Ender CakeWars

Have you played CakeWars in Mineplex? Did you enjoy it? This game (CakeWars) is now available to play on a world (IL Ender CakeWars) as a high quality minigame by iLegendianoth and Unknown7785!

Have you played CakeWars in Mineplex? Did you enjoy it? This game (CakeWars) is now available to play on a world (IL Ender CakeWars) as a high quality minigame by iLegendianoth and Unknown7785!

One thing to mention before anything, as most of you guys would wonder, why isn’t this world titled as “IL Ender CakeWars” instead of “Ender CakeWars”? The answer is, this world isn’t made by the IL team but iLegendianoth (IL Owner) and Unknown7785 (IL’s Friend), but is owned by IL. We do reserve the rights for 100% of this world because we started from scratch.

Special Instructions and Recommendations

  • This world’s .mcworld file is around 800KB but the actual world size in Minecraft is around 1.6MB and may go up higher as players play.
  • Recommend at least 500MB of available space on your device
  • Please do not change any of the world settings as it may result breaking the world
  • Please do not use any commands to cheat as it may result breaking the world.
  • Only start the game with 2+ players in the world.


This is a fully functional high quality CakeWars minigames map! There are 4 teams and supports up to 8 players each team (32 players total)! The in-game currency we use is the most advanced scoreboard system which the generator at each base will generate and you’ll use them to buy items!

Why you should download this map

  • Every block is high quality placed by hand without commands
  • Unique design
  • Smooth game progress
  • Advanced scoreboard money system
  • 4 randomly selected teams
  • Supports up to 32 players

If you have any questions, concerns, or business inquires, please email to: [email protected]


iLegendianoth (MathGenius0203) – IL Owner, Main Map Designer, Builder, Programmer

Unknown7785 – IL Friend, Map Designer, Main Builder

This map is created by iLegendianoth (MathGenius0203) and Unknown7785, Inspired by Mineplex – CakeWars

Our Official YouTube Channel: iLegendianoth – https://youtube.com/ilegendianoth

Our Official Discord Server: https://discord.gg/4quUhUv

Our Official Website: https://ilegendianoth.com/

Our Official Twitter: @legendianoth – https://twitter.com/legendianoth

Our Official Instagram: @ilegendianoth – https://instagram.com/ilegendianoth

Join our Official Minecraft Fan Realm that is available 24/7 to play high quality minigames with over 500 people: https://realms.gg/LhMKWu8SQ38

Previously Published Contents by IL

Thanks for reading all of this, go ahead and download this map down below and stay tuned for MORE AWESOME HIGH QUALITY CONTENTS!

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Updated Featured Image (Thumbnail) and other images, previously the images did not show for some reason.



Supported Minecraft versions

1.12 1.13 (beta)

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11 Responses

4.17 / 5 (6 votes)
  1. Eric Rothman says:

    This Game is great! I would have liked some blocks to build and protect the cake but all in all it’s great.

  2. Hyper says:

    Trash download link, there has to be something better than adfly and the like!

  3. ariel says:

    dude my friends I offline :'( I wish I could play it myself with my self

  4. OOF says:


    • iLegendianoth says:

      You realize most creators use AdF.ly because it’s the best way to monetize right? Tell me, if we don’t use AdF.ly, then how do we create maps?

  5. Bboyazn says:

    on I just fall into a super flat world
    Pls fix

  6. Robert gamer says:

    Hello? it says high quality in the description but from inside its totally trash! Why that?

  7. WolfyGriebelYT says:

    Niccee I might do a map review on it! 😀

  8. Thank you MCPEDL for accepting this map! Enjoy playing this map everyone!

  9. iLegendianoth says:

    Thank you MCPEDL for accepting this map! Enjoy this map everyone!

  10. Ashus01234 says:

    This map is actually amazing!

    I mean, the first real high quality map made by you…

    I’ll share this with all my friends!

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