Endium Ore (Final Ore) Add-on

The Endium Ore is a new ore to add to your survival world, realm or your server, it adds items like sword, endium ingot or Endium Apple! The endium ore is like every ore but with better addings!

The Endium Ore is the the final ore of the season after the Paladium and the Amethyst ore,

The Endium Ore adds new crafts and new items

It’s a new brand ore with new features so it’s very fun to test with your friends on a survival world on a realm, the endium ore is very useful to pvp !

Hope you enjoy !

Make sure to activate the experimental gameplay before !

To craft endium you need to put cobble in furnace, to have stone and craft Endium Ingot

Use 9 stones to crafts an endium ingot

Here are the possibles crafts using Endium :

The sword is very useful for PVP and cost 2 just Endium Ingots

Here is the craft of the endium apple, the endium apple is better than the enchanted apple, it gives your more powerful effects

The Endium Apple give you special effects to transform you into a warrior in PVP !

Hope you enjoy !

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I worked hard on this add-on so I hope that the community will enjoy it !

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Once you clicked on the link wait 5 seconds to unlock the mediafire link.


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19 Responses

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  1. Guest-4615285560 says:

    this is a copy to palamod

  2. Flashy3467 says:

    je n’arrive pas a installer le premier lien

  3. Minecraftlover070809 says:

    So I found a bug when I want to play this with your paladium ore the paladium turns into endium

  4. norman zahn says:

    could you add a mediafire link!? i only download when i get a mediafire link

  5. Coolorca says:

    Too cheap.

  6. PeachSherry says:

    Sounds cool but does the sword do anything???

  7. Extrañó says:


  8. !!!!!! ! says:

    VERY CHEEP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  9. Just_A_Random_Guy says:

    I fell like if you can try to change it so that the obsidian in the end or something else in the end would be where the ore is it’s still an incredible resource pack

  10. BenJamin9794 says:

    it’s not like we’re noobs!

  11. Sonic says:

    In Paladium, there’s not endium block . #FuzeIII


    just a heads up to the people downloading you need both packs 🙂

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