Emoji Chat Pack

This add-on adds a bunch of emojis you can use in chat to express your thoughts or feelings. The emojis aren’t added, they replace the textures of the small letters you get when you type ¶ ¢ ect..There’s currently 21 emojis and more to come!

To type a emoji open chat and type ¶ then any of the following letters:

! # $ % ^ & * ( )_ – + =\ : ; , ” ‘ . /

The emojis won’t appear if you have a custom font / chat color which is in 1.13


Supported Minecraft versions


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AndroidiOSWindows 10

10 Responses

2.6 / 5 (5 votes)
  1. DelTaco24 says:

    It needs 🖕

  2. ChristiamRz says:

    Exelente!!! ¶!

  3. GogettaGaymer999 says:

    Podrías hacerlo con forma de steve? Por favor

  4. Bendyboi1234556 says:

    Hello! Can you make one for Windows 10? I really want one of these! And if you don’t respond it means that you don’t care.

  5. FlaviusFire says:

    Dude, you need / for commands. Can you replace something else? I suppose it would still work, but it would feel weird…

  6. Nabhan says:

    It works on server?

  7. TDS says:

    Not Working.

  8. Woow that cool,i can chat make emojis 👍👍

  9. kiuta says:

    please make one for windows 10

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