Emerald Gear Addon

This neat little addon allows you craft and use a whole new array of items made out of emerald. You can fight with an emerald sword, take a hit in emerald armor, and even make a garden using an emerald hoe. The possibilities are endless!

This addon adds in the emerald weapons, tools and armor into your Minecraft world. I know a lot of people have made similar addons like this one, but this is my take.

All the textures were created by me by using some of the existing tools and modifying them to look like emerald tools. Here’s all the new items-

All these items are similar to the iron tools and armor, except they are more enchantable and (should) have a little more durability. Unfortunately, I couldn’t get durability to work, which is probably just the game’s limitations, but I will try to fix it as soon as possible.

All the tools do the same amount of damage as iron tools. The only thing iron does better than emerald is armor rating, which the emerald armor is just a couple points away from iron.

All the emerald tools and armor are crafted exactly the way you think they would be crafted. Just get any crafting recipe of an existing tool and replace the material with emeralds. I probably don’t need to explain but here’s a picture anyway.

As said earlier, all these items can be enchanted as seen below.

They are also more enchantable than iron, but not as much as gold. Nonetheless, you can stand a better chance of getting better enchantments than diamond gear, making it a good alternative for those who might want it.

Here’s an example below of a really good sword I enchanted.

You can also apply enchanted books onto the emerald tools and armor, as long as they are the right enchantments of course.

The enchantment glint and the emerald armor give off quite a color hue, I honestly might mistake it for diamond armor.

In fact, I put an enchanted emerald sword and an enchanted diamond sword together in a chest and found it really hard to spot the difference since I think I’m partially colorblind. Should I darken up the textures a bit? Let me know in the comments.

As said earlier, these tools are very close to iron tools. They have all their functions too. The emerald pickaxe is able to mine diamonds.

The emerald axe is able to strip the bark off of logs.

The shovel is capable of making path blocks.

And the hoe is able to make farmland.

Anyways, that’s basically everything this addon has to offer. I will work on fixing the durability on all the new gear. Consider subscribing if you would like a notification every time I release something. I will be adding this addon to my Human Addon, which is my most popular addon out so far. If you’d like to check it out, click here-



Please turn on all three experimental modes.


Click one the links. Validate that you're not a robot. Click free access with ads. Click discover interesting articles, wait 10 seconds, then click the X in the corner. Then click continue to be redirected to the download. Make sure to turn on Experimental Gameplay in your world or not all features will work.


Supported Minecraft versions

1.16.100 1.16.101 1.16.200

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43 Responses

4.22 / 5 (18 votes)
  1. BendyGamerYT15 says:

    This is unaccurate, you should make mining speed, attack damage, etc. to be set the lowest as possible, because emerald is weak in real life

  2. Rutundo6 says:

    I noticed that when using this mod the emerald pickaxe and axe couldn’t break all the blocks an iron one could. For example, the emerald pickaxe doesn’t break netherrack and the emerald axe doesn’t break crafting tables.

  3. superevilazmil says:

    Can you make this mod more compatabile? the tools are invisible to me. I am trying to make a Addonpack for minecraft BE. so could you please make this more compatabile? other than that Really good and balanced mod.

  4. Jus2goodAliboo says:

    There are 3 toggles for experimental gameplay to i turn all of them on?

  5. Unknown Z says:

    I really like you addonI hope you make more armor and tools even though we’re all waiting for 1.17 for the bedrock like you could try to make copper armor and tool if you could make that also the emerald armor take durability but the tools doesn’t I don’t know if you add a tool to have durability or my Minecraft is messing around with me but it doesn’t really matter that much I just want to point that out

  6. MCB says:

    Hey do u have discord i would talk with you about sth please;)

  7. noice addon! How’d you get the hoe to work? When I was coding my version of the emerald tools, it didn’t work. :/

    • amosmoses2 says:

      I think that hoes didn’t work during the beta, but when 1.16.100 released, it seemed to work. I think it’s “tag:minecraft:is_hoe” {}, or something like that. If you check the files in my pack, it should have all the info there on the hoe

  8. Reeper231320 says:

    Im very glad that this isnt just retextured chainmail or gold and I am also glad that they arent those god armors with 99999999999999 durability and 9999999999999 damage

  9. TXOG says:

    I mean its something most people have wanted for forever and we have seen it recreated so many times. Adding enchantment to these weapons is what has impressed me the most though. Its great (although a durability bar would be nice).

  10. hello Bro how to send addon in MCPE DL
    I have made an Indonesian YouTuber addon

  11. dadchin says:

    Good addon. I’m glad you didn’t just make them better than diamond, give them all 5000 durability and call it done. You actually put in the effort to balance them to work with the game, unlike a lot of other ore/gear mods.

  12. McHaunty says:

    You should make it so you can upgrade your iron tools and armor to emerald, kinda like netherite

  13. Pokest45 says:

    Give one reason why I would want to spend my emeralds emerald tools instead of using cheaper iron tools or trade with villagers for better diamond tools using less emeralds?

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