Pinnacle Graphics Collection [xBox Support!]

These Shaders reveal a new level of possibilities by a uncommon blend of unique effects; therefore causing an unearthed realism to reveal. Look at the website for more info.

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Copyright Notice and Such

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Added like 5 more versions. Just go to the Wix Site, honestly.


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Supported Minecraft versions

1.10 1.11 1.8 1.9



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321 Responses

3.81 / 5 (142 votes)
  1. Tsvetomir says:

    Not working on Minecraft Windows 10

  2. Jayden says:

    Cool and great

  3. Anonymous says:

    The shaders don’t work for me, I’m playing on Xbox One S.
    I don’t know why but it just crashes the game.

  4. Frostbyte3OG says:

    Good Shaders! Definitely a 6/5 for me, Buuut, something doesn’t feel right with edge shaders 2,
    As soon as i load a world up. The sky seizures a yellow, purple, green, blue color, What’s worse is they weren’t static nor was a gradient either, It Was Cubic colors and moving every millisecond,
    Please fix this, IOS – 1.12,
    Also, if you can, How many more shaders do you have unreleased?!

    • Victor says:

      Yeah, I think there’s some bug happening on Xbox because its happened to me before with texture packs that I got on the Minecraft Marketplace.

  5. Jake Atcher says:

    For something called “Pinnacle shaders” its isn’t really the pinnacle of shaders on mcpe. The shadows are only when something is above a block, The water is nearly like the normal water, daylight didnt change a lot. Night time didnt change at all when I look at it, and the weather is just like normal. It’s a meh from me. Unless you make a super ultra high end shaders edition. You should take a look at natural mystic and see how much the shaders changed Mcpe. Alas, I dont mean any offense.

  6. Tyler says:

    Crashes my xbox, trying to figure out how I can prevent this. Anyone know?
    If the creator could try and explain this to me I’d heavily appreciate it. I’ve been trying to get a somewhat decent shader to run properly on my xbox one S.

    (Shader looks amazing unfortunately my rating is inaccurate due to the fact that I’m unable to use the shader.)

    • Miguel says:

      Hey, yeah I have the exact same problem. I’m running this pack on an xbox one s too and maybe you’ve found a shader that does work.

  7. SunsimAcsim says:

    Hello, I’m a server operator. I’m so excited about this shader!Can I apply this shader to my server?

    • AnAussieNamedLuke says:

      you can, of course, as with any resource pack, but you need to read what is said under the “download” subtitle, and you need to get the shader from the provided link

  8. MegaGHRocker says:

    Hey, I love your Pinnacle PC/Xbox shaders. For the Xbox shaders (Not sure if it’s still under Version 3) but lily pads are gray, entities don’t have proper lighting (not sure if it’s a console thing) and most importantly, the torches are TOO intense. I currently do not own a PC to edit any values of it. Is it possible you can lower the intensity a bit? You can even see the torches with Blindness since it’s very intense.

  9. potatohead3171 says:

    I’m on IOS and I don’t understand how to download it, Probably because either it doesn’t work or I’m stupid, I’m probably stupid.

  10. pinkmira356 says:

    this is the exact same shader as natural mystic shaders. either you stole this from them or they stole it from you, and if thats the case you should look into it


      This web page states that the shaders are CC0. CC0 means that it is possible to do literally anything with the shaders without crediting.

      Read up before you post.

      • Jake Atcher says:

        For something called “Pinnacle shaders” its isn’t really the pinnacle of shaders on mcpe. The shadows are only when something is above a block, The water is nearly like the normal water, daylight didnt change a lot. Night time didnt change at all when I look at it, and the weather is just like normal. It’s a meh from me. Unless you make a super ultra high end shaders edition. You should take a look at natural mystic and see how much the shaders changed Mcpe. Alas, I dont mean any offense.

  11. Under_bar_man says:

    It’s very good shader!
    I like it!
    It’s my favorite shader!
    Thx to make this shader!


    I’m Japanese
    So,I not so good to English. XD

  12. Under_bar_man says:

    It shader is very very nice shader! πŸ˜€
    It’s very beautiful and very light!
    I like it!


    I’m Japanese.
    So,I not so good to English.
    I use “Google translation”

  13. Anonymous says:

    It’s just a bad regular shader, but you claim that it has “innovations” and things that only are possible on java shaders, while it doesn’t. You’re just trying to get attention.

    • Where did I say that the shaders could be like pc? They can’t, however much I try to explain. The shader pipeline is limited to a few variables therefore restricting the amount of features we have the ability to edit. By the way the main reason I called it innovation is because it had water based on SEUS PE, yet worked laglessly on devices with less than 1gb of ram. Please reconsider.

    • Also, this shader was not made for you. It was made for my personal learning. I released because others liked it more than the current shaders.

    • HighMountain06 says:

      lemme see u try to make a better shader

  14. cubicralsei says:

    it’s just a generic shader with nothing special, meanwhile you pretend it has things that a PC shader would have.

  15. hello says:

    It’s not innovation and the shaders are basically the exact same as any other mobile shader smh, you’re just seeking attention especially with the Edge “innovation” shader

    • I would not say a name really affects the shader. There are shaders out there named: realistic shader
      4K ultra realism best shader

      Those names don’t seem okay, right? The reason I called it innovation is because many YouTubers (Lazza MCPE) have claimed the shader to work on very old devices. The shaders look quite exceptional for low end. Also, I made this for my own purposes. Some people liked it so I released it. You literally have no constructive feedback other than to β€œChange the name”.

  16. Ayazi says:

    The only thing I really like is the render of blocks and lighting underwater near the above surface. Please make a shader with that render and it will be a popular, I use the edgeinnovation. mcpack I downloaded on your website. The render of lighting on blocks is so perfect, I take a screenshot if you know what I really pointing out. Just reply to this.

  17. MinecraftRiley says:

    It’s just outdated natural mystic why would I download this if I can download natural mystic

  18. username says:

    I like your pack but some things are not great/gimmicky. I don’t like that the glass has that random sheen effect (and that there isn’t any stained glass at all). Also the sun texture has issues around the border and with the noise of the image.

    Finally my dude, your website is straight trash. You need to rework that from the ground up because it was WAY harder than it needed to be finding that download link. Having to scroll all the way down and hover over an image just to see it is unnecessary. Just keep it simple: some light information and your download links on one page, and portfolio on another. Also focus on keeping the website desktop friendly moreso than mobile friendly.

  19. Paul Oakes says:

    link to site for download dosnt work so unable to get this shader

  20. Anon says:

    The doors, cacti, pots, and light sources (i.e torches & lanterns), and maybe a few others wave when the shouldn’t on the best offering from your website, the newest ultra shader you have on your site. It’s a shame because this is probably the most beautiful, and well put together shader I’ve ever Seen, like the sunset is absolutely gorgeous! I love this shader but I want the things that shouldn’t wave to be fixed.

  21. TheIceKing2906 says:

    So how do you download it? I went to the site but there was nothing except screenshots of the shader.

  22. Xolotl says:

    is crashing on xbox, I guess it’s because of the update to, can they fix it?

  23. Swiss mon Beat says:

    Hi! I really like your shader (I’m using it on Xbox one x), everything looks nicer!
    I’m having no issue for the moment πŸ˜‰

    But, I would like to ask you if you can explain to me how I can adjust different settings such as light source/brighness

    I saw brighness in few files but my question is how many files I have to modify to adjust few settings? Of course I will do it on my own, I will try different color, light etc.

    I just need the first step (:

    Thank you!

    • Sorry for the late reply! Some of the shader parts are really straightforward. For brightness, just modify all of them. y’Know these shaders were based on others! If yup want to publish your version of my shaders, you can! You don’t need to credit, but please just drop a comment on this mcpedl post! Try modifying the tone mapping stuff!

      RENDERCHUNK = wavy leaves and colors

      The other files should be pretty straightforward! THX πŸ˜ƒ

  24. Airbomb says:

    Any plans to keep improving on the Windows 10 version?

    Maybe get it up to speed with the iOS packs, and add waving water.
    Really sad that there’s no volumetric lightning on Bedrock Edition.

    Keep up the good work <3

  25. Lelo'nSnitch says:

    cool texture pack but please fix some texture that don’t have color like Lilypad

  26. Anonymous says:

    Shhh but I found out about cspe and it has realistic waters, can you put it in edgeinnovation next update thx :>. The problem is you need to pay to get acess to the one with reaslictic water

    • Do you seriously want me to copy those shaders? Because, quite franky, that’s complete piracy. Do it yourself. Get the shaders.

      • Anonoymous says:

        Holy jeepers NO!, just sayin that maybe the water could be like that for edgeinnovation. I already have cspe I just don’t really like the color tone of the surroundings. The water might be cool but the color isn’t that nice either. And the clouds looks erm
        Or maybe change the water color because the water for edgeinnovation is the same as seus pe except it’s recolored. Maybe try making the color like seus again. P.s I feel like you reply to people who don’t like the shader or was mistaken too h a r s h l y. If I were you I would reply. “Sorry I can’t copy other shaders. Because, quite frankly, that’s piracy. Sorry but no can do, you gotta buy that shader.”

      • Cocacola says:

        They didn’t really say straight up copy it. Jeez -~-

  27. I’m a bit confused as to what to add in the next update. To clarify, pinnacle graphics crossplatform allready has lightmapping. Keep in mind, however, I cannot add
    Depth of Field
    Sun flares,
    And crazily realistic things like that as minecraft doesn’t allow you to… get access to quite a lot of variables and modify them.

    • Anonymous says:

      Well we already know that ray tracing sun flares and the shadows moving depending on time cant be added, but maybe you can add a realistic water to crossplatform just like the one for ios, and clouds and maybe make nightime darker for crossflatform. The shader for crossflatform looks great just the water and clouds missing and lighting. Also maybe making flowers and farming plants wavy too. But my suggestion is a choice if you can’t then don’t were not forcing since I’ve also read that you don’t really know how to code glsl

    • Anonymous says:

      Okay so there’s a shader called DSPE and it has that realistic shadows of water underwater maybe you can add that but not really a fan of the surface texture of water. It also has realistic clouds but it changes color at night to green to violet so I didn’t like it. This is just to give you an idea

    • Anonymous says:

      Oh maybe also that ambient occlusion thing where there’s shadow on the sides of blocks

      • Ambient Occlusion is definetly cool, however I already have it implemented on the original version (Endurance Shaders) and it takes a tremendous amount of work.

        • Anonymous says:

          Yeah I guess ambient occlusion is a little hard. And I forgot to put this but you can actually implement shadow depending on time or the suns rays or the water being realistic for all devices but it takes a tremendous amount of work and it’ll take months or even years to make it. So I guess no

    • Anonymous says:

      Omay I think there’s a problem with the trapdoors. Their… waving too is it because of the farming plants be able to wave? Doesn’t matter just please stop them they look really wierd it doesn’t matter if the farming plants doesn’t wave anymore

    • DeathMaster4432 says:

      Maybe mojang will grant access to those variables once… Raytracing would be awesome.

  28. Anonoymous says:

    So, when is the new update for android gonna come out? Just asking :>

  29. Anonymous says:


  30. RF29 says:

    please add animated stained glass on mc win 10 edition

  31. thefrozenbeanie says:

    Whenever I tried to load up any world, all the blocks are invisible!


  32. Chigaonthehouse says:

    Im so glad this shaders existed . Thanks guys , u turn my almost-dead graphic game into something better.

  33. Bind says:

    Would it be possible to create a version of this with the normal minecraft sky and sun/moon ?
    It runs beautifully on my laptop with all the moving leaves and lighting but the sky absolutely sinks the framerate.
    it would be absolutely perfect if there was aversion with just the plant waving, lighting, glasses shining etc..

  34. Anonymous says:

    For the android ver nighttime looks a little too bright, can you make it a little darker? Please? And the light mapping on the video you uploaded on your channel is that also gonna be on crossplatform?

  35. Otter says:

    Looks pretty bad color wise, but the shading looks nice

  36. Adam Chen says:

    Hi, i applied the shaders but i dont see the blocks loaded in, just shadows, sun and sky . Everything is just transparent and see through

  37. NoCloud says:

    Why my win10 used your shader and the nether had some strange graphics? Please fix it.

  38. DESPACITO says:

    Hi…. just an idea… is it possible to create live shadows by getting the time in game and adjusting the shadow angle from there? Thanks.

  39. Brogyn Smith says:

    When I tried it, my mouse was gone and I couldn’t exit the game! SO I HAD TO RESTART MY PC!!

  40. Owen says:

    Hi is their a way to download this onto my xbox any programs anything of the sort im so confused. Any help appreciated.

  41. Owen says:

    How do i upload the file to my xbox one where do i go from there. Any help appreciated.

  42. Owen says:

    How do i upload the file to my xbox one where do i go from there. Any gelp appreciated.

  43. Alex says:

    Is it normal that when I download the mobile version, it makes me go in like fake sites etc?

  44. Anonymous says:

    It’s a little too bright but it’s really good! I also love how the water looks

  45. Azuma says:

    I have a legitimate question, no hate or anything. How come this resource/shader pack crashes my game? I downloaded the link for xbox users (HighXbox) and when I go to create a world I select the pack. The game says “saving resource pack” or something along those lines, loades for a few seconds then freezes and kicks me to the dashboard. I even tried creating a standard old world, with only 4 chunks rendering at a time, still crashes. I have a Xbox one S, and I’ve downloaded other texture packs before (though this is my first one with shaders). I’d like to know what I’m doing wrong or if anyone knows how to fix it? I’m playing Minecraft Beta version 1.12.02 at the time of writing. Any help is greatly appreciated!

  46. Jeremy says:

    Hey milk , the Xbox shaders work fine but the only issue that the torch lighting , glow stone lighting etc…Is really bright but I’m not sure if it’s like that because it doesn’t have the color fragment. Of course the entities look dark because you know, the file. I’m positive that you can fix those two files, but other than that they work, not surprised.

    • The lighting is supposed to be like that. As for the color fragment, I haven’t tested at all the xBox shaders. Is it good tho?

      • Jeremy says:

        The leaves look weirdly textured from a distance because It’s a flip book texture, I deleted the leaves from the file but the leaves glitch out a lot without it. Also all the colored glass blocks are the same as the regular glass block. The chest looks really dark with light next to it because it counts as an entity, but I know you can fix that file. So I like the shadows and the lighting(0 brightness). Without the entity and the color fragment, they don’t look that great. Don’t give up tho, because you can collad with nightwalker and I know you can figure out how to fix these things πŸ‘

    • LoAlCo says:

      I started messing with the files and to change the torch lighting, you will need to edit a file called “renderchunk.fragment.hlsl” and find the line
      “diffuse.rgb += SSPEtorch.rgb*max(0.0,PSInput.uv1.x-0.3);”
      You can edit it with Notepad++ or any other similar program.
      Edit the ‘3’ near the end of the line until you find a result you like.
      Here is an example

  47. MissionApollo7 says:

    Is the wavy water effect supposed to work on Windows 10? It doesn’t do anything for me.

  48. YUKiNO says:

    Hello! May I request for a version for Android without the custom sky? It plays great and all, but when I look at the sky, my device lags so much…

  49. Anonymous says:

    Will you be able to make the clouds for android non blocky? Like the one for ios? Because I really liked it that way and just hoping if you can at least make the clouds for android like that

  50. Dieudeglace says:

    Anyway to get the top of the line shaders to work for Android? Would give 5 stars if it was possibme

  51. The shaders work on xBox as long as you download the xBox zip file, listed above. I probably won’t reply to the comments saying that the shaders don’t work for xBox.

    Thanks, Jeremy! He’s the guy in the comments who managed to tinker up a solution


    • Jeremy says:

      Thank you bro! I don’t know if you new this but your the only person working on shaders for Xbox right now, it’s awesome that you haven’t given up after all those complaints. It’s not just shaders but it’s also helping the Xbox community, thank you! πŸ™πŸ»

    • NightwalkerLots says:

      I’d like to propose a collaboration to help make the shader even more realist. Call it Pinacle Remastered or something. I’m the creator for one of the first xbox one shaders. Contact me on twitter @Lastofthesorrow

      • Jeremy says:

        Hey nightwalker it’s been a while since you’ve talked about your shaders but I really like them, the only problem is that the slabs shadow bug annoys me so much as a builder. This collab would be good because Milk’s shaders don’t do that.

      • I’ll soon open up an open source github page for the shaders. I’ll contact you then. Thank you!

  52. READ THIS BEFORE YOU COMMENT: The Windows 10 shaders with auroras and laggy clouds are not supported. These shaders were copyright infringed, so therefore I do not provide support for that. Use the normal xBox / win10 version. Thank you!

    • Clown1869 says:

      I don’t know why, but when I enter a world (version 1.10 on mcpe) I only see blue. There are no blocks that appear. I can still see the buttons to move and stuff like that. How do I fix?

  53. Alesscreeper says:

    Awesome, but the version for windows 10 goes very lag

  54. SamuraiOrochi7 says:

    Great shaders, my only issue is that it lags a LOT at night. Could you make a variation of the all platform pack without the aroura pls.

  55. Fiveros says:

    How to install it on my android device , i just downloaded and nothing

  56. Renz11111 says:

    Your Shader works on adroid but the problem is the ground is to much black i can’t see the whole grass including my house it looks one sided light the rest black. Please fix it.

  57. Jeremy says:

    Sup Milk you probably remember me I’m about to try out the shaders on Xbox people are saying it doesn’t work but they usually don’t go in the files

    • Eric says:

      Trust me – they don’t work on Xbox. Try for yourself.

    • Jeremy says:

      I FIGURED OUT THE PROBLEM ON XBOX! Alright sorry I just feel accomplished

      The color.fragment hlsl file and the entity.fragment hlsl file crash the game idk exactly why and the clouds don’t t show either but everything else works perfectly amazing

      Once your done installing the shader pack go inside of the folder and then inside the shader folder.
      Then go into the hlsl folder and DELETE THE ENTITY.FRAGMENT FILE AND THE COLOR.FRAGMENT FILE everything else works perfectly fine if it still doesn’t work for some reason then buy a new xbox

      By the way these are the best Xbox shaders I’ve ever used and I’ve seen all of them literally all of them

  58. Kurt says:

    Why it’s not working on my Huawei y6 pro 2019? After I apply the shades. It only shows invisible world except for the mobs. Pls help me!

  59. Anonymous says:

    Still won’t work on the Xbox.

    I downloaded the one labled for Xbox. Got it into the games folders correctly. Turned off beautiful skies in the games options. Tried to launch a world with it and it crashed my game while the world loaded.

    I then downloaded and tried every other version listed on here. They all crashed while loading. Not a single one works.

  60. Arjay says:

    How much GFLOPs is required?

  61. Lola says:

    Shaders great but how do you disable the waving effect? Delete a file, delete a code or add code but I don’t know how to code lol

  62. Blockhead says:

    Heyo There are some flaws πŸ™ for me. Is there anyway to get rid of the outline on the plants? Also maybe you can make the real clouds invisible. But finally it’s working for mobile I really loved the color of the surroundings and how it looks bland but at the same time not. β™‘ hope you can still improve the android one too

  63. Anonymous says:

    this literally does nothing but make waving objects and darker shaders for windows 10 . How can you even make a claim that this is some high end shader? Another thing why do you guys release half finished shaders ? All the newer windows shaders have no water effects added yet all the older ones like tint(which still works) and seuspe have tons of water effects which proves they work on windows 10. Instead of all of you guys releasing half-baked shader packs why don’t you guys collaborate with other authors and actually release a very high quality pack that everyone enjoys? As this is far from it no offense

    • Totally not offensive for a Project that I never intended to release for people like you. [Sarcasm]
      You can honestly comment more for more feasible, lightweight features that I might be able to implement.
      I understand, however, that all the shader creators could combine and make something nice. But we’ve already reached the pinnacle where we cannot improve shaders that much, until or unless super duper graphics comes.

  64. Eric says:

    Why doesn’t this work on Xbox?

  65. Eric says:

    Why doesn’t it work on Xbox?

  66. OmbviousPlaysYT says:

    The first time I downloaded this the clouds were very laggy. Today I downloaded it again and it was so smooth. 5 stars from me!

  67. Anonymous says:

    Didnt really notice a change except the fake ray tracing. Just seemed like the brightness was bumped up a bit, but thanks anyway

    Win10 edition

  68. Ryan says:

    Works great! Wasn’t there a music pack with this? I would like to add custom music to!

  69. Aids says:

    Pretty bad tbh. As far as I can tell it’s just bloom X 100 and color correction. I’d rather play vanilla. Are dynamic shadows even possible on Minecraft bedrock?

  70. Anonymous says:

    hey i just wanted to say that the mobile shader didnt work, it all was black and the only things you could see was mobs the front and back of blocks and the sky. so please fix. anyway it looks really good though

  71. Dwayne says:

    Odd I posted my first comment and it’s not showing. I posted about how it’s awesome as heck but….. The universal one ( all mobile devices ) doesn’t change anything it seems, it looks like the Vanilla still :/.

  72. Dwayne says:

    So the new updated universal one ( for android and iOS ) is cool but………. it doesn’t do anything it seems :/. I can’t tell the difference between that and the vanilla.

  73. Anonymous says:

    Won’t work on the Xbox.

    Trying it on my Xbox One X, downloaded the one marked for Xbox, added it to the game like I do all other shaders, turned off beautiful skies, and it crashes while loading the world every time.

  74. It finally works!!! Thank you!!!

  75. Anonymous says:

    Also when you go underground with the win10 smooth version there’s a weird border thing on your screen that doesn’t look like it was intentionally made to look like that

  76. Anonymous says:

    I tried the win10 smooth version and found that there was no texture difference between the different stained glass and jungle tree sapling had a white background

  77. Anonymous says:

    I think the newest update for the Windows 10 Version might just be a little unstable. There’s many blocks that don’t work correctly, like torches, glass, plants, leaves, and plenty others with bugs and issues…

  78. SSB Beat says:

    The shader is awesome but it makes my minecraft lag alot when i look up to the sky im i windows 10 could you diminish the sky clouds pliz

    • Jeremy says:

      If you read the comments below he says to turn off beautiful sky’s or you can go in the folder yourself and delete the sky stuff, but he also said that he was going to release an update about 3 days ago because he added a lot more stuff but he hasn’t released it because he wants it to look good on the release.

  79. What is the difference between the beta and the normal version?

  80. Radeon says:

    Does this shader work on the radeon graphics card?
    (win10, r9 380)

  81. moob says:

    Ive installed this on the widows to version but every thing is invisble besides mobs

    • Hese says:

      I have excactly the same issue with win10 and Nvidia GTX: everything except mobs are invisible. This is the only resource pack in use, besides the vanilla.

  82. What map do you use for Pinnacle Lib? Also, the shader is AMAZING! Keep it up!

  83. Faded Gaming says:

    Works great for Minecraft windows 10 It does lag a little, but that’s ok I’ll just turn off the sky’s. I do think the clouds move to fast, but awesome pack!!

    • MilkyDeveloper says:

      Yep. Actually I have the pack with the optimized clouds already made, and completely ready, with moving leaves and sime water stuff: but if I release that, people will be salty that it doesn’t work with their android devices. Just 2 more days. Thank you!

  84. Logan Brent says:

    if you could add nice looking water and animated foliage and leaves to xbox one. i would love this shader even more. i use this one the most, because all of the other ones either do not work or are too bright. i hope water and animations get added over time, i would definitely love to see that! keep up the good work!

  85. RainCraftMC says:

    Why not add a vignette and add a little more contrast? Anyways the best shader i have ever seen in my life πŸ€—

    • Oh yasss. Vignette is seriously one of the best effects, and same with contrast. The problem with vignette though is that shaders can’t explicitly render pixels on the screen (which their supposed to do, but don’t in MCPE). Rather we can change some various lighting and wavy stuff. I tried experimenting with more contrast, but when you dig a whole, the dirt looks absolutely horrible. It looks like a gradient of yellow, and a grotesque shade of brown. Thank You for the feedback though!

  86. Alice says:

    Hi, I downloaded this shader on my Huawei p10 and you can only see the sun and mobs, the rest is invisible, can you please help me with this problem? It looks really good and I want to have it

  87. MarioManTj says:

    I really like these shaders! But I do have 1 problem with them. It’s just that, I love the sky but I am unable to use it since looking up at it creates a ton of white dots that completely lag the game, during all times of day. I play on Windows 10 with a Nvidia Geforce GTX 1050 ti Graphics card if that helps. I know it may be hard to fix, but it would be nice if it were possible to fix this issue or have a way to still see the skies without having to disable them because of the lag.

  88. This Is Mafu says:

    This shader is great! Just now trying it on my Xbox one with the faithful pack and it runs flawless! The other shader packs were way too bright or too dark but in all honesty I think this one is perfect. Only issue that I’ve noticed with every other shader including this, is when you use a piston to push a block, it’ll crash the game. Not sure why, but it would be amazing if you could find the fix for it. Still an amazing shader.

  89. Merakii says:

    This shader looks real neat judging by the screenshots. But before I import it into my game does this work with texture packs?

  90. Gasmastered406 says:

    Does it work for windows 10? I don’t know if its just me because I just reset my computer because of a virus, luckily.

  91. Night says:

    Great shader. Only problem is how Bedrock hates to render clouds properly >_>

    • Thank You! What problem did you have about the clouds? These shaders disable vanilla clouds no matter what and replace them with autogenerated noise noise ones.

      • Night says:

        Looking up at the sky causes the game to stutter a lot, I’ve checked fps and there’s no framerate drop. Probably some bug because I can’t recall this happening pre 1.9/1.10

  92. Unanimous says:

    Have you guys that make pe shaders tried to make shaders with a behavior pack. You might be able to make shadows move. Otherwise great shaders.

    • Moving shadows is pritty cool, however the game only gives us limited access to variables like the position of the sun. Also, Behaviour packs affect gameplay, like how mobs behave and resource packs affect cosmetics.

      • MajorTroller says:

        Here is the thing, you don’t need the position of the sun. Instead, you can use the time of day, to predict the position of the sun and work from there.

        Other than that the shader pack is in a league of its own. It has superb graphics quality and all. Top class work both of you!

  93. Riley says:

    After downloading onto my device an running on a world, the world simply turned invisible excluding mobs. Fancy graphics were on as well as beautiful skies. Turning on experimental gameplay did not solve this issue either. Currently using samsung A8 with android 8.0 Shader does look beautiful in the screenshots though!

  94. Mustache_Guy says:

    The shaders do not work on Xbox One. They cause the game to crash before the world finishes loading. It will start loading, hang for a minute or two, and crash back to the dashboard.

    Guess I’ll keep using Vanilla Enhanced Shaders instead.

  95. Bruh says:

    I think my xbox is broke

  96. Skips says:

    I downloaded this to my Xbox and tried to load it in a world but each time I tried my game would crash. I’m not sure what the problem is but I noticed that the size of the pack is roughly 0.09 MBs which I figured was too small so I’m assuming that has something to do with it since other shaders and texture packs I’ve downloaded are usually larger than that. This pack looks soooo amazing so I really wish I could get it to work soon!

  97. Jadon says:

    I’d love this texture pack 100% if you just balanced out the brightness and darkness a bit. It’s too bright at day and too dark at night. Thanks in advance.

  98. John smith says:

    im very sad…this shader is still not working on samsung galaxy S9.. I can’t see anything when I enter my world..

    • MilkyDeveloper says:

      Then please don’t rate these shaders 3 stars, as that’s how shaders work; and cross-compatibility is rare.

      • Dieudeglace says:

        He can rate it 3 stars or even one star if it doesn’t work as intended. Telling him not to rate it badly when it isn’t what was advertised is a big no no

        • How about updating it that it doesn’t work with some (mali, mostly) gpus? I tried my hardest to fix it for all devices, however I’ll pull out some completely different shaders I have (That might work), and the community will test . Sorry for any misregards. Did it work for you?

  99. Massila says:

    The shader is amazing but when i import it and enable it say Minecraft Stopped Working it not even showing up

  100. For all the guys with mcpack download problems for xbox, here’s the download zip:

  101. Maddy says:

    they shaders work for win 10 and they are nice. but the leaves, grass and water does not move. also the game is laggy.

  102. Guess says:

    How do you download it on Xbox from the file because it’s not letting download it fully with out the zip file

  103. Anonymous says:

    When I try and download it on Xbox from the link it the zip is not there?

  104. TheRealceTea says:

    I`m following you and depressed pho now for a while. I saw the water and everything work on a friends device, really great work there. Since I got problems with the shader on PC and my Phone IΒ΄ll just keep following your progress and hope for my big day xD Thanks either way for the great work. ( 5 Stars for the hard work mate)

    • What’s your pc’s specs and whatnot? As for the phones… well android devices are supported, but only half work for the platform, so what’s your phones name? It’s reportedly a driver bug afaik.

      • TheRealceTea says:

        My Phone is a Huawei Mate 20 Pro and my PC has a GTX 1060 with an Intel I7 7700 and 16GB of RAM
        Thank you for the answer ans help.

  105. Update! For android devices, enable fancy graphics and smooth lighting; then it should work!

  106. Anonymous says:

    So Creator if it doesn’t work for j7 can you tell me what android devices this shader works on?

  107. SPL1TSO says:

    It won’t work on Android. All I see are mobs and all the blocks aren’t present. Please fix this.

  108. Lahom101 says:

    So I’ve seeing these comments that this shader will not work on Samsung Exynos devices, only you will see on the world are entities only not blocks water and skies
    So I’m using a Exynos device and yeah it’s true that it’s not working
    This shader must fix for Exynos devices
    Great shader πŸ‘

  109. Still ain’t working for Samsung Galaxy J3 Prime…

    Also, CHROMEBOOK VERSION?! Is Minecraft on Chromebooks now?

  110. Fire5kull30 says:

    Please add a option to disable the clouds or lower the amount. The clouds have a heavy impact on my pc.

    • MilkyDeveloper says:

      I know right? The clouds are actually some future perlin noise next level noise generation, with pom; so I would disable beautiful skies. Lol: It even has an impact on my gaming PC.

    • For the clouds, disable beautiful skies; as Minecraft (being the game earning most of it’s revenue from mobs) on bedrock still doesn’t have a pack settings GUI. With Beautiful skies disabled, a calming gradient of blue and light blue shows in the skies.

  111. DemonicGamer145 says:

    Im a Xbox user and done the proper download as I should it shows up but as I load into a world at the very end it freezes my minecraft completely

  112. Anonymous says:

    Great shader, no complaints from me. Especially love the water.

  113. Anonymous says:

    Please creator make a compatible version for samsung j7 prime, I’ve seen videos about this shader and the shader loos really cool and good but it just doesn’t work for me. I’ll wait but please make a compatible ver (eveeything is invisible like the other comment said

  114. Jeremy says:

    I am playing on Xbox and they run perfect just turn off beautiful skies or delete the sky from the resource pack. IT WOULD BE amazing if you can add waving leaves for the win10/Xbox without changing anything on the shaders but adding waving leaves IT WOULD BE AWESOME

  115. Nooz says:

    This has so far been the ONLY shader that actually works for me. All others, they download just fine but when I try to apply them they either crash my minecraft or don’t show up at all in gameplay.
    I very much like this! Only problems would be that maybe you should try and make the days a little less brighter/blindimg. It’s really hard on the eyes to walk through a desert when the sand is so bright. So I’d recommend to make the shadows darker (during the day) or just overall turn down the brightness. Or both if you could. Cooler shadows look nice with warm light. Also if you could, make the night less dark. I literally can’t see anything but pitch black around me. The moon should be a source of light as well.
    Also, I like that the leaves and grass move, but flowers and wheat don’t move, could you fix that please?

    • MilkyDeveloper says:

      Thank You! As for the problems, the shader code cannot identify more advanced entities (yep it is one); like flowers. I even found the brightness; however lowering the display brightness remedied this.

  116. JUSTMEI says:

    Everything turns invisible except for chess and few entities. I have samsung j7 prime. Will it be able to fixed for j7 prime?

  117. Josh says:

    I very much enjoy this shader, especially the glow of light. However, I am having this issue where every time I save and quit, my game freezes, stays on the done screen, and I have to close the game to stop it. I am using a galaxy tab s4. I have no issues running the shader, just the saving and quitting. Thanks!

  118. Shelby says:

    I downloaded this to my Amazon tablet a nd once I added it to a world of wouldn’t let me join the world. I tried to put it on all of the world’s and now my game won’t go past the loading screen.

  119. ByteMe says:

    The shaders look really nice from the screencaps, though for me, when I install and run a map with the shaders on, everything except for entities is invisible.

  120. tudotusi says:

    The night is too dark. The water is a bit ugly

  121. Afghanadoit says:

    The lighting is trash, in the day there’s too much light, and at night you can’t see nothing.
    Also, I didn’t like that the water moves faster when you move.
    But everything else is good.

  122. Dieudeglace says:

    This shader pack keeps crashing my Minecraft game. I’m using a Samsung note 5

  123. Geometryjosh21; says:

    So I downloaded and imported successfully but when I load up a game, all of the textures were invisible except for entities. How can I know when this gets fixed?

  124. Jhon smith says:

    There’s still an Android bug left πŸ™

  125. JRYEEMCPE says:

    dude the shaders is not working it make my world invisible probably you need to change the code or re code it again to make sure its all working also my device is cherry mobile s5 with 4gb ram why its not working

  126. Sandcake1 says:

    I would love to try this out, but whenever I try to load the shader pack, Minecraft just crashes. I am on Android 8.1 btw.

  127. Polygon says:

    Will this work with Windows 10 edition

  128. Anonymous says:

    Hm wont work on my android galaxy J3 V it can load the world fine but everything is invisible except for entity’s. This isnt the first time a shader has done this though. Anybody got a fix?

  129. pacxjo says:

    broke my game. shaders didnt work and made my game have this weird red/blue aura around everything, like a 3d movie when you dont have 3d glasses on. tried deleting it but the effect stayed and now i have to reinstall my game. (windows 10)

  130. Chesnt says:

    Shader dont work on Samsung Galaxy A5 2017

  131. ✨✨✨ says:

    Works beautifully on my android phone!! Its just that the sky, water, and trees make it a bit laggy. (LG Aristo)

  132. AngelPandaEarth says:

    Everything’s still invisible in new Android update.

  133. Vilen says:

    Textures are gone! Transparent textures!

  134. So it does load the pack and the world, but everything’s invisible excluding the entities. Samsung Galaxy J3 Prime (Android).

  135. Detoxvenom says:

    A version with less brutally dark night and dark areas like caves would be awesome cuz man… It’s bad at night..

  136. Anonymous says:

    Can someone help me?
    I downloaded it, put it on and loaded up a world and they don’t work…
    Nothing changed! (I’m on Windows 10 edition, and I’m playing on 1.9)

  137. Anonymous says:

    Looks cool but can you lower the light, my eyes hurt a little to see it

    • I’ve found that also, however a lot of shader settings influence that. For example, the light leaks happen because the intensity of the skylight, and the sharp blackness of caves and shadows. What I did to remedy this is lower the display brightness to less than 5%, then simply lower minecraft’s brightness. Also, Minecraft’s textures are unusually bright, so using a realistic texture pack also helps. A player shadow… The good days. You used to be able to change a ton of things with mcpe, now it’s quite lackluster and new code is getting found.

  138. Anonymous says:

    I tried putting it on xbox but every time I go into a world it crashed πŸ™

  139. Redd says:

    What’s the texture pack?

  140. TxFar89 says:

    Ohhh perfect! I love it!! Thank you so much… Can you add player’s shadow? Thxxxx

    And… It’s just too bright at days (for me). But I like when the night come… It’s full Dark.. love it. Keep it Up!!. I love the water too…. It’s pretty cool.

    *Sory for my grammar

    • I’ve found that also, however a lot of shader settings influence that. For example, the light leaks happen because the intensity of the skylight, and the sharp blackness of caves and shadows. What I did to remedy this is lower the display brightness to less than 5%, then simply lower minecraft’s brightness. Also, Minecraft’s textures are unusually bright, so using a realistic texture pack also helps. A player shadow… The good days. You used to be able to change a ton of things with mcpe, now it’s quite lackluster and new code is getting found.

  141. Irvine says:

    Cool it doesnt work on note 3 what a great day i am having today

  142. R.D.B.T Offtical says:

    Ok…. Natural Mystic Shader

  143. Leoextreme says:

    when you want to fix the bug does not work on android

  144. RMPlaysPE YT says:

    Good Work Bro…

  145. If I push out a new update will you guys give 4.5 stars?

  146. Anonymous says:

    very cool

  147. Detoxvenom says:

    Not working note 9 version 1.11 beta no texture pack just shader

  148. AkaruiShiro says:

    I added this pack, but sadly everything is just much brighter? The water doesnΒ΄t move like in the video, leaves etc arenΒ΄t moving and no difference in light/shadow and sky..
    I am on Windows 10. any help whats wrong?

    • MilkyDeveloper says:

      Ohh. These shaders don’t support win10 as the code is completely indistinguishable. However, the Chocapic PE Shaders and the SS10 shaders are good for win10.

    • Oh, sorry for the late reply; like I said. These shaders don’t support win10 as the code is completely indistinguishable. However, the Chocapic PE Shaders and the SS10 shaders are good for win10.

  149. Semedicarota114 says:

    Wow! This shader is realistic! Cool! Thanks dude!

  150. PHO says:

    A nice fork! Although I released my shaders in CC0 hoping one day someone will make use of it, but I didn’t really expected it to happen! \o/

  151. Bruh says:

    Doesn’t work mate

  152. β–“β–“β–“β–“β–“β–“β–“β–“β–“β–“β–“β–“β–“β–“β–“β–“β–“β–“β–“β–“β–“β–“β–“β–“β–“β–“β–“β–“β–“β–“β–“β–“β–“β–“β–“β–“β–“β–“β–“β–“β–“β–“

  153. Mr Diamond says:

    How to download? I’m pressing 1.9 but it’s putting me at the main screen of the website. Can I have the direct link?

  154. MickMickNBD312 says:

    Is those shader works in win 10

    • Nope, i’ll update it. These shaders don’t support win10 as the code is completely indistinguishable. However, the Chocapic PE Shaders and the SS10 shaders are good for win10.

  155. Tazmoe (commenting account) says:

    Mention that it dosent work for Windows 10. Besides that, lookin good!

  156. lol says:

    they change nothing i played in minecraft windows 10 editon

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