Enderillian Add-On (Biome Update)

This add-on adds Enderillian, a material just like diamonds, gold, and iron, except it only has a sword because there were glitches with the pickaxe, axe, shovel, and hoe! The glitch was the tools would break anything in their way!

This addon will only work in Pocket Edition (Android and IOS Apple!), which means no Windows 10 Edition, PS4, or XBOX!

The things included in this add-on are:

  • Enderillian Ingots: Used to make Enderillian blocks and swords. Made in furnaces with an Enderillian Ores.
  • Enderillian Nuggets: Used to make Enderillian Ingots.
  • Enderillian Sword: Damage is 45! Made using 1 stick and 2 Enderillian Ingots.
  • Enderillian Block: A purple block that’s really cute and really nice if you want to make a store that feels like you are in a real store by putting the block on the floor.
  • Enderillian Ore: Uncommon, put in the furnace to make Enderillian Ingots. Now it can be found in the Overworld again and in every dimension!
  • Enderillian Bricks: Finally, a use for Enderillian Nuggets! Enderillian Nuggets diagonally around a brick in the crafting table! Good use if you want to make a house! Even gives light!
  • Enderillian Apple: Gives Haste 2, Strength 2, Fire Resistance, Water Breathing, and Night Vision to you for 10 minutes! Crafting in the pictures! Even has an enchanted glint!
  • Enderillian Apple Jam
  • Enderillian Pie
  • Butter
  • Enderillian Butter
  • Toast
  • Enderillian Butter and Enderillian Apple Jam Sandwich


  • Enderillian Grass Block
  • Enderillian Biome
  • Enderillian Stone
  • Enderillian Cobblestone

All of the foods give different kinds of effects and the crafting recipes are in the photos!!!

If you want to play with a friend in a world, send the add-on to your friend and tell them to import the add-on to Minecraft for them to see this! And open Experimental Gameplay for this to work! Crafting in the pictures! And please tell me if you are going to make a video about this add-on and send me the link for the video.

And please subscribe to my channel and know I will be posting a lot of add-ons in the future!

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  • Enderillian Biome
  • Enderillian Grass
  • Enderillian Stone
  • Enderillian Cobblestone


  • Enderillian Ore now drops 1 Ingot
  • Enderillian Ore is back in the overworld
  • All of the blocks have normal friction now!
Enderillian Food Update:

  • Enderillian Apple Jam
  • Enderillian Pie
  • Butter
  • Enderillian Butter
  • Toast
  • Enderillian Butter and Enderillian Apple Jam Sandwich

Bug fixes!

Added lots of Enderillian Foods and even normal foods!

Added support for 1.16

The Enderillian Ore can be found in the Overworld again and in every dimension!

*Now the Enderillian Ore is harder to find and it can only be found in the End, get it, cause it’s called Enderillian!!!

*Changes the textures of everything except Enderillian Bricks!

*Adds Enderillian Apple

*Adds a way to make a beacon without a nether star! It’s a secret, whoever finds out the recipe has to tell everyone in the comments and you can tell me 2 things and if I can, I will add them to this add-on and if I can’t add it, they have to tell me something else if they want to!

Updates and changes the texture of the Enderillian Bricks! Hope you like it!

  • Added Enderillian Bricks
  • You can now smoke, blast, and smelt the Enderillian Ore to make Enderillian Ingots!

Added new info video for info and description on the add-on!

Just added more description to it! They denied my add-on and said add more description and I added more description! Hope it won’t get denied!


This addon will only work if “Experimental Gameplay” is on!

This addon will only work in Pocket Edition (Android and IOS Apple!), which means no Windows 10 Edition, PS4, or XBOX!


Supported Minecraft versions

1.14 1.15 (beta) 1.16

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44 Responses

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  1. GelorPL says:

    hej czy mógłbys mi powiedzieć gdzie zrobiłeś addon

  2. There’s a new update coming tomorrow if it doesn’t get denied!
    It’s called the “Enderillian Biome Update, it only adds 4 new things, so don’t be so excited!
    But still keep a little excitement, also the new Biome is gonna be very hard to find, not even I could find it! But if you find the biome, congrats and tell me in the comments!

  3. Oh, and the Enderillian Ore is back in the Overworld!!!

  4. The newest update is coming today if it doesn’t get denied, everyone!!!

  5. Guest-7655332568 says:

    Actually, maybe not this week!

  6. Has anyone found out the recipe for the beacon?
    Well you’re too late, since no one found out the recipe for the beacon, I’ll just have to reveal it! It’s glass around an Enderillian ingot!

  7. Has anyone found out the new recipe for the beacon?
    Well you’re too late, since no one found out the recipe for the beacon, I’ll just have to reveal it! It’s glass around an Enderillian ingot!

  8. ATTENTION!!! From now on, I will tell everyone when the new update is and one thing it will feature every time I’ve finished one! Also, I will make a name for each new update! SPOILER: This weeks update will be called “The Food Update”, because it will feature new kinds of foods related to Enderillian! It will be a very big update! And one of the features is Enderillian Pie!!!

  9. Guest-4423550346 says:

    How hard is it to find this stuff, (no offense) cuz’ it’s taking me a little while!
    (P.S.:I love this addon!)

  10. Guest-8295428686 says:

    Does it take long to extract?

  11. Guest-5220924638 says:

    The sword does 1 heart of damage

  12. Has anyone figured out the new recipe for the Beacon?!!!

  13. Guest-8283241638 says:

    How do I use the ore? whenever I mine it, it just multiplies…what do I do? I even tried furnaces and other picks

    • I know 1 ore drops 5 or 4 ores and you just have to smelt it in the furnace, is there something wrong with that?

      • Guest-9104842622 says:

        I’ve tried it’s not possible.I activated experimental gameplay, I played ONLY with this add-on, simply the only thing I have is an ore that I can do with cobblestones and that does nothing because it does not give any ingot, what do I do with it? drop in the lava. I’ve tried to make it even in the creative. I’ve tried uses /give nothing works. Please help me do not want to have a useless ore in my world, just want to enjoy the complement. Thanks for reading.

        • I am so sorry but I have no idea why there is a glitch like that. Try going to Minecraft>Settings>Storage and deleting the add-on and then download the addon again and import it to Minecraft and use it on a different world!!!

  14. Guest-1255857921 says:

    I downloaded the addon and then opened the folder, but it failed to import due to being “not a valid ZIP archive.” Am I doing something wrong, or is the download just bugged right now? Btw I’m on an iOS device, idk if that would change anything.

    • On iOS, most of the time, .mcpack/.mcaddon packs do not work. You must change “.mcpack” or “.mcaddon” to “.zip” and extract the addon folder. Then open the Files application, and move the resource pack folder to “My iPad/iPhone – Minecraft – Games – com.mojang – resource_packs” and the behavior pack folder to “My iPad/iPhone – Minecraft – Games – com.mojang – behavior_packs”

  15. Guest-7930472274 says:

    I would really want you to add enderillian armor, if possible. This is just a suggestion, and if you cannot do it, I won’t give it a one-star review. Plus, I really loved the addon.

  16. Guest-6484439448 says:

    I am playing on windows ten 1.14

  17. It’s actually Guest-8170222231

  18. Guest-1945785409 says:

    Great add-on but I have a question when I use commands the only thing that shows up is the ore and block and not the other stuff like the cool sword. Also in survival when I put the ore in a furnace it did not smelt? I am in 1.14 and have experimental gameplay. This is also the only add-on is my world no other add-on is in so I am confused?

    • Diolight says:

      I’m facing issues as well, for me it only shows the ingots, nuggets, and sword when I use the give command, perhaps there is a bug in the code where the ore and block is in 1.14 and the ingots, nuggets, and sword is in 1.16

    • Guest-8170222231 says:

      Are you playing on IOS or Android because I think it might not work on Android. My add-on maker is in IOS and I don’t know if it works in Android or not! It does have an Android version of the app but maybe they have different coding? And I am really sorry for the glitch, from now on, please just stick to crafting and not commands, and if you want the command you’re supposed to use for them: /give @s pa: , you have to write “pa:” before you write the thing you want.

    • Oops, I didn’t sign in yet! You may see me as Guest-1945785409

      • Guest-9033102227 says:

        This is Diolight, MCPEDL is not letting me login as of right now, but I am on Android, the sword, nugget, and ingot all show up for me. The block and ore does not, it might be a bug in the code where the block and ore shows up in 1.14 and the sword, nugget, and ingot show up for 1.16.

  19. Guest-8077962354 says:

    Great add-on it is an awesome addon! maybe if u plan to update this add new ores?

  20. Diolight says:

    I can’t seem to find the ore, I have used the give command to give me the sword which does the damage intended but the ore didn’t show up, do you know where to find it, or is unavailable right now? I have used experimental mode, and have both behavior and resource packs on.

    • Look in ravines, if there aren’t any, I hope I can fix the problem also use the command: /give @s pa: ,and then the thing you want in the list!

      • Diolight says:

        Stating this again, I did use the give command correctly, the items that showed up is the sword, ingot, and nuggets. The ore was not listed there with the other items, I was using creative as well because I didn’t want to go looking for the ore. It might be a glitch though. Thank you again for taking your time to respond to my problems.

  21. Good, I think I’ll add that!

  22. Anonymous says:

    Maybe even add an Endstone Variant of it? Nice addon though

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