By Editor
Published on October 30, 2016 (Updated on October 30, 2016)

Ender Pearl Addon

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but..........thers already ender pearls?
You do realise this add-on was made before ender pearls were added to mcpe, right?
There is already Ender pearls
Dude we have Ender Pearl already.
Dude this was made in 2016
Enderpearls are in the game now.
There is already ender pearls bro...
This addon is awesome
Editor is right if you have addons and the other doesn't it still will work if you press Allow Players To Acsess Addons
Why cannot use in multiplayer who join my world cannot use ender pearl
Why cannot use in multiplayer in multiplayer i can use but my friends join in my world they cannot use ender pearl
I think it's possible to add addons for realms worlds which would force them to download it on their devices to access the realms server.
You should add endermites or chorus fruit to your addon
Thanks for making these cool stuff everyone my need to love this website!!
When I through it, it does nothing
Cool add-on bro I can finally remake a map I made years ago on pc on Pe so thank you :D