Elytra Booster Addon

This is an amazingly useful add-on which lets you use the ender pearl as an infinite booster for the elytra wings. This means you can fly on forever (like Superman) in Minecraft without ever worrying about losing speed or altitude. It’s definitely a lot of fun and I truly recommend trying it!

Creator: Vernian LEMO – TDR buildTwitter AccountWebsite

How does it work?

Once you’ve started gliding simply throw an ender pearl to gain speed. You can then point in any direction which you want to go there. It’s really easy to use and also a lot of fun.

Click here or on the image to view a .GIF animation for it in action.

Video Review


  1. Download Resource & Behavior .McAddon
  2. Activate the packs for a world in-game

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31 Responses

4 / 5 (12 votes)
  1. Sleepyguy says:

    It explode and not give me resistance anymore it so bad

  2. Old Version says:

    Why cant you just use the fireworks, they are more effecient right???

  3. DerFunker says:

    This doesn’t work

  4. Anonymous says:

    Ughhhh, how was I supposed to know this crap exploded? I wasn’t, and that’s why part of my city is destroyed.

  5. Mr. Meeno says:

    You could’ve said something about it exploding… 😒

  6. excelsiorkelvin says:

    Good, but not very practical if you need to shoot stuff down but understandable considering it’s only Minecraft

  7. Anonymous says:

    Didn’t know the ender pearls ‘exploded/ and it destroyed my chicken farm

  8. Austin says:

    Cool idea for ender pearls you just got laying around. But it would be cool if you made the elytra wings into a jetpack as to make it look like the ender pearls fuel the elytra. And if it was possible make the boost particle come from the exhaust of the jetpack/elytra

  9. I Need answers says:

    Im an Ios User So Does It Work When You’re Not 1.2 bata??

  10. Prince says:

    It’s altitude not latitude 😉

  11. OpticalJezley says:

    I would rather wait for 1.2 official update than use this.

  12. Mike says:

    Have anyone can help me I cant download it in mediafire cuz it says on the download button “Authorize Download” when I click it it back me to that..Help me pls i want this addon..

    • Tashdid says:

      I know bro, I was causing the same problem as you. Just click on that stupid “Authorize Download” several times until it takes you to the green download option button.

  13. Lester says:

    why couldn’t you just use fireworks?

  14. Lester says:

    why dont you just use fireworks

  15. Just Dylan says:

    This makes elytra challenges a lot easier!

  16. RomanFox2 says:

    Well, one of the 1.2 updates introduced this before this add-on was posted. So I guess that having this add-on and the 1.2 updates would make this add-on easier for people to cope without.

  17. We already got fireworks!
    I know, But this works on MCPE 1.15

  18. iOS/bluestacks user says:


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