A magnificent map of fantasy and apocalypse where players face rivers and seas of lava without any drop of water, magnificent structures in dragons and cliffs never seen before in Minecraft.

Do not miss this magnificent map and mythical structures!

Welcome to the EnergyPikaWorld map, a super inter apocalyptic world where large peaks of stone and gravel leave the depths and a mega volcano is constantly erupting … but beware of mythical criatures such as dragon eggs that are on the banks of the volcano protected by his great mother

Do not miss it! this and much more in this magnificent map

Creator by MarcoGamer and InfiniteMinds


Changelog View more

New description for map and new download link for map


Download Map (EnergyPikaWorld)
Open File (Minecraft open)
Minecraft (Star Import)
Ready map install correctly


Supported Minecraft versions

1.13 1.14

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