Elytra Pro [NEW: Infinite Flight]

Ever wanted to use Elytra without having to jump off from a high place or use an elytra launcher? Now it’s possible with this new addon! Simply use this addon then enjoy your elytra more! 


– Equip your Elytra (of course! 😅) 

– Look up then jump

– When on air, look down then use the elytra as you normally do. 

– Look up when you want to gain height, doing so will make your wings flap. 

Here’s the video for quick understanding :

New version:

Now you can fly around the world infinitely without using fireworks!

Please feel free to report bugs. Also, support my other addons as well. Enjoy! 👍

Changelog View more
  • Makes you fly endlessly by looking up
  • Added instructions and details


  • Uninstall the old version
  • Install both behavior and resource packs


Supported Minecraft versions


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47 Responses

4.33 / 5 (3 votes)
  1. Guest-9699522676 says:

    It doesnt seen to work on survival, hmmmm is it not supposed to work on survival?

  2. Guest-3617317024 says:

    Hey bro can you create wings addon your good at making elytra infinity fly instead can you create wings addon please!!

  3. Sup. Addon is a ton of fun to use, and looks really cool with all the animations.

  4. Guest-5181631169 says:

    Can u make some wings and make animation of waving better BTW nice add-on

  5. Guest-8142790826 says:

    i don’t know how to close the adblock

  6. Coptaine says:

    Update is coming. Stay tuned!

  7. Guest-3380205736 says:

    This is a great mod, but it doesn’t work very well on servers.
    I have my own hosted dedicated server and it doesn’t work well there, since it makes me levitate infinitely with no way to go down 🙁
    But anyways, it does work on singleplayer and it’s wonderful!

  8. Guest-7131720957 says:

    Can you make a button that will make the player jump twice?

  9. Guest-7691638723 says:

    Doesnt seem to work. Made a flat world to test it on, looked up and jumped (on survival mode) and it didnt fly. Currently on ver.1.16.1

  10. Coptaine says:

    I just a found a way to make it so we won’t need fireworks anymore to boost. Do you want it?

  11. Filitass says:

    Downloaded it to test it and found a few bugs:
    – Sometimes when you jump while looking directly upwards, you don’t gain any height, you just float in the air on the spot.
    – Instead of floating upwards, you sometimes just have reduced fallspeed and if you try again you gain height a lot faster than intended
    – Texture packs and shaders don’t work with your texture. I tried every possible combination and load order, but either the game didn’t load at all or it was just missing the texture pack and shaders. That’s a shame.

    Other than that, it is working really good! Nice idea and good work, maybe try to improve a little bit on the things I listed 😛

    • Coptaine says:

      I didn’t experience those issues. Weird. And also, this addon doesn’t have a texture. Anyways, thanks for the feedback. 👍

      • Filitass says:

        Well, with the resource pack then.
        If you want, I can catch my findings on video so you can investigate further. I am playing on Win10 and tried on a Realm and on a singleplayer world to verify the issues.

  12. Guest-2670492913 says:

    I think it’s good. It is easier then jumping from somewhere high. THAT’S for sure. Can you make it boost you up faster though?? Its rather slow. If you can that would be awesome if not no worries it’s still very useful

  13. Guest-9909151497 says:

    It works fine for me.. but some people don’t know how to get through it.

  14. Coptaine says:

    What’s the problem with linkvertise? I always test it before uploading here in mcpedl and it always has no problem. No popups, explicit content, etc.

  15. Guest-7291875179 says:

    Bruh I am elytra pro without this add-on
    I just came to see how this work
    I don’t need this
    But nice work I will help other
    Cuz flying from one block with no hight is tough

  16. Guest-2664555625 says:

    Are those link is LINKVERTISE!?!?!?I HATE THAT!!!!I WANT THAT TO BE mediafire or can somemone give me mediafire link??

  17. Guest-7393799311 says:

    Can you fix the link like in mediafire
    Please I can’t download it

  18. Guest-2145987053 says:

    This is awesome!

  19. Guest-8791828248 says:

    Nice add-on! Works perfectly on 1.26 windows 10!

  20. Guest-9702582293 says:

    Can I use this with a elytra custom textures or it will mess the textures from your addon

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