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Published on December 11, 2016 (Updated on December 11, 2016)

Elytra MStyler777 2 (1.0 Only!) [Minigame]

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Hey its really anoying when I download it it doesn't load
I had a blast playing on this map! I even recorded a video for my YouTube channel! Watch it here:
Dude that was so cool work did you do it all by yourself?
I cant download the map sorry cause its on android and.... these things and i am on apple so i cant downloead it but... i am pretty sure its awsome
And please subscribe my channle i dident do vids but please subscribe it i willl make soon its called OFkgamer or OFKgamer
Great map, but for me most of the hoops don't load until I smash into them
How did you
Make a unbreaking 61 elytra?
This is more cool stuff man I'm proud of you
Nooo not a nice map, it's so hard I spent 2 hours trying to beat this map but the chunks won't load will I'm flying I'm sorryMStyler777 2 I failed to beat your map
Nice map keep up the good work ^_^
Nice map bro make more pls :)