Energy Shaders

Energy Shaders makes your world look much better. With better lights, shadows, fog and much more. You should just download it and try it our for yourself. It`s totally free!

Energy Shaders is one of the first shaders to offer full support for Windows 10, iOS and Android. The most noticeable differences are for the water and lighting. The combined result is astonishing as it makes the world look a bit more realistic but primarily just a more beautiful world to experience. It also comes with some nice 32×32 clear glass textures.

Main Features

  • Fog
  • Realistic lights
  • Sunlight
  • Smooth Shadows

Important Notice

Try it out as a world specific resource-pack first to avoid any problems

Known Bugs:

  • Water in Swamp turns black

Changelog View more

- support for Minecraft 1.16

- fixed piglin bug

- fixed swamp water bug

Version 3.7.1:

  • Added support for 1.16 beta
  • New Nether light and fog (adjusted to the new 1.16 beta fog)
  • New End light and fog
  • Nether and End effects might not work on older versions than 1.16 beta
Version 3.7.0:
  • added Support for Minecraft 1.14 (beta) on Android, IOS and Windows 10
  • new Tone-mapping
  • torch-color reworked (Win10)
  • new clean glass for all colors
  • updated to 1.10


Important: Try it out as a world specific resource-pack first, to avoid any problems.

  1. Download Resources .McPack
  2. Open Minecraft PE
  3. Settings > Global resources > Activate pack
  4. Restart Minecraft PE


Supported Minecraft versions


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Installation Guides

AndroidiOSWindows 10

429 Responses

3.24 / 5 (135 votes)
  1. DCUStudios says:

    Hey I Am Making A Realistic Texture Pack And I Tried Out Your Shaders I Love Them And Want To Add Them To My Pack And Credit You Would That Be Allowed Or Not?

  2. bibihool says:

    When i join a world all block become transparent.HOW? i play in windows 10 1.16.2

  3. Anonymous says:

    it works on switch

  4. Guest-6276876942 says:

    I love the Shaders. The lighting and Shadows of everything is perfect and it’s not like any other. I have a suggestion though. If possible for the next update, can there be an option to disable the fog? The fog really hurts my eyes whenever it rains and I can’t walk around clearly. Again, great work with the Shaders.

  5. Guest-3222249643 says:

    Great shader but the fog during rain looks terrible and there is no option to disable it.

  6. Guest-5554351344 says:

    Everything looks good! My only gripe is I’m annoyed by the very dark edges when exploring the nether. Also I think adding waving leaves and grass would be a super nice touch. Overall 4/5!

  7. Zach Marc says:

    Not bad for a simple shader!
    I kinda love it!

  8. CubeMaster says:

    Truly this is one of best shaders, The creator of this knows coloring perfectly, Environments in both nether & overworld are great, except shadows go brighter color if you place a torch in night. overall 5/5

  9. Guest-5504155864 says:

    Fine…My email adress is know what “at” means…)

  10. Guest-6480669670 says:

    Hello,dear author.Could you please send this shader to my e-mail——[email protected]?I can’t download it anyway…😭

  11. Dalay995 says:

    It looks very bad when it rains. everything turns gray, even indoors. game on windows 10 1.16.1

  12. SkyxD says:

    I enjoyed the update and the pack is nice for a bedrock edition shader, but could you possibly make it so the shadows are based on the suns position in the sky and add lens flare?

  13. Einherjar says:

    It would be great if you could update the pack for latest bedrock

  14. This is by far the best shared pack for minecraft bedrock (even better then the actual txt by minecraft)! What’s better is that it is lay free and works amazing on all of my devices! I recommend this pack to anyone and never play without it. Besides the swamp water and rain fog, which I’m sure you’re working right now, it is awesome!

  15. Guest-4031115038 says:

    Best shader for bedrock, lag-free, I love it

  16. Guimoequisde says:

    The shader is the best for bedrock but is this bug that rain´s fog do not works how it should and it gets inside constructions and other closed areas, if will be great if this bug is solved.

  17. Felhax says:

    Shader pack looks good but does not work for me. The shader works when looking from far away but getting closer to blocks just removes shadows and water just disappears when you get close to it. Might be a weird bug.

    Version: 1.14.6

  18. Guest-4030021979 says:

    Wow linusdev! This pack is awesome! I tried other shaders, like SSPE, but i had lag and installation problems, but this is perfectly ok. I love it, mainly for the warm lights. Plz don’t change it.

  19. Guest-5981026497 says:


  20. Guest-6901144943 says:

    This has to be the best shader for windows 10. I really really like it, although there is a problem on the 1.16 beta where when it rains, the there isn’t any fog under trees and shaded stuff, it looks as if it were not raining on that spot since there is no fog a it looks very weird.

  21. Guest-6429131259 says:

    Hi ! Great job , this shader pack is my favorite, but how I turn off the fog? in my android I fix the problem about the fog when is raining, but in windows 10 edition the fog doesnt disappear. is the only problem on my windows 10 edition.You can tell me how turn off ? I try edit the fog value on the FOG archive and works on android.

  22. TryHardJibs says:

    Why would you rate this shader with ONE STAR? I love it due to its saturation and the color filters for caves!!!

  23. Guest-3003651029 says:

    Could you make it so there’s an option to go back to normal water? Otherwise, it’s pretty good.

  24. Guest-1955558373 says:

    I Have Version 1.7 But Can You Update To Nether And End Fog Looked Like Was In Old Versions Before 1.16 And RTX

  25. DTechGamer says:

    Please fix the black water. It’s still black even though I’m not on a swamp.

  26. Guest-7939005303 says:

    Running Bedrock with a Samsung S10+, the shader simply doesn’t work, anything that isn’t a mob is just gone. Any fix?

  27. Aaron P says:

    Please remove the orange lights, it discolors my builds

  28. Guest-8857676852 says:

    does it work on xbox one

  29. Guest-7044661125 says:

    I want to try a different shader/pack and I want to delete this one (overall not bad though) but I don’t see any option to delete this. The only options I have are to move it up and down. I deleted the installer but everything is still there. How do I delete this??? I’ve spent hours trying to delete this PLEASE HELP

  30. Guest-3984427049 says:

    It just makes everything transparent plzz help

  31. Dan'o Amonette says:

    when it rains this pack gets a fog over everything thats not lit up by a torch.what could balance that out?

  32. Anonymous says:

    It only looks good from a distance but when you get up close it made my eyes go buggy it looked like every side of each block had a black glitchy finger print I wouldn’t suggest it

  33. Mr. Truth says:

    Love it. Quick suggestion: Can you make it so that all blocks cast shadows?

  34. Osmar Ortiz says:

    This leprechaun is amazing, not only does it make the best multi-compatible MCPE shader and puts two download options, one with ads and one without ads, you’re the best there is.

  35. liooooons says:

    I’ve got the same problem windows 10

  36. Anonymous says:

    Looks great but some patches of water turned black!

  37. Anonymous says:

    Looks awful

  38. xd_feathers says:

    when I look at the ground it glitches out and turns fuzzy, I’m on iOS any help

  39. kadvaru says:

    this shader has some really interesting colours, and its generally pretty nice to look at. however, two things which spoil this whole shader are these weird visual artefacts:
    another pretty frustrating thing is that water is barely visible. you can only see its edges, but when viewing from the top, its completely transparent, as if the water is not even there. (im on windows 10 edition)

  40. Failynn says:

    The only big problem that I have with this shader pack is that the water disappears. The water turns completely transparent, and it’s hard to decipher what is water and what isn’t water, which can obviously be kinda problematic for caving. Otherwise, gorgeous!

  41. YeeterPeter says:

    By far the best shader imo, because i really hate when creators change the skybox and make it more realistic, i want the normal because i like it. The only issue i see is that the swamp water is completely black

  42. blaze says:

    My minecraft version is I can’t use this mod can u also make it for 1.13beta pls
    I wanna use this mod

  43. SmartMCKid2012 says:

    You Should Of Coaurse Make it 1.12.1 Not 1.12 Beta

  44. Johnny says:

    Thanks for easy downloads

  45. Rage says:

    Mine doesn’t work on windows 10 I can see mobs but nothing else

  46. Vizten18 says:

    He lets me place the shader on the start menu, but when creating a world he doesn’t let me choose it on my Xiaomi Redmi Note 7

  47. ShadowHDpro says:

    It’s Working Properly On my device
    Xiaomi Redmi 4A…Also there’s no bugs
    It’s Wonderful shader pack…😃😃😃

  48. coolman88 says:

    Rename it to CrashMyMinecraft

  49. Alexa says:

    it just kinda crashes my game
    how fun

  50. ScherySundae says:

    Best Bedrock shaders I’ve seen. Great job, Energy Shaders!

  51. mainyi says:

    crush on win10 1.12
    it was only shader which works on win10…

  52. Kydoesminecraft says:

    I play on Windows 10 Edition from my PC, and it makes all the blocks invisible after I made it an active pack

  53. Dude! This is pretty awesome! How did you change the sky color?

  54. skuld says:

    I have made a top 3 shaders for bedrock 1.11, and your shader appears in it.
    I put the link to the video below [Spanish Audio]

  55. KBzjack Paronama says:

    I hope this will be updated to support Minecraft 1.12 pls I’m been waiting for a while hope you see this comment but this is one of the great shaders I tested but I think this will be the best of all best

  56. My mine too says:

    cool shader

  57. Otter says:

    Best shader I’ve found so far! Well Im on an android phone thats why, but this shader is very cool, the color is perfect. The only thing I would fix this is to add some sort of moment to the trees because we have this lively looking scene and dead movement, i just thing it’ll add to the nostalgia. Plus adding diffrent hues on the trees when there’s a sunset/sunrise would be nice too. 100/5 good job!

  58. MissionApollo7 says:

    Nice improvements! I noticed a couple issues, though (I’m on Windows 10 btw). First one is that shadows don’t show until there are enough blocks clustered together. I noticed this by placing a 9×9 square two blocks above the ground, and shadows didn’t form until I got to the eighth block. The other problem is that water doesn’t form waves, like the feature list says. This is one of the reasons I got this pack, so I’d really like to see it work! Thanks for reading this, and have a good day!

    • LinusDev says:

      My shaderpack uses minecrafts given shadow values and calculates a new shadow. If I would make shaders below one singe block the shadow would often be bigger than the actual block and it looks very odd. I removed water waves due to changes in minecrafts source code. At the current point in time everything noise based (like water waves) are very tricky to code and quite laggy…

  59. WildDemonLord says:

    This shader is the only one that works for me and I really like it. However, the shader makes the world very laggy and I do NOT like that very much. Please fix that.

  60. xolotl says:

    the update is not working in it breaks before entering

  61. Toño Rojas says:

    It makes the game look very beautiful, but it has crashed my world TWICE, and the first time it made my horse and a cat disappear.

  62. Dashthor says:

    Hey creator! The texture is working but I think the water is crash, it’s looks like pixel, I’m playing in new pe version please do update to the lastest beta version of Minecraft pe

  63. Princess savage12 says:

    nice city

  64. UnrealAta says:

    Man its run well and its work for my phone(Honor 6X 4gb).
    I want to send you pics of the shaders I applied to my city world but this comment cannot send pics. so if you want to see it pm me. but theres a problem, when I swim whit this shader, everything is dark probably because it hasnt yet supported so update it pls

  65. Galang says:

    It is not work for samsung j2 prime

  66. TheMasterKey says:

    Does it work for Xbox one?

  67. Zagdoodlenod says:

    no glitching or anything,it just looks terrible. the vibrancy is nauseating and my world looks like it was put together with microsoftpaint when i have this shader on. would not recommend in 5 out of 10 situations. unlike most shaders, this one only works well in certain conditions, which is a pity, because those are some good conditions and things can look very nice if the aesthetic lines up, but it is so far from perfect its better to go with the normal minecraft lighting. i liked the old energy shaders around 1.4 or so i think, good ambient lighting, tolerable waving leaves, water was wavy and compatible with the version (and no version afterward), and the shadows didnt look like an uneven smear of crap on my screen.

  68. SeReCt MeMeR says:

    Well, I downloaded it to play on my IPad. But, when I hopped into the world I made with it on, it just stayed on the loading into the world screen, then glitch. It was VERY disappointing for me. The photos of it look nice though, that’s why it has one star.

  69. MickMickNBD312 says:

    its nice but make wavy water and make the old energy shaders cloud

  70. Krib says:

    At least on Win10, looks nothing like the screenshots. At night, there is a white overlay that looks like milk. During the day, the shadows are so heavy that it looks like they are made of a darker material. Not sure if this is as intended, but definitely not usable.

  71. Chris says:

    works great on windows 10 but its way to bright and dulls out the colors. Use curves to make darker colors dark and brights more vibrant. Right now it just washes all the color away from all the texture packs I’ve used.

  72. Ashton says:

    This doesn’t work for iPhones, (or maybe version 1.8.0, or maybe it’s my phone, iPhone 8 if you’re wondering), in fact all shaders except for the “Natural Light” shader. Try to fix this

  73. ericwong1008 says:

    My LG V30+ is also not work!!!!!

  74. hi there XD lol says:

    does this work on 1.8.0

  75. Jet-Lag says:

    The shader is good in night.But on day torch or other light source should not generat to many light in DAY. That make a huge color saturation and it’s ugly.

  76. Krib says:

    Looks pretty bad. Colors are washed out, nighttime is basically black and white, and performance is awful. Not worth it.

  77. Kallum says:

    OMG this just crashes your game! Just kidding but cut down on the message bots ok u could be sued🙂

  78. Ashton says:

    I dont like the alpha minecraft rendering.

  79. Anonymous says:

    Terrible Loading

  80. Anonymous says:

    the water turned pitch black, the clouds looked the same, and too much contrast.
    the surroundings doesn’t look pretty at all.
    the brightness suck, I’m using an Android phone btw, 4GB ram, Huawei p10

  81. Alesscreeper says:

    noting of realism

  82. Invisibleender2 says:

    Broke my minecraft, theres no way to remove it because minecraft doesn’t load past the white screen :/

  83. BITE says:

    Very bad, Still SOURCE RELOAD SHADER better than this shader!.

  84. Aaron says:

    Not sure what the goal here was, but it is a super saturated and contrasted look. The clouds are cool. The shadows are nice. The lights look awful and too orange, with a slight pink hue. No water waves at all.
    Overall, good start, but needs work.

  85. DeepDaHeapz says:

    Did you remove the bad texture of blocks
    i didnt like them

  86. GamingKing2436 says:

    The shaders still don’t work for my Samsung S7 edge. Now it just freezes on the world loading screen.

  87. Anonymous says:

    Ok! It also crash on lg v30+ q_p

  88. Nameless says:

    As usual, doesn’t work. And bow It’s worse since It freezes before I even get the chance to test it. And I have a high-end device.

  89. bruhitznobcares says:

    im a win10 player en i add this texture itzsa little gltichy the sky keeps glitching like i dont even see the sky from the pics and i got eveything on max in terms of video.
    itz dif form the other one that i use, it was a “globlal“ energy shadders in night its dark/blue and i like that but on this one i dont see that anymore unfortunately not even the side blur …but im ill wait for the next update for those glitch fixes so ill give a rate from the other version not this one en its fixed ill change it to 5 starts

    have a nice day

  90. Looks fantastic, Works fantastic, especially the water with the aquatic support update. The only thing I believe could be improved upon is the saturation. At night, everything is a little too grey, and at daytime everything is a little too bright and hard on the eyes. otherwise, this is the best shader I have seen with support for the new water in Update Aquatic. Great Job!!!!

  91. MissionApollo7 says:

    Nice. I’m glad the pack works again. I’d like to suggest something though. Can you make a version with less contrast? This pack just feels super bright. It’s a little hard to look at.

  92. xXBenXxT0P says:

    The best shaders. Absolutely stunning! I do have some complainants abt the TNT, Dropper, Dispenser, And the Furnace. Please fix, The pack would be 100% perfect if you fix the textures for them. Amazing work!

  93. XxKILLERPRO950xX says:

    It keeps crashing 🙁

  94. fan says:

    can u add grass that waves, and thank you for fixing the glitch

  95. Anonymous says:

    Everything is invisible on pc 😉

  96. Kurt says:

    Why my mcpe is saying your minecraft pe is not responding when I use this shader its not working on my phone
    My phone model is sony experia
    Android version is 4.4.4

  97. Anonymous says:

    im stuck on the please wait screen for ad fly.

  98. kaveend says:

    hello i like the idea in the photos but when i downloaded it and used it all blocks and liquids are white the mobs are ok but i cant tell which block is which
    im using about 0.20 or 0.39 TB of space

  99. SK says:

    On an iPad mini, got the shader but the sky was broken. The floor would not load, textures from minecraft blocks and entities just filled the sky. Did I do something wrong?

  100. GamingKing2436 says:

    This doesn’t work on my Samsung Galaxy S7 edge

  101. mchorton99 says:

    Whenever I load this into one of my worlds, all the blocks turn invisible, what is the fix for this?


    Booooo it won’t work


    Pls help


    So I was just joining the game when I look at the ground AND IT’S PITCH BLACK as I look up THE SKY IS TOO AND ITS DAY

  105. RESPOND says:

    When I spawn in, everything’s invisible for some random reason!
    If you help, than you’re a good person.

  106. RESPOND says:

    It doesn’t work, I use an iPhone 6S+ and it keeps crashing for me. Please reply to me because I really like the look of this shader and I want to download it!

  107. RED BOY says:

    It doesn’t work on my phone, when I use it and restart the Minecraft. It stay at Minecraft text and ………………………… CRASH.

  108. Anonymous says:

    When I restarted Minecraft and went back in their was a big black texture underneath me and it followed me. How can I fix this?

  109. Alex says:

    This is bugged VERY VERY bad. I don’t know if it’s my device, but it’s bugged. It’s shows lines every where and its very dark. I rated 2 stars, because it was bugged, but I could tell that it was shading pretty decent for my device. I used the Samsung Galaxy Tab A

  110. MasterCreepy says:

    Works on iPhone 6s for me with no lag but all the textures look broken. Like, they look like they have like coding inside of them. Except for the leaf blocks.

  111. xStormMC says:

    It sucks the ground has black lines everywhere

  112. SpicyMantella13 says:

    Is this not compatible for the aquatic update? Because when I load in the only thing that works is the sun and everything else is invisible.

  113. TheGoldenGappleYT says:

    I can’t go to the download website

  114. Matt says:

    Can someone please tell me how to remove this? I have the same problem where nothing appears except animals. Now it happens even when I disable this shader. I have searched and cannot figure out how to get rid of it.

  115. nikitalol1000 says:

    so I turned fancy grapdhics off but I still have a white abys(I only see white and the sun + some animals) PLZ TELL ME HOW TO FIX THIS

  116. XtremeGamer says:

    This is awesome it works now in my minecraft its really like real world

  117. Rebecca says:

    I downloaded it for iOS and it made a whole bunch of black and grey lines everywhere it was horrible I hate it!

  118. Alexandre Luiz says:

    All the blocks are all invisible(except entities) with this shader, what do I do???

  119. Alper Türkeri says:

    When i go to a world,my game crashes

  120. Shadersforwindows10 says:

    Thank for the shaders
    But, When I’m in the world, I cant see anything
    Just like everything is invisible

  121. Will says:

    The entire world turns invisible when this pack is enabled.

  122. Anonymous says:

    Not work on ios

  123. Lol says:

    It crashes on iPad Air 2
    iOS 11.3
    Minecraft Bedrock 1.2.14

  124. JATIN says:

    This shader is not working for me and I am using Minecraft Win 10. Everytime i open a world, all i can see is the sun, some animals, and the bonus chest.

  125. DubstepGamerPro says:

    If anyone is having a problem loading in the normal version of the texture pack that just shows your character this is what you have to do. open it up in a application to see the files (winrar, etc.) and delete the UI folder in it completly then after it is done to make it easier to import to the game just rename the last part (.zip) into “.mcpack” (without quotation marks) and double click it and it will do the rest.

  126. Anonymous says:

    Not working for me

    Device I use: Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.1

  127. William says:

    Do the leaves wave around

  128. RAlex586 says:

    Tiene ciclo de luna?

  129. Minhvlvl says:

    Not working on Xiaomi Redmi 4X

  130. Mast3rTr0ll46 says:

    Why does the water turn completely black when I get near it??

  131. Spifferino says:

    Really nice lighting, but I’m getting this odd texture bug with the skies. Almost looks like it should be the water shader. On windows 10. Any idea why, or how to fix it?

  132. Gianelly says:

    The download went well but when I opened up my game all the blocks looked kinda fuzzy like if I were to have downloaded a texture pack do you know how I can fix this?

  133. Clara says:

    I didn’t like this shaders pack it was like the whole world was written on paper and it looked wierd I will noy ne using this pack again

  134. HorsewingTDH890 says:

    Great shaders but everything is invisible I can’t see anything at all

  135. Deep says:

    This Shaders Is Amaizing
    But Please Add Trees And Grass To Wiggle
    If You Do It Would Be The Best Texture Pack Ever

  136. Matt says:

    I think the weird texture stuff on the normal blocks takes away from the quality of the pack. But I like the water. I really just want a shaders pack that just adds waves in the water- nothing else.

  137. GyhsRock says:

    Great! I love this! Can’t wait for the next update.

  138. Brunoeee says:

    This shader broke my friend’s minecraft. He downloaded it with an old AppStore account and he needs to pay for minecraft again. Thanks >:(

  139. Cesar says:

    Looks very weird in Windows 10

  140. Pls add support for Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 😉
    Previous version works well.

  141. Games KM says:

    PLEASE Update

  142. Shepard says:

    Shaders are good, but there are disadvantages:
    The vegetation is not moving
    A bit pale

  143. KSMDA says:

    Where is the settings button for windows 10? there’s olny a person standing

  144. wowoowow says:

    Downloading these shaders: SSPE, Energy, and Flows HD makes you’re game crash.

  145. JacobAA7 says:

    I downloaded it and when I opened it it would stay white screen til I opened it again and it crashed and stayed white screen again

  146. Marcell Hermanowski says:

    the clouds look glitchy, and in snow biomes leaves are pink, purple, blur… and when i try to use it in vr and want to load a world, minecraft is closing.

  147. Haenger says:

    It looks good for PE But…
    if someone is joining from Xbox one it’s disturbing ^-^’ Sometime the blocks are black and only visible from west to east side.
    The Water is closely invisible (a bit darker) but this looks Not Bad. And the clouds let glitch the whole Sky daytimes

    Motorola G (3.Gen 2015)

  148. kameron says:

    looks great but for some reason I think the sky textures are messed up

  149. Someone says:

    The new update make the blocks look like they have a texture pack on it is kinda ugly and the water looks green when it flows…!?

  150. Arai Minecrafter says:

    i just use a crap chinese phone to play minecraft,and it has 1 gigs of RAM but This Shader working very well in my device!

  151. Thtguy says:

    No matter how hard I tried, I cant get it to work : Windows 10 Ed. v1.2.8

    Running Win10HomeEd.

  152. That One Dude That Has A Very Long And Abnoxious name that you dont want to read but you read it anyway says:

    So, I have figured out how to get custom texture packs on Xbox console bedrock edition using a MC Realms Exploit. Would this shader work for Xbox?

  153. Ishy Squishy says:

    Does it work with a texture pack on Windows 10 Edition?

  154. HomeBrick62 says:

    Nu clouds are pixelated!It’s a bug?Other,It’s good.

  155. Zagdoodlenod says:

    Very nice update but the 3d-like textures makes everything look terrible. Too excessive. The sun also looks kind of weird, so I’ll be replacing that texture with my own face because that’s what the people really want.

  156. Zenjo.oh_Sama says:

    The sky is sometimes pixaleted

  157. SnakeTuna says:

    There is no such thing as darkness. I turned my brightness to 0 and still did not need torches ever. Helpful but not very realistic.

  158. FalcoKick says:

    Im getting weird blue lines on my glass blocks after a certain distance?

  159. Akihiro Akagi says:

    Honestly, I hesitate downloading this for thinking it will lag, but yeah it didn’t lag. Thanks for making this shader, I was looking for lagless shader. You are truly a hero.

  160. TheBlockHead182 says:

    i got this shader once (before it was updated) and it crashes my game everytime i try to load a world in windows 10 edition so i deleted it. Will it work now? I need reassurance that this works now before i download it again.

  161. A twelve year old says:


  162. Wafity says:

    Can you please add wavy plants and vegetation like most shaders in the next update?

  163. Inviziy says:

    I think this is great, but I think the lights radiation should be yellow rather than red.

  164. CorruptSkeleton says:

    Could you make a shader like this, that makes it night all the time

  165. CloudyMist says:

    IKR! I just want to get to my settings!

  166. CloudyMist says:

    Great shaders. Except I can’t find my settings on the home page. Where is it? I can only change my skin and hit play.

  167. PORG LOVER says:

    Everything is good except the water and the sea lamps. The sea lamps should glow blue and not yellow! Also, when I get in the water, it lags! Please fix otherwise great! Also, do anything that will make the game look better…I LOVE PORGS!!!!

  168. Noah says:

    I recently downloaded these shaders and now my minecraft world won’t load they will just crash. There is also no way to turn the shaders off ( at least from my knowledge ) but i’m asking is there anyway to fix this problem. This is very annoying,.

    • Shepard says:

      Personally, I deleted other shaders in the Minecraft folder.

      Explorer / device memory/games/mojang / global resource packs, or if shaders are installed on the map, mojang / minecraft worlds/ world / resources / and there already delete

  169. Wafflez says:


  170. Anonymous says:

    HELPPPP!!!!!! I downloaded it and mixed it in with my old texture and now I can’t see the buttons to do anything.

  171. Luke says:

    DO NOT DOWNLOAD (as of dec 2017). This completely wrecks the windows 10 version’s ui and crashes any world I try to load. Now I have to find some way to uninstall it. Your pack is broken. Either take it down or fix it.

  172. xMetrix says:

    Can anyone port the “Tree Huggerz” resource pack?

  173. Anonymous says:

    I play on windows 10 and I did everything I need to do, but as soon as I try to open my world, it crashes. Help me please.

  174. nauval.ahmadfaiz says:

    Wow best shader for low device no lag!

  175. Random says:

    I was on iOS btw

  176. Random says:

    It keeps having these random algebraic letters and it doesn’t seem to work.

  177. DylFrog says:

    I’m on windows ten by the way

  178. DylFrog says:

    Editor I’m sorry but how do u delete this because I installed it added it to my game and every map has a shader on and I’m happy but a couple weeks later my minecraft isn’t working cuz everytime I try to play a world it crashes and theres no way to open settings to take it off can u help me

  179. wOahG says:

    Do you know how to turn the shaders off? Cuz im stuck with my avatar in the middle of the home screen and i dont know what to do, please help

  180. DMM says:

    Avoid the Normal pack for now. It is very buggy. The basic one works, although on my system the effect around the players’ view is heavily dithered.

  181. Anonymous says:

    Why can Tim go into settings

  182. YouMadBro says:

    Make leaves grass move

  183. bug finder says:

    I cant go into settings. Also it crashes when i load a world or join mineplex PE.

  184. Twinckle Heart says:

    When you go underground it has this weird red or rainbow border around it and it disturbs me as i cant see what position I’m in and I cant see my inventory its like 56 blocks or less it will appear with that.. Please help! Overall its an amazing texture pack and i love it!

  185. Mathias Lund-Hansen says:

    I want to say there is a bug where when you go underneath the ground the sides become black but you need to go a bit not just at the top

  186. Arnav says:

    This sucks, other sharers are much better. The water is glitchy

  187. Jks138 says:

    Does this work with other texture packs so I don’t have normal looking blocks or nah

  188. Linkle Tinkle says:

    I did what I’m supposed to do with these file types, McPack, but everytime I tap in in my files and it takes me to Minecraft, it never gives me the “importing” message. I’m not sure if I just screwed it up or missing a step, but I was really excited to use this so I hope you can help. Thanks! 😀

  189. Ajsbdibsdj :D says:

    Do the clouds move or does it just sit there in the sky? I’m curious because the other pack I use didn’t have moving clouds, so I was wondering if it’s even possible xD

  190. No Name says:

    I want to say this shader is pretty good. I just want them to add a few things : Water should have waves, the trees and plants should move, and a sea lantern is supposed to emit blue not yellow light.

  191. SoulLord2 says:

    This shader works great on my minecraft windows 10 I would recommend I did find 2 bugs so far though also I use the .ZIP except for the two bugs for the first shaders that I have tried it’s great 🙂
    1. when i look towards the ground night and some times the day my screen goes blue and/or the color goes a light blue.
    2. Then when you move blocks with sticky pistons they a really really strange texture haven’t use the other kind pistons yet

  192. asdamonk34 says:

    I have a kindle fire so it didn’t work for me, but it works well for my windows 10! 🙂

  193. FallenEmber says:

    Best shader so far, great work by the dev, BUT, I do have one complaint: when facing east at the beginning and end of night, everything goes dark neon blue and the sky becomes pitch black. Only happens when the moon is out. I’m using Windows 10/GTX 1070 with Chinese Mythology Pack from the store. I’ve tried it without the Pack, with/without fancy graphics, with/without beautiful skies, and it still does it.

  194. KeptQex says:

    I absolutely love it, its almost perfect, but at night, sunset and sunrise.. if u face South the screan darkens substancially more than when facing any other direction, this happens on Win10, Android, Ipad AS FAR AS Ive checked

  195. Endermaster456 says:

    Hey Great Pack but when i go down underground it gives me black around the edge of my screen HELP!!!

  196. Julie says:

    Can’t use the file, no matter how many time I try, it just crashes when I want to put it in to global resource. And when I exit the app and go back in, everything was reset back to normal. Fix it please.

  197. Bumblebee🐝 says:

    Awsome and all but make this like trees and grass and other things move

  198. Randy Barrera says:

    These look great vs the Vanilla version, and if you code in “God” rays for the shader pack, this will easily be the best pack out there.

  199. TheRealWreck says:

    Great Shaders Pack! But the thing I didn’t like is that there was a circle around my screen EVERY SINGLE TIME I go below Y – 50. But still, great shaders!

  200. ChinoFlame says:

    I’m on IOS and the link for the Normal.MCPack takes me to adfly but I don’t know what to do from there. Can I get some help?

  201. A person who wants something wich works says:

    There is a glitch on the basic version, when you look at the sun side, at night, all turns darker, very darker…

  202. Mandoble says:

    Excellent work!! Is there any way to hide the coordinates which are always present on the top/left of the screen ?

  203. no name says:

    When the y coordinate becomes about 55 or less, the filter will be displayed. It is probably a bug. I found it when using Normal.McPack in version 1.0.8 of Windows 10 Edition.

    • Elijah Frey says:

      I think I will try the basic version on my computer then and see if it helps, because I’m currently using the latest version of the Windows 10 edition. Hopefully Downgrading to the basic version of the pack won’t be too much of a difference from the normal version.

      Thanks for your response.

    • Khale_Kitha says:

      Yeah, I had to make a couple of tweaks in order for these to be playable:
      In renderchunk.fragment.hlsl, look for:
      diffuse.rgb += torchl * max(0.0, PSInput.uv1.r – 0.5);
      ndiffuse.rgb += torchl * max(0.0, PSInput.uv1.r – 0.5);
      Change both 0.5 numbers to 0.65. That helps tone down the torches, slightly, so they don’t burn your eyes off.

      As for the filter, I tried quite a lot of things, but couldn’t find exactly what was causing it. The bug also causes the title screen (at least in Win10) to be mostly grey, with color at the bottom, instead of showing the preview world. Open color.fragment.hlsl and comment (put // before) the following line:
      PSOutput.color = diffuse;

      That will disable the filter, entirely, until ProCoder gets it fixed.

  204. Elijah Frey says:

    Yeah This is definitely an awesome shader as it is the first and only shader so far as I know to work on Windows 10.

    Although as Andy commented at the end of April, there is a BIG visual glitch around the edges of the player’s screen when the player drops below a certain elevation and it completely obstructs the player’s peripheral view when mining at great depths.

    This video shows the issue in action: I hope to make my own video soon so I can share a link of it on my device as well, and I hope this glitch can be fixed so that I can still go into caves while using this awesome shader.

    Visual glitches aside, I absolutely love this shader and have recommended it to all of my friends that use the Windows 10 edition of Minecraft. So, thanks, and keep up the great work.

  205. noname says:

    It is really good but the problem is that it takes soooo long to load the world…

  206. Busybee says:

    Thanks for the working texture pack for Win 10! Plus Location coordinates displayed on screen all the time Yay! I’m new to Minecraft and was miffed with no F3 in the Win 10 edition I bought for PC (so I couldn’t see coordinates):-( but good now ;-). Looks great too. More difficult to tell the time of day a bit but more alive!

  207. Kimora says:

    Please answer me as soon as u can

  208. Kimora says:

    Mine isn’t working when I upload it to Minecraft it didn’t work so what should I do.Do u know?

  209. SlimesCanCraft says:

    This is an amazing texture pack especially since it works for Windows 10! 😀
    But quick question, can you make it so that when you do /Title the text appears? The command is fine and I tested it without the shaders, but with Energy Shaders the /Title command execution doesn’t appear.
    Thanks from a fan of this,
    PS- can you change it so instead of the weird menu layout it can be easier to understand? (Ex: Clicking the head of your char. is to change skin, maybe label that, etc.)

  210. Andy says:

    Is there a way to fix this BUG/GlITCH?
    Not sure if this problem is ment to be here but its irriatting considering I also have a big mineshaft underground that i use to get whatever I may need. If this ca be fixed that’ll be wonderful because its hard to find any other ones as a youtuber I enjoy using texture packs for my videos and would use this but that glitch is just irritating.

  211. SnowyTheIce_Wolf says:

    Great shaders now I have to delete Minecraft because it won’t let me in. >:(

  212. Raboy_13 says:

    With so much energy, my phone is super hot right now!

  213. Iyana says:

    Were how do i download this theres no download button by the way im on android someone any help please.

    -shaders needed

  214. Ricky5646 says:

    you should just apply it and play the game

  215. Boi like y says:

    I don’t get it… I downloaded the pack and it just won’t work. I don’t see it in global resources at all. I’m using android. The game treats it as if it never existed.

  216. Elitegamer12 says:

    Great Shaders just one little bug when you mining too low there is the red thic ck outline covering my screen

  217. BurgerMan says:

    Can someone add waving plants to this? That would make this shader pack even better.

  218. Pyrrhic_Victory says:

    Some constructive criticism:
    1. Make the water vision a little less psychedelic
    2. Give the moon a render
    3. Make the transition from dusk lighting to night lighting a little less abrupt
    4. Shadows follow positioning of sun and moon

  219. Minegames says:

    Hi I loved your shaders plus it has a bug that when the person ta mining too low is bugando keeps flashing screen a lot of colors on the sides

  220. Anonymous says:

    My MCPE’s just crashing. When I restart, it says “Global Resources have caused the world to crash and have been reset.”

  221. Oreolillyxoxo says:

    Whenever I try to download it I press the IOS because I have a IOS device and then I click skip ad and finally it goes into some weird website saying that I won a sweepstakes. Please help me

  222. TheRealWreck says:

    Great! but can you fix the DIRECTION of the shading? When the sun sets the shaders always point DOWN, and just make the shading follow the sun direction (and the moon). Also, please add in PLAYER SHADOWS, I think it will make the shaders pack alot better than it was before! 😉

  223. Dane malaki says:

    Your texture pack wont work! Not in global resources anyways everytime I cick the “X” it just freezes and I have waited for 10-15 mins to see what happens but I always end up deleting it

  224. Mcgame says:

    Please fix it now it always crahes😢

  225. EndLord says:

    When is the low pack coming? i use mcw10 but the shaders make it lag like crazy!

  226. non says:

    Thank You for making one For windows 10 !!!
    I tried to install mcpack, but I could not. I tried installing this from ZIP, I succeeded it.
    If you fail, try to use ZIP so maybe you will succeed.
    (I am sorry for not being able to explain well because English is not my first language.)

  227. EndLord says:

    Help Me!. this shader is not working on windows 10 beta! anybody know why this is happening?

  228. ISupportEditor says:

    In the MCPE Main menu, you can touch your top part of your skin and then your in the play tab. Please fix.

  229. GoldenTerrabyte says:

    This is an alright shader, it looks very nice, though it has some glaring issues that make it awkward to use.

    Very bright and pretty to look at
    Makes the game quite a lot easier to see

    Even using the Basic variant, the framerate takes a major hit, and the game thus feels clunky and slow to play.
    Water looks beautiful, but it’s ruined by two things: Water farther away will look normal which makes it look strange, and the water remains bright blue in swamp biomes, which also makes it look weird there

    I hope these issues are fixed in the future, I want to like this pack, but overall SSPE does a better job, having none of the performance issues, and way less awkwardness with water.

  230. dgpyt says:

    I like it a lot but after going underground my screen goes all weird

  231. TheRealWreck says:

    This shaders pack works great! I downloaded it to my game, so I have it on even if I am on somebody else’s world! Love this Pack! But just a suggestion, why are there not any PLAYER SHADOWS? And also, this only works for Android and Windows 10. I have a Windows 10, AND an IPAD! So when I tried the texture pack, Apple just ignores it and crashes. Otherwise, Great Texture pack!

  232. Kirsty says:

    Shaders are not working for me ! I tryed everything!

  233. aiden1997 says:

    can someone help me? it doesn’t run on my iphone 6s+ (neither pack) , the world with the shaders doesn’t open and if set as global resource pack the game crashes

  234. No name says:

    Hey pro cider I have Minecraft pocket edition and I used both of them and when I put them in the steering on the front menu and I push exit to test out this shader my screen freezes and I have fancy graphics off

  235. Son Goku says:

    Very good but make waving plant

  236. Mc guy says:

    When I activated the shader is crashes I kelp on trying its still crashes me 😡

  237. Andy says:

    The normal one crashes Minecraft when I try to apply it.

  238. CaptainJoe143 says:

    So I took a vid of a glitch in this texture pack. How can I show it to everybody?

  239. Carson says:

    My name is Jeff

  240. WalkerMC says:

    This is the only shader that would work out of at least 10; it worked perfectly I just downloaded and applied and was instantly engulfed by stunning, realistic graphics. I was particularly Impressed by the Lighting that comes fromn torches and lava/fire

  241. Leshyster says:

    When I run this, the lights are just…huge and explosive. Everything is SO bright. Night isn’t dark enough either, except in certain spots…? Should I try the basic version instead?

    It’s a good start, still hoping that the SEUS or silder shaders will appear for win10, as those are pretty amazing.

    • Leshyster says:

      Also, why does part of the screen become black in the Nether at certain Y values? The clouds in overworld turning red?? I hope this is not indicative of the future of these Win 10 shaders

  242. Mcpedl is annoying says:


  243. Vortex says:

    Can you please make the low-end pack? It is because I really need it for my gameplay.

  244. CobaltMK1 says:

    Both the Normal and Basic links take me to the Normal download page. For some reason, the game wouldn’t start when I use the Normal version but it does work with the Basic version. Pls fix Editor.

  245. MrSpidey says:

    And Thank you Editor

  246. MrSpidey says:

    Thank you for that shader PRO CODER!!!

  247. Adelina says:

    Editor, neither of the downloads work. I download it, and it takes me to the same place as a zip file would. I have tried both. The device I am on is a kindle fire hd, and I am using the version 1.3.12, so please fix this. I am guessing that this only works for android, so please fix this for ios. I think that it is just renamed an mcpack, and is actually a zip file. Please convert it to mcpack.

    • WalkerMC says:

      It works for W10 edition perfectly

    • iRedstoneEater says:

      A .mcpack file is a .zip file. That is how I make my add-ons. I make the addon, zip the file, then change the .zip to .mcpack. Also a Kindle Fire HD isnt an IOS device. It’s a FireOS device (That’s the actual name and you can fact check me if you want). I have tried this on an IOS device, AndroidOS, and Windows 10 and they all worked perfectly. Sorry if I sound like I’m trying to act like I know everything it’s just I just like to correct people on their tech errors.

  248. TruM00 says:

    Please make the shadow of the player moving! its the only thing I dont like the rest of the pack is excellent. Or can someone tell me how to remove the player shadow

  249. Josh says:

    Great shader but I’m experiencing some kind of tunnel vision/visor effect that blacks out everything except the middle of my vision and inventory –only after– descending past layer 105. Any suggestions?

  250. GoldenTerrabyte says:

    When’s the Low version coming out?

  251. thumpy999 says:

    Editor! there are a few bugs… like when go down below se level (but not underwater) there is this weird thing that obscures my view, a little! and yes it would be nice for the leaves to be swaying, and a shadow for the player…and the shadows move with the different direction of the sun!

    • WalkerMC says:

      That’s like when u spend too much time outside and your vision get’s a little fuzzy, because that only does that to me when the day is perfectly clear and sunny

      • thumpy999 says:

        no I mean like, it does have that but it is glitched!

        • iRedstoneEater says:

          Are you talking about that green swirl that goes around the outside of the screen?
          If you are than I know it’s not my device but that little bug really does suck because I use this pack on servers and on a faction server and I have a base at bedrock level.

  252. Pink says:

    Hey man! I like the pack but there is one problem. It doesn’t work! The only thing it changes is the sun, and it adds coordinates. How do I fix this?! Btw, I’m on IOS.

  253. minecrxhft says:

    Hey ! Its vv laggy ;-; i used basic
    device: iOs ( iPad 4 )
    pls tell me what should i use ?
    follow my instagram: @minecrxhft

  254. John says:

    normal version works no lag on ipad air 2

  255. LexyLeigh says:

    In the photos did you use a texture pack?

  256. ayooob says:

    do you need to put the shaders in Resource_Packs folder then activate it in minecraft? or blocklauncher?

  257. Iron Heart YT says:

    yes finaly someone made shaders for windows 10!!!
    thank you!! :d

  258. mhmherdod says:

    Man i wast waiting shaders for Windows 10 dude you awesome. Thanks!!!

  259. Someone says:

    Actually it loads but if I put it my game Crashes

  260. Someone says:

    My game won’t load in it crashes and I can’t even get the texture pack out

  261. Anna Kendirck says:

    Editor Can I Ask What Happen When I Download the Normal?? I Download the basic Tho

  262. Ramadhan says:

    the best shader ever for my android :D. but you can reduce lag in normal pack? 😀

  263. AIDoLS says:

    Doesn’t work for me, stays on the loading screen. Thank goodness for the failsafe of resetting resources when game crashes. I did get the highest quality pack. I am using the iPad Pro though, so I thought it would work. Can’t download the other lower pack, because it says its a duplicate.

  264. Devan Corrigan says:

    Get rid of the player shadow or at least make it move. I dont use these shaders just because of that. And theres no other shaders to use because im Windows 10.

  265. Foxy says:

    Can you make a download file for basic because when I press basic it just turn to normal every time and I really like these shader.

  266. Foxy says:

    Can you make a download file for basic because when I press basic it just turn to normal every time

  267. LJ says:

    Wow,the new Shaders literally take me 16 and a half minutes to load.Even SEUS only takes like 2 mins

  268. ChaoticFlame says:

    Finally a shaders pack for windows 10!!! thank you so much, Pro Coder!!

  269. Lack21 says:

    Um is there clouds in the basic version?

  270. samueric says:

    Sadly doesn’t work on my iPhone 6s😕 I really want to use it because it looks amazing!
    (Gut getan ProCoder!)

  271. DiamondFire795 says:

    There should be an add on where torches can make light by holding it in your hand

  272. Blocky PE says:

    Great shader but i hope you make the player shadow move

  273. John cena says:

    What Map Did you use to try This Shaders??

    BTW Awesome zshaders 😀

  274. RageBubbleGum says:

    finally it add now on mcpedl other website is won’t work on this version but finally it add now now i can download this in right version!!

  275. XxDarkCGamingxX says:

    wow one that finally works for windows 10 you need to tell other shader makers how to do that I’m gonna get this for my computer immediately

  276. JOHN CENNA says:

    Thank You for making one For windows 10! Ive been waiting so long for this!

  277. DaffaGemerz says:

    I like this shader

  278. BurgerMan says:

    If anyone is wondering, I would recommend geting the basic for iOS because normal will keep your game from loading, until you get the “Global resources has caused the game to crash, etc.” Idk normal might work on other iOS devices, but it for sure doesn’t work on iPhone 7.

  279. TheDiamondDuplicator says:

    I have A Recomnedaition You Should Add Waving Plants

  280. TheDiamondDuplicator says:

    Finnaly A Win 10 Shader

  281. TheCreeperHuntr says:

    Does the Basic.mcpack have less textures than the normal?

  282. SanBotMK1 says:

    Normal Version: Game wouldn’t start
    Basic Version: Can load worlds with little lag
    Device: iPad Air 2
    OS: iOS 10.3 Beta 3
    Minecraft Version: 1.0.3

  283. AustinGamers says:

    Soooo cooooollllllll

  284. Mr_Melons says:

    Plus I really like the texture but my eyes hurt when you place light in the dark

  285. NFGamerMC says:

    I have a high-end device and experienced little lag on both of them

  286. NFGamerMC says:

    OMFG, Bye Bye SSPE

  287. Ayman says:

    love it i dont even think it needs any changes

  288. shmoonjr says:

    Still ios arent supported TT

  289. Vaginal-Conquest says:

    Can I ask whats the maps on the first and second pictures?

  290. Vaginal-Conquest says:

    Thanks been waiting for a new shader

  291. JEMMO says:

    Hey! Can you please remove fogs? It kinda makes it suck. Thanks!

  292. EverythingMinecraftPro-Helper says:

    Plz tell me when there is a update want to try it out!
    Thx alot for this shaders texture pack!

  293. EverythingMinecraftPro-Helper says:

    Editor also i told other shader editors that the windows 10 shader has came out and this is the first one they didint believe me at first then they tried it and it worked!

    Great Job making this texture pack!

  294. EverythingMinecraftPro-Helper says:

    If it does then tell me cause i didint try it yet waiting for awnser!

  295. EverythingMinecraftPro-Helper says:

    Does this support mcpe 1.0 yes no

  296. BaconNetz says:

    What, my minecraft is not opening now! C’mon!!! And what happened to the menu?!

  297. TheVotor says:

    Do the trees wiggle idk I can’t tell plz make them wiggle XD

  298. Fixedforword says:

    Please make the leaves moving and make the shader moving also in the next update please I love energy shader

  299. Unable to find manifest in pack. says:

    Omg best!

  300. ParkourScientist says:

    Finally, a shader for the Windows 10 Edition of the C++ versions. I’ve been waiting so long for one and now my dream has come true. It also looks great when mixed with Faithful, so that’s a bonus. So, ProCoder I thank you very much for making an awesome shader pack for the Windows 10 Edition.

    • AndrewWolf says:

      What did you download? was it the .mcpack or the .zip, I cant use .zip because when I click the link it just brings me to the .mcpack again. Help

  301. maisong says:

    Great shaders pack. By the way, which maps are being used?

  302. griefer creeper says:

    it wont work, when I download the one recommended for windows 10. I applied it to a world, closed Minecraft, and then opened the world and it seems like normal except for the shape of the sun.

  303. No name says:


    • Anonymous says:

      I Downloaded the recommended for iOS and windows 10 closed Minecraft and opened it it would stay at the white screen forever until I closed Minecraft and opened it again it said I crashed which is weird cause My phone can handle Lots of addons, resource, and behavior packs

    • Mejova304 says:

      I Downloaded the recommended for iOS and windows 10 closed Minecraft and opened it it would stay at the white screen forever until I closed Minecraft and opened it again it said I crashed which is weird cause My phone can handle Lots of addons, resource, and behavior packs

      • Kyutie_Klaw says:

        I Downloaded the recommended for iOS and windows 10 closed Minecraft and opened it it would stay at the white screen forever until I closed Minecraft and opened it again it said I crashed which is weird cause My phone can handle Lots of addons, resource, and behavior packs

        • Dlond says:

          I Downloaded the recommended for iOS and windows 10 closed Minecraft and opened it it would stay at the white screen forever until I closed Minecraft and opened it again it said I crashed which is weird cause My phone can handle Lots of addons, resource, and behavior packs

        • Joaquin says:

          I Downloaded the recommended for iOS and windows 10 closed Minecraft and opened it it would stay at the white screen forever until I closed Minecraft and opened it again it said I crashed which is weird cause My phone can handle Lots of addons, resource, and behavior packs

    • Water pitch black says:

      My water is pitch black fp

    • IvE1in says:

      I hate that shaders, i was GOING TO make a horror map and i installed this shaders and the game not loading. I WANT MINECRAFT BAN SHADERS. I DON T CARE ABOUT THE OTHER GUYS.!

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