Damian’s Bedrock++ Add-on

With the new beta, comes new possabilities. Have you ever wanted to have a Emerald Sword in your game? Well this is possibly the first on add-on with fully enchantable, repairable swords.

I have used @ihategravel template to learn how to code this add-on, big shout out to him, go and follow him on Twitter!

Have you ever wanted to have Emerald Sword in your game? Well I think everybody had, at top of that in the new beta you can now enchant and repair this swords. You can put any enchant that you would put on a normal Minecraft sword and it will work!

Description of the sword:

Emerald Sword:

Damage: 6

Durability: 500

Crafting Recipe:
To craft it, you will need 2 emeralds and 1 stick.

It is fully enchantable, you can use enchanting table or anvil!

Here are some photos:

As you can see Sharpness enchant fully works!

It is fully repairable as well as you can see!

Also to prove this is custom sword here are some photos:

Emerald Pickaxe:

Damage: 4

Durability: 500

To craft it you will need 3 emeralds and 2 sticks.

Emerald Axe

Damage: 5

Durability: 500

To craft it you will need 3 emeralds and 2 sticks.

Emerald Shovel:

Damage: 3

Durability: 500

To craft it you will need 1 emerald and 2 sticks.

Emerald Hoe:

Damage: 1

Durability: 500

To craft it you will need 2 emeralds and 2 sticks.

All the new items are enchantable and repairable!

All the items are in the creative inventory, however there is a bug in beta with custom items appearing in different tabs than set tabs, so some items are in the construction tab and some in equipment tab. Don’t worry tought, all the items are fully working.


If you are doing a youtube video or something you ARE NOT allowed to make your own download links and you MUST give the MCPEDL link.


You must turn on all the experimental gameplay features and be in beta version at least to play with this add-on.

If you have any suggestion or you have found any bug write it down in the comment section.

Also if you want this add-on to be in your language dm me on Twitter @damian_niewiem.

Changelog View more

Changes in this version of the add-on:

• Added Emerald Pickaxe, Emerald Axe, Emerald Shovel and Emerald Hoe

• Nerfed Emerald Sword damage from 8 to 6 and durability from 1300 to 500

• Added polish language

Changes in this version of add-on:

• Added a crafting recipe for Emerald Sword

• Nerfed the durability of Emerald Sword from 3000 to 1300.


Supported Minecraft versions

1.16 (beta)

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30 Responses

3.5 / 5 (6 votes)
  1. Lurox_xr says:

    why does the adon don’t work 🙁

  2. Amakka says:

    Awesome mod! Looks great, your stats are perfect (I seem to get stacks of emerald from farming food way before diamond) feels nice and balanced. Items are craftable and show up in their correct categories in creative (a first I’ve seen before!)

    Except for one problem my friend:
    The durabilities and functions of said items do not work. The items have infinite durabilities and feel exactly the same speed as using my hands. This defeats the purpose of the addon and makes it game breaking :'(. I hope you can fix this, champion.

    Minecraft Win10 BETA v1.16.100.58

  3. Rc1320061 says:

    Can u make custom armour and other types of tools also how did u make this? P.s can u make obsidian tools sword and armour?

  4. Aaron the hedgehog says:

    este fue el primer addon que nos agrego armaduras y herramientas estables y encantables

  5. TheJoshi42 says:

    I’m very glad that swords now work properly.
    But here is my question. Do the other tools like the pickaxe work properly?

  6. Chad Man says:

    It’s a nice concept and works really well with the new features in the beta. Please consider nerfing the damage though, because it’s way too op

  7. Davifc says:

    ok here is the problem… A emerald sword is made with 2 emeralds if you find a village early on you can grab 64 sticks and trade some with a fletcher. Here where the problem is THE EMERALD SWORD IS TOO UNBALANCED it should be way worse then a iron sword or have very low durability to make it for the damage and this is why mojang doesn’t want to give emerald more then a currency status.

    Fix this if you want to, makeing a mod balanced makes the gameplay fun and this also counts to our favorite blocky game.

  8. Fly4blunt says:

    Crafting recipe?

  9. Hasim3110 says:

    The damage of that Emerald Sword same as Netherite Sword. Your actually idea is create alternative Sword instead of Netherite Sword, because Netherite Sword is VERY SPECIAL & RARE. It’s needs Diamond Sword, 4 Ancient Debris, 4 Gold Ingot , and a Smithing Table. But your Emerald Sword durability is higher than Netherite Sword. 2031 < 3000. Tnx for read this comment ;D.

  10. SKA says:

    It is strange, how did the emerald swords are on the inventory.

    And can you add emerald tools if you know how?

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