenoverZX says:

    Hi this map is amazing im on the level 5

  30. S says:

    Awesome elytra textures!

  31. Fire Hunter YT says:

    I completed all of it and. What’s the w2o at the end mean?

  32. Jeff says:


  33. VuXy says:

    Nice 🙂 make more 👌👍

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