Elytra Models

Want a more exciting elytra glider? These elytra models will change up your game. Either for roleplay toy story, being small, be part phantom or dragon, it’s fun to change things up, And now I’ve added 4 new elytra models.

Cape/Bat Cape:


Alien Ship:


Angel Wings:


Paper plane:






Buzz Lightyear:


The Big One;


To switch between different Elytras you’d need to press this gear.

Then use the slider to switch through the options

Changelog View more

Fixes and Changes:

  • Particles to the Phantom wings
  • Changed the size, geometry, and animation of the Paper Plane Elytra


  • Alien Ship Elytra
  • Cap/Bat Cap Elytra
  • The Big One Elytra
  • Angel Wings Elytra


Supported Minecraft versions

1.16 1.16.100 1.16.200



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64 Responses

4.64 / 5 (33 votes)
  1. Albrinck 23 says:

    Hello, I wanted to ask how I do so that the layer is not reversed with my skin.
    Because when I wear my normal skin the layer turns upside down

  2. MinorGG says:

    Nice but can u make it with the capes texture i mean when u equip an cape u get the skin of the cape on the other elytras

  3. ItsEvanDL says:

    looks cool and all, but does it work on 1.16.201?

  4. Hoseki says:

    This addon so legit

  5. super cool! can you make demon wings too pls cuz my skin is a demon and i would really appreciate it if you do pls

  6. anonimo says:

    thank you for not using ad fly

  7. bwvictor says:

    The Big One Is Super Cool And The Dragon Wings Too the alien ship kinda like a 4d skin cool

  8. Gaming Penguins says:

    I think this is just me but before they were working before but the new ones aren’t working because it keeps making me invisible and the backman cape is backwards. Still 5 stars because the old one still works and I think it’s just me. but do you know how to fix it? 🥲

    • I can’t really fix the invisible thing. the paper plane and the lean ship does make you invisible on purpose but if it’s happening to other ones reload the world or reload the pack by clicking the checkmark and reloading it.

  9. Albrinck 23 says:

    thanks for adding the batman cape
    I love the texture

  10. SpotTheWolf1 says:

    Works great! I love the dragon wings!

  11. Luisito says:

    I love you resource pack
    p.d.: I love de alien ship ♡

  12. CrisoforoGames says:

    I loved it, could you add the Vulture’s wings (Spider-man Homecoming)?

  13. Albrinck 23 says:

    I don’t know what happened when I downloaded it because I can only have Buzz’s heights, and the other textures don’t appear.

  14. Albrinck 23 says:

    You can make some Elytras as if it were Batman’s cape and make it the shape of the bat

  15. mr clean says:


  16. I like it but the elytra is on my legs. How can I fix it? This is my first download and I never tried editing it because even though I make texture packs I don’t do modeling.

    • you need to go into the mobs.json file in the models folder and scroll down to the elytra.
      You wanna change “name”: “body” to “name”: “back” and add underneath it, “parent”: “body”
      Then you wanna go down to the one below were it has “parent”: “body” and change it to “parent”: “back” .

  17. AWESOME DANIEL says:

    Nice job dude! Keep it up!

  18. PoopyStinky0 says:

    Can you try to make a jetpack elytra?

  19. CubiHead says:

    Can you plss give me permission to use your elytra model i add dragon elytra to my texture pack plss

  20. yarnblushy says:

    Can you add the spider man 2099 web cape and make it a model for the elytra thx.

  21. Hell9Bo1 says:

    All of these wings are col but phantom is cooler.And dragon wing is the best.

  22. Zgoly says:

    Your “manifest.json” is broken. If you don’t know how to make it, use the site

  23. manobelal says:



  24. LordSunDark says:

    only the buzzlight one works for me, the others don’t have a png to load so every setting is buzzlight, do you have a solution?

  25. CubiHead says:

    It’s so cool,and that resourse pack,i like it went i use on realms

  26. Carrot_Boi says:

    Looks nice 👍 Keep up the good work! May I suggest you add a bat and bee model?

  27. IPlay_MinecraftToo says:

    Great texture pack and easy link

  28. Ender_Knight says:

    Cool texture pack, the elytras look cool. It seems like some of the people in the comments just looked at the picture and commented

  29. robloxandminecraft says:

    its cool but it doesnt work on older versions of minecraft

  30. dogecream says:

    how do i put the texture on it

  31. RAC1000 says:

    Gosh darn it why can’t i put 6 out of 5 stars or more… This is a great texture. I was expecting it to change the model and texture of the player to a steve but it didn’t. It was perfectly fine! So 10 stars out of 5!

  32. DiamondMiner820 says:

    Wait, how did you do that
    that’s not even a behavior pack?, AMAZING!!!!! :O

    oh anyway pls answer my question

  33. Luigamer says:

    Muito bom cara mlr textura de elitra.

  34. Good but add superman cape and Wings!

  35. devianxae says:

    THANK YOU!! SO GOOD!! Can you also pleas add Butterfly wings or fairy wings or angels hsjahshaja that would be really cool!! Thank you so much!!

  36. manobelal says:

    5 IF we can craft those elytras

  37. manobelal says:

    That is cool but u know what is cooler .

    THAT we can Craft this skins , pls do it

  38. Y4H1RX RPS says:

    Great job I like the wings and more the paper plane hehe great job 😀

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