Endcreased Addon (NEW END UPDATE)

The End Dimension has been long overdue for a new update for a while, I decided to change that! This addon improves the End Dimension by adding new blocks, mobs, items, and even structures.

The End Dimension has been long overdue for a new update for a while, I decided to change that! Today I’ve updated my Endcreased addon which adds new mobs, items, structures, and blocks! Down below you’ll find everything to know about the addon what is possible with it!

The Features

The Endruid is a mob that’s the End version of the Evoker, it can spawn new End mobs and Fangs.

To summon him, you’ll need to find the Endruid Tower which will contain the Endruid Stutue. Interact with the statue by giving it the Endruid Totem then the summon will begin! The Tower also contains some really great loot for your journey!

The Endereye will fly around the End and shoots levitation bullets at you. He even has a nice blinking animation!

The Shulk is like an Iron Golem in which it’s a big brute and hit’s hard, oh and it hates monsters.
(Animation is broken atm thanks to the beta)

The Shulkhead is a shulker without a shell and hops arounds like a slime.

The Enderloc will act as a mode of transportation, to tame it simply keep hopping on it like a horse. You can even put a saddle and a ender chest on it!

To breed or heal them, you can use the following: 

  • Carrots
  • Golden Carrots
  •  Apples
  • Golden Apples
  • Chorus Fruit
  • Golden Chorus Fruit

The Ender Phantom is just a normal Phantom that spawns in the End after a few day’s of not sleeping.

The Flying Shulker can fly around and shoot levitation bullets at you, he’s also dyeable with the available 15 colors!

The Ender Merchant allows you to trade for anything from the End Dimension. He is found in a hut found around the End Dimension.

To make the trades, you’ll need to mine a new ore called Endmethyst Ore which is quite common in the End Dimension!

New Endstone

To craft, put normal endstone in a stonecutter.

  • Polished Endstone
  • Smooth Endstone
  • Polished Smooth Endstone

Mossy Endstones

  • Mossy Endstone
  • Mossy Endstone Bricks
  • Mossy Smooth Endstone
  • Mossy Polished Endstone
  • Mossy Smooth Polished Endstone

New Wood Type

There are now trees in the End called Chorus Trees, these give you a new type of wood called Chorus!

This new wood can be crafted into planks, bark, stripped stems, and stripped bark! The planks can be used to make normal sticks and normal wooden tools!

Chorus Block

The block on the top of the tree can drop a new sapling called the chorus sapling and can grown with bonemeal. The block is also crafted with 9 chorus fruit and can turn back into chorus fruit!

Levitation 1 -2 and Teleportation 1 – 2 Potions

Levitation is crafted by combining an awkward potion and dead spark which is from the shulker!
For Teleportion, combine an awkward potion with an ender pearl. To make the potions, use a crafting table!
To get the better versions of the potions, you’ll need to visit the Ender Merchant Hut!

Small Features

Baby Enderman can spawn in groups of Enderman now.

For further information about the addon, I recommend watching this video below:

Changelog View more

-Added New Blocks

  • Mossy Endstone
  • Mossy Smooth Endstone
  • Mossy Polished Endstone
  • Mossy Smooth Polished Endstone
  • Mossy Endstone Bricks
  • Smooth Endstone
  • Polished Endstone
  • Smooth Polished Endstone
  • Chorus Stem
  • Chorus Bark
  • Chorus Planks
  • Stripped Chorus Stem
  • Stripped Chorus Bark
  • Chorus Block
  • Endmethyst Block
  • Endmethyst Ore

-New Items Added

  • Endmethyst Gem
  • Golden Chorus Fruit
  • Dead Spark
  • Teleport Potion 1 & 2
  • Levitation Potion 1 & 2
  • Endruid Totem

-Updated and New Mobs!

  • Updated Ender Phantom
  • Updated Endereye
  • Updated Endruid
  • Updated Shulk Model
  • Updated Flying Shulker
  • Updated Shulkhead
  • Updated Enderloc
  • Added Baby Enderman
  • Added Ender Merchant
  • Added Endruid Statue
  • Added Chorus Sapling
  • Removed Ender Villagers
  • Removed Enderfly


  • Random Ender Pillars
  • Ender Merchant Hut
  • Endruid Tower
  • Endmethyst Ore Caves


  • Open the .mcaddon with Minecraft to import
  • Make sure the experimental gameplay is turned on
  • This works better in the 1.16 Beta (Structures won't work in 1.14)


Supported Minecraft versions


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68 Responses

4.5 / 5 (34 votes)
  1. The great Q says:

    This is a nice addon, but I think we need something to help get across floating islands more effectively. Like a tameable smaller ender dragon or some kind of weird end plant that grows a bridge across islands.

  2. NoobliviousYT says:

    great mod, works very well, but not on realms. please try to update it so it might work on my realm?

  3. Guest-7503018070 says:

    Make this like the “end mod”, With new biomes and dungeons, more ores and such. Different from the nether update features.

  4. Guest-5295181859 says:

    Excuse me Forgelogical, I am Andrew Luiz and I just wanted to tell you to update it. Add new structures like the “Ender castle,” and the “Ender Village.” Add new Mobs like the “Ender Villager” You can trade with these Ender creatures And They will give you amazing stuff and their currency is Endmethyst. “Ender Piglins” And “Ender Hoglins” use Different behavior. The Ender Hoglins Give you Ender Pork Upon death (Even Leather.) Cook The Ender Pork To make Cooked Ender Pork. The Ender Piglins barter Ender Ingots. To Find Ender Ingots You need to find an Ender cave. Ender Caves are Uncommon. You Will Find Them Below Y=48 to Y=30 Smelt The Ender Ore To Make Ender Ingots. To Find Ender Debris, You need to go Below The Ender caves. You will find them Below Y=30 Smelt Them To make Enderite Scrap. Combine The Four Enderite Scraps With the Four Ender Ingots To Create The Enderite Ingot. By Combining You diamond Tools, Weapons, And Armor With your Enderite Ingot In A Smithing Table, You Can Create New Tools, Weapons, And Armor. By Combining Nine Enderite Ingots, You Will create An Enderite Block. The Enderite Block And Enderite Ingots Would Be good For Beacons. With One Ender Ingot You can make Nine Ender Nuggets. You Could Make One Ender Ingot With Nine Ender Nuggets. With Nine Ender Ingots You Will Make A Ender Block. Ender Blocks And Enderite Ingots Would Be Also Good For Beacons.

  5. Guest-4036964173 says:

    I’ve tried out the addon and I think its great and has a lot of potential. I would like the endruid to be a boss and have more of a purpose. Make it stronger and drop something thats worth killing it for because as of now I don’t see a point in making the totem and summoning it. I would also like to see the shulk be stronger than an iron golem because as of now I don’t see why I would turn an iron golem into a shulk. You should also be able to turn the chorus wood into crafting tables, wooden tool, and just anything you can use any other wood to make. There were also some bugs I encountered such as not being able to trade with the merchant and not being able to turn the ore into the gem. If you could fix those bugs and add the things I listed I think this addon would be perfect.

  6. Update the blocks to the 1.16 format, because they don’t appear in creative inventory or via commands, plz is one of my favorite addons 🙂

  7. Chungui23 says:

    Wow, I love this addon, its the endergetic expansion for bedrock, add Booflo mob, puff bug, and poise moss.

  8. Guest-4851470170 says:

    May I use this in my addon “The War for the Multiverse”? I need it because the end lacks a variety of end creatures and in my addon, the different dimensions will be at war & it’s unfair for the end.

  9. Guest-9918708547 says:

    I think there are no end structures(maybe I just didn’t find any) and the ender merchant does not trade with me

  10. Guest-3738558299 says:

    The extra structures and stuff in the end isn’t appearing and I was hoping I could make the end look cooler.

  11. Guest-9011219681 says:

    Please make a block with the texture of the ender eye it will look better

  12. Guest-8694959871 says:

    R u planning on updating this?

  13. Guest-2532741317 says:

    can you add the ability to dye the shulk?

  14. Guest-2049719005 says:

    can you add the ability to dye the shulk?

  15. Guest-2179576440 says:

    I have a problem, so I have the mod, experimental gameplay on, all the added entities work fine, but there aren’t any new blocks, please fix. Other than that amazing mod, 5 stars.

  16. Bubbles06 says:

    Just a suggestion, please please PLEASE!, put all your add-ons into one and make a nice modpack. MCPE really needs more good modpacks thx

  17. Guest-9762188689 says:

    I have many thoughts and opinions for the Endereye because it is my favorite mob for this add-on:

    1. When it flies/flews around, it should be having particles just like when you throw an actual Eye of Ender.

    2. Since it still doesn’t have sound when I hurt or kill it, then you can add the sound effect like when you try to add the Eye of Ender to the End Portal.

    3. Replace the shulker’s bullet, it should be defending itself with just a bit of Ender dragon’s lingering effect so it would be a bit tough and scarier.

    4. I really love that you add the feature of an Endereye that getting damaged and killed by water or rain since in the real life, an eye of a human or animal is too sensitive when getting hit/damaged. So the Endereye’s weaknesses are by getting hit by weapons and also by throwable items and it will get blind and flews slower for a while. Potions can also damage the Endereye because it is a liquid but it still gets the effect from the potion.

    5. I think that Endereye should be like the mob that doesn’t die below the void because it goes anywhere both intentionally and unintentionally. It is really way too comedic and like I tried it in the End and it is really confusing because I summoned it above the End’s surface and it goes and flews away to the void and die just like an idiot. 😂😅

    6. I definitely think it shouldn’t just fly anywhere when summoned/spawned in the Overworld, it should/can also go/locate to the nearest stronghold just like the behavior of an Eye of Ender so that it would really make sense as an Endereye.

    7. I think this is a nice feature. Endereye sometimes voluntarily attach itself to the End Portal and became an Eye of Ender in the portal and never gets away.

    8. Endereye should/can also locate the End Ship.

    9. It would be better if Endereye is just Semi-Neutral (Just like Piglins) but not tamable and not aggresive to players.

    10. Endereye should be found in the End’s another dimension (not in the End Dragon’s world but where mostly Chorus Plants and End Ship be found).

  18. Its amaizing but some models and textures need to be improved

  19. NinjaSlime says:

    Wow, what a interesting addon love it.

  20. Guest-6435239994 says:

    In experimental gameplay still doesnt work plus I am in 1.16 beta

  21. AfifNemanyCraft says:

    Nice addon!
    Can you make more structures addon like more dungeons are rarer like pillager outposts with greater treasure and spawners. More dungeons named
    mossy towers with monster spawners, underground illager crypts, abandoned mountain castles, husk pyramids, ice stray fortresses, pirate ships with illagers and drowned dungeons. this new addon supports after nether update for bedrock is released please!

  22. Anonymous says:

    No longer works at all.

  23. Anonymous says:

    Love this Addon

  24. Alex says:

    The creator said that will work to port the addon to 1.12

  25. Alex says:

    Pls update to

  26. alejandro says:

    love the pack, but is there any reason it doesn’t work on realms?

  27. redigit says:

    isn’t end phantom kinda lame?

  28. Answer says:

    How do you do this??? I am on iOS but every addon created just lets you replace stuff. What addon creator do you use to add entities??!?!?!

  29. tuongminhquoc says:

    Can you tell me how to submit addon? I have submitted twice without being approved. They said I didn’t write enough detail. But I think I have written it wrong. Please, help me, my twitter: My facebook:

  30. Anonymous says:

    You should make a Steven universe addon

  31. joe says:

    uhhmmm… one small thing you may have overlooked with the end phantom… you can’t sleep in the end.

  32. Jeff says:

    Great addon, but maybe change the texture of the Ender eye so it actually looks like the eye of Ender from Minecraft

  33. AMIREAL says:

    This is a great mod, makes the end experience really cool. And I like to visit the end a lot more now.

  34. Ahmedwolfy says:

    Cool I Will Test It Now

  35. Oof2001 says:

    Can you make a guard add-on of some sort that his weapon is a sword and it’s tameable plssssss.

  36. HeroSaga says:

    Why The Heck Would You Dye a Hostile Mob…

  37. Tazmoe says:

    Nice, adds spice to the end as well as the overworld! Your a good creator, can you make other mobs too? 5 stars!

  38. hi says:

    Where are Shulk’s Monado Arts?

  39. StormBringer228 says:

    A slight problem I see is the fact that Ender Phantoms will spawn and hunt you down after not sleeping.The spawning of Ender Phantoms is therefore completely unavoidable as attempting to sleep in a bed in the End dimension causes the bed to explode and, even with full diamond armour, kill the player.

  40. Dragonrider says:

    its good,i’m your’s subscriber in youtube.please make the addon for arctic biome

  41. Hiels says:

    can I add this to my existing addon if I credit you?

  42. Conman135790 says:

    yo this addon looks amazing, but could you please put the zip files in there, so us console players could actually use it?

    • JosephGaming135 says:

      Hi Conman135790! Lots of people might not realize this, but the conversion from .zip to .mcpack is actually really easy. You can do it on most computers and most if not all phones. First, you’re going to want to download a file manager. After that bring the .mcpack (Or .zip) into your file manager and rename the suffix to .zip/mcpack, depending. Then get it onto a usb or whatever you use to transfer it to console.

  43. Maxil89 says:

    Exelent addon bro!!!!

  44. Zyndix says:

    This guy makes great addons

  45. Corrupted zak50 says:

    Cool Addon, can you make one for the nether aswell 🙂

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