Endgame Equipment Expansion v2.1! (Sword That Summons Lightning!)

Have you ever found yourself with little to do after killing the ender dragon? Well this add-on adds many new items, tools, weapons and armour sets which all require end-game and post-game materials to craft so there’s plenty more to do after the dragon has been slain!

Created by: AbstractRemix

The aim of this add on is to improve upon Minecraft’s somewhat lacking endgame by giving a new objective to complete in the form of a new equipment set. These tools are powerful but come at the cost of the difficulty of crafting.

Items – 

End Dimension 

Dragon Tears

This item is dropped from the Ender Dragon upon it’s death in quantities of 9-20 and is a key ingredient in all items in the end category of items from this add-on.

Essence of the End

This item is the next step in creating any End category items!

Ender Ingot

This item is a necessity for all tools and armour in the End category but not for all of the items! Make sure to check the recipes of the item you wish to craft before crafting these! 

Kuro / Dark Diamond 


This item drops from the Wither in quantities of 17-28 and is a key ingredient in all items in the Kuro / Black Diamond category of items from this add-on.

Black Diamond

This item is the next step for the Black Diamond armour set but not all items from the Kuro / Black Diamond category, so be sure to check the recipe of the item you wish to craft before crafting these!


Planetary Shards

These shards drop from various different creature from various dimensions and biomes – from left to right – 

Shard of the Underworld – Nether shard, drops from Piglin Brutes with 25% drop rate

Shard of the Depths – Ocean shard, drops from Elder Guardians with 75% drop rate

Shard of the Overworld – Overworld shard, drops from Ravagers with 33% drop rate

Shard of the Otherworld – End shard, drops from endermites with 75% drop rate

Shard of the Sky – Sky shard, drops from phantoms with 20% drop rate

Planetary Plate

This item is currently a trophy item used for displays, if you have any ideas as to what this item could be used for feel free to leave a suggestion in the comments of this page! (Shape of recipe not important)

Tainted Potion Ingredients

These items are key ingredients in potent potions which are used for Orbs of Effects, each one is crafted with one of their vanilla equivalents (ghast tear, sugar, rabbit foot and fermented spider eye) and one kuro

Potent potions

These potions cannot be consumed by players due to them being far too potent, however they are key crafting ingredients for another item later on, each one is brewed with their corresponding items and mundane potions

Potent Regeneration

Potent Speed

Potent Leaping

Potent Invisibility

Empty Orb

This item is another key ingredient of the effect orbs!

Equipment –

End Dimension tool set

This tool set is the only tool set currently in this add-on but more are planned for the future! Each tool is crafted with one ender ingot and it’s corresponding netherite equivalent 

Tools –


Example of crafting recipe –

End Dimension Armour Set

This is one of the two currently available armour sets, it is the weaker of the two due to it requiring dragon materials and the dragon is usually fought before the wither, each piece is crafted with one ender ingot and its corresponding netherite armour piece, similar to the items

Armour pieces –

Black Diamond Armour Set

This is the second armour set and the strongest armour set currently in this add-on, each piece is crafted using black diamonds in the same pattern as their usual armour counterparts.

Armour pieces – 

Crafting recipe example –

End Scythe

This is the only weapon currently available, it has received balancing changes in order to make multiplayer combat fairer and has also received a new variant!

End Scythe 

Empowered End Scythe

Thunderous Empowered End Scythe (summons lightning where you’re looking!!) Due to it’s very strong ability it has a very hard crafting recipe involving a creeper head, the recommended way to get this is to use a trident with channelling to hit a creeper with lightning to charge it, then make this creeper blow up another creeper. The lightning ability has a cooldown of 7 seconds. To summon lightning right click (or hold on mobile/ left trigger on console)

Miscellaneous equipment 

Orbs of Effects

These items give the potion effect they’re named after when right clicked (or held on mobile/ left trigger on console). They are crafted using an empty orb and three of the potent potion with the desired potion effect. Each effect lasts a different amount of time and has a 5-7 second recharge time. 

Pearl of Teleportation

This item is a personal favourite of mine! To use it simply right click/hold/left trigger with the item in hand and you will be teleported 5 blocks in the direction you’re looking and then a 5 second cooldown will begin.

Other stuff –

Important: This add-on requires experimental features to function, please ensure you enable both ‘Additional Modding Capabilities’ AND ‘Holiday Creator Features’

You are allowed to: 

Modify this addon for personal use 

Use this addon in any videos you wish with the link to the MCPEDL page featured somewhere.

You are not allowed to:

Provide download links other than the one featured at the bottom of this page

Modify and re-release this add-on

Claim this add-on as your own

NOTE: Durability for custom items is currently broken so the tools in this add-on will not lose durability, this will be fixed for the add-on whenever it is fixed by Minecraft

NOTE: The efficiency enchantment is currently broken for custom items so it is not recommended that you use tools from this add-on that you plan to use this enchantment on. This will be fixed for the add-on when it is fixed by Minecraft

NOTE: Delete old version of this mod from both the resource folder AND behaviour pack folder before installing the new version

Thanks for downloading the add-on! Feel free to leave a comment and rating, it’s greatly appreciated!

Changelog View more

Fixed a bug that caused armour models to not be shown.

Added Orb of regeneration, potent potion of regeneration and tainted ghast tears

Updated description to remove outdated information

Many new items and armour pieces added!

New kuro crafting branch!

New weapon variant with lightning ability!

Enabling notifications is no longer needed to download the packs.


Supported Minecraft versions

1.16.100 1.16.101 1.16.200 1.16.201

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34 Responses

4.59 / 5 (22 votes)
  1. A Random_Yutyrannus says:

    maybe the planet plate could be used to make black diamond armour with black diamonds?

  2. SkrrterBoi says:

    Is it possible to make enchanted netherite armor/tools to end armor/tools without removing the enchantments?

  3. BrustachioYT says:

    Bug: The dragon tears and the other things that drop from the wither don’t drop. Not sure if there’s anything wrong on my end though.


    plz can u make a media fire link coz i can not download it it looks good and i really want to download it

  5. dysonnk says:

    Do you think you could make this work on realms?

  6. GibbsX says:

    The planetary orb could be added to one of the new armour’s and make it give you resistance, healing, night vision and strength it would be hella strong but worth the trouble of getting the orb

  7. GibbsX says:

    Shouldnt the end armour be stronger since the dragon is stronger than the wither

    • dadchin says:

      It’s not. the Dragon only has 200 health while the wither has 300, not to mention the fact that the wither destroys SO MANY blocks in its second phase, spawns wither skeletons, and it is immune to arrows in its second phase.

  8. iiSabeo says:

    Hey! Its me again. It worked out. But one problem though. The two armor won’t show (both end and black diamond armor)

  9. Beam006 says:

    Planetary plate should be use to hatch the dragon egg to tame a baby dragon and when it grown you can put saddle, dragon armor, chest and ride on it to fly for a long distance and you can order it to attack while you riding on it’s back by make it use dragon wing, breath the dragon breath, or spit the fireball and when you not riding it it will wandering but you can order it with stick to make it follow you, wandering or sitting down it can be heal and breed with raw cod and raw salmon another use is to summon the white ender dragon​ to fight it in the end by using it at the exit portal and it’s more powerful than wither on hard mode can use all of ender dragon move can summon red lightning bolt which is more powerful than overworld lightning bolt and can summon meteor and when defeat it it will drop 2x exp of normal ender dragon and the white dragon scales which can upgrade the end tools, weapons and armors to be more stronger and last longer

  10. Lloyd Mythario says:

    i think the planetary plate should make a planet and then it can make you teleport to the planet with it, if that is possible

  11. Espio347 says:

    Sir Can I Use This Addon For My Map?
    Full Credits Will Be Given

  12. iiSabeo says:

    Hello!! I love your addon and I rate it for 5 stars!! One thing though, I deleted the old version from minecraft and downloaded the new one, it still gave me the V1 of it. ;-; help me please. And also, do you have a Discord Server? I would love to join your server if you have one. Thanks for reading

    • Hey there! If you find the file location of minecraft bedrock resource packs and behaviour packs (a simple google search should be able to tell you) then you can delete them directly from there and then install the new ones from this page again, the name of the folders you’ll want to delete are ‘EndgameExp’

  13. The Orespawner says:

    Cant download at all click continue on linkvertise and it just goes to about:blank and nothing happens

    • Hey! I’ve had this problem before with other add-ons on linkvertise, I know my link definitely works though so I believe this is a problem on linkvetises part, it should work if you give it a bit of time then try again

  14. The Orespawner says:

    Love it

  15. SpotTheWolf1 says:

    I can’t give a rating until I know this is multiplayer friendly on Xbox One, but will come back to you when I find out!

  16. May I suggest a new kind of armor and sword that is based off of the ender dragon and also the maybe make end villagers and illagers to make the end worth exploring.

  17. cAptive says:

    If the 1.20 of Minecraft is the End Update, I want this stuff

  18. CARLOSDELTAxd says:

    It would be great if the recipes were seen on the crafting table, even so, your complement is great

  19. BruhNo327 says:

    Sounds great, but can you also make stuff people can get in the over world? I want to use this in a UHC.

  20. Elpepe says:

    This idea is too good bro if you continue to dominate the addons in minecraft pe

  21. iiSabeo says:

    Forgot to rate

  22. iiSabeo says:

    Hey. I love your addon! The Scythe, the tools, the armor is so cool!! I’ll give it 5 stars! But when I put the chestplate on the armor stand, it changed into a helmet. I hope you’ll fix it soon!

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