Engage: Misplaced Mountain & Village

Engage is a seed in which you will find a small village in a landscape terrain. At the edge of the village is large mountain placed. As it interferes with the village one of the houses of the village is spawned on top of the mountain.

In the village you can find a blacksmith in which you can find at least one chest. The contents of the chest is random for anyone who destroys it.

Seed: Engage

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8 Responses

  1. Mop says:

    I think so we spawn in taiga biome

  2. bananarama says:

    Noooooooooooooooooo! I can’t find the village. Instead of spawning in plains I spawn in a huge taiga. No village! Could you please tell me the seed number? (Go into MCPE, tap play. Your list of worlds should appear. Scroll down to the “Engage” world. Don’t press on the world, but instead press “Edit” at the top of the screen. You should now see a big red “X” on your “Engage” world. Next to it should be a number, that is the seed number. Please post it on this page). Thanks!


  3. Ahhh me cannot find it but there is wolfs at your at whan you are just beginning

  4. Nikita says:

    Where is the village?

  5. mason says:


  6. CloroSphere says:

    Hm.. Is there something else that is also looks like this but, different seed?

  7. Katie says:

    Is it far from spawn

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