Ender Shadows Add-on

This addon adds a large number of Objects to the Game.
You can find from Tools, Swords, Food and More.
And In addition to new spawn rules and new loots.


The Shulkers and Endermites now appear in the End naturally.


* Endermites
 -Dimensional diamonds
* Ender Dragon
 -Dragon’s head
 – Dragon egg
 – Dragon Membrane
* Chests generated by the World
 -Loot normal
 – Broken Spawner
 – Distortion Blade
* Witches
 -Magic Beans
* Zombie, Skeleton, Enderman, Creeper
 -Similar chance of dropping your head than the Wither Skeleton.


+ The Magic Beans do not give saturation or fill the hunger, but it can be helpful because when consumed they will give Instant Health II.
+ If you place the Dragon Egg in the Stonecutter, you will get 4 Distortion Essence that can be consumed (although it is not recommended), they will give you negative effects such as Nausea, Hunger, Weakness and Teleport you Randomly.
+ When cooking in the oven the Distortion Essence, you will get Dimensional Food, which will give you Healt Boost V, Regeneration II, Strength, Absorption.

Tools & Weapons

You can create Tools with Dimensional Diamonds and Sticks.
Dimensional Sword + 10 Damage
Dimensional Pickaxe + 6 Damage
Dimensional Axe + 9 Damage
Dimensional Shovel + 7 Damage
You can create the Sword Distortion with the Distortion Blade, Distortion Hilt and an Obsidian Stick.
Sword Distortion + 35 Damage
You will receive Resistance II 3 Minutes

Other Items & Recipes

The Capturers serve to create a Spawn Egg of some Mob that dropping its Head. And you can duplicate it with a Heart of the Sea.
To obtain a Specific Capturer you must join a Blank Capturer with the head of a Mob.
To recharge a specific Capturer you must surround it with the Mob scenery in question, there are 3 recharge levels, when the Capturer is complete just join it with a Chicken Egg and you will get a Spawn Egg.
You can decompose the Sand and Soul Sand in Dust, if you cook in the oven the dust of Sand you will obtain Pieces of glass.
You can create a Monster Spawner
If you cook mobs heads in an oven, you can get their essence.


Supported Minecraft versions

1.12 1.13 (beta)

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12 Responses

4.83 / 5 (6 votes)
  1. Sdo638 says:

    Me aparecieron varios dragones

  2. Woofer blaster says:

    Everything does 1 dmg, and pickaxes/axes mine like im using my fist, is there anything i can do to fix it?

  3. Christian says:

    How do u get the items?

  4. ToshiMarborisu says:

    I love the addon but for whatever reason I have 3 ender dragons

  5. Hi says:

    I was first and great Addon

  6. MCEssentials says:

    Are the foods edible by other players in multiplayer? I’ve been developing an add-on myself and while I am able to consume custom foods and receive their effects, other players in my world can see and pick up the foods but they cannot consume them.

  7. Cthulhu Warrior says:

    I absolutely LOVE THIS ADDON SO MUCH!!!! Just 1 bug I found the elytra wings are glitched. And 1 more thing to say…HOW IN THE WORLD AM I SUPPOSED TO GET THE ENDERSTICK?! I would love some more additions such as mobs and ores. Let’s start off with the new ores: Enderite- a blackish ore only found when deafeating the dragon and entering the new portal. When mined gives you enderite shards used to trade with the new villager type in the end. Ender dragonite- a new ore that’s used to trade with the new villager type in the end also used to craft the Ender battle axe that deal 15 damage. Now time for the new mobs: civilized enderman- appears as an Enderman but not slender as one. Like endermen they teleport and can’t touch water. These endermen are passive and will trade very good stuff with you. Ender wyvern: a very small version of the Ender dragon but with a few changes. The appearance has a barbed tail no forearms the wings have claws on them and more spikey. These are much much smaller than the dragon and weaker. They will poison you. Baby enderdragons- spawn naturally in the end come in 3 sizes baby, kid, and adult. The adults are hostile unless tamed, kids are very playful but don’t harm you and can be tamed, and babies are small and are scared of you. They are tameable with chorus fruit. Enderfly- a version of endermites that are extremely annoying cause they can fly. Giga cytain- a giant monster(similar to a ravager and iron golem) that can bite you and fling you into the air it appears to be made out of purrpurr blocks and is the size of an iron golem. It is extremely hostile and has 100 hp. These monsters can also teleport But don’t worry cause they are a rare find. Living essence- can spawn in any dimesion but is very rare they drop the essence they currently are. End reapers- come in the form of an enderman wereing a cloak and holding a scythe they are very hostile and drop ender essence. Enderdragons servent- come in the form of a very short enderman holding a end crystal. These are 100% hostile and drop a end crystal they only spawn in the first island. Ender creeper- a creeper that was fused with the end. It’s more slender and is only hostile if you look at its face. They will teleport like an enderman and have the same particles. Their skin is not very good when it comes to water. End stone monster- a strange end stone block with spider legs will can only be killed with a pickaxe and is neutral to the player. When it’s killed it drops 1 end stone block. Chorus ent- an ent in the form of chorus only attacks the player if you destroy chorus or attack it. Shucker’s head- the shulker who lost its shell. Act like slimes except for the ability to split apart or come in different sizes. When hit by it it will do the levitation effect to you. They have very low health but when they see an empty shulker box they turn back.

  8. player 1 says:

    blade recipe?

  9. james says:

    how do i make the dimensional blade??

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