Enhanced Enchantment Glint v2

Hey! Mark here and I’m back with an update with 12 new enchantment glint. This version is definitely the most difficult to create of all the variations yet… But here it is now and that you  can enjoy

I was inspired by Xisuma’s texture on his videos and search for one and didn’t find any that looks similar to it and haven’t found one, so I tried made my own.

But here I am, now with 6 variations and still 4 colors…

In this update  I made all the new stuff in a completely different pack that is the older version is not needed to be reinstalled

Here’s the v1 with 3 variations of 4 colors.


  • Default
  • Red
  • Yellow
  • Blue


  • Default

– Normal gadient glint

  • Cyber

– Edgy Cyberpunk Look

  • Bolt

– Bolts of electricity

Here’s some pictures:

Bolt Default

Default Yellow

Cyber Red

And here’s the v2 also have 3 variations of same colors


  • Dark

– Inversed Lightning

  • Lightning

– Bolt but continuous and has a darker feels

  • Corrupted

–  Inversed bolt and has a corrupdet feels like in RPG’s

Here’s some pictures:

Dark Blue:

Lightning Yellow:

   And many more… (Some pictures may be blurry and/or even looked like the default one so you have to try it to see it)

I also changed the resolution of all the items that uses enchantment glint (apart form lodestone compass, please help me with that because I can only do double or 32x with it’s atlas) 

The 256x items makes the glint smoother, there’s also a 128x item pack and 64x for less lag.

Have a look





Now there are 2 glints:



In this update there are 3 packs:

64x64x item textures, 128x glint

128x128x item textures, 128x glint

256x256x item textures, 256x glint

More are soon to come and comment down what do you think of anything.


– Xisuma for the inspiration

– melamed_tal for the leather cap, leggings and boots (because I can’t find any texture of it the Minecraft resources) hope you don’t mind.

– Hybred for the amazing cubemap

– And someone I don’t know who is the real owner of the cubic sun and moon (let know down below)

Changelog View more

November, 25 2020

- fixed MediaFire link

- corrected some typographical errors

November, 21 2020

Release 2

Added  download link for v2 packs along with its 128x and 64x counterpart

November, 17, 2020

- Added 64x and 128x pack

- Changed link to MediaFire (more manageable and easier to use)

- Added Adfly link (if you want to support me)


- Download the pack above

- Open mcpack file or extract the files into the resources directory

- install on your Minecraft

Note: Restart Minecraft when changing to a subpack or activate/deactivate any random packs that wouldn't interfere with the pack -- These are the methods to make sure the textures load. (At least in this pack)


Supported Minecraft versions

1.12 1.13 1.14 1.16


128x 256x 64x

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21 Responses

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  1. IMFckPro says:

    Could you make it compatible with custom texture packs? Is that when placing a texture pack that changes EVERYTHING and then putting the ENHANCED, the weapons and armor are changed to vanilla ones and I don’t like it …

    • Mark24 says:

      You can do that by removing the textures of the items you want to be a custom one (resources/enhanced enchantment glint folder/textures/items, then delete anything you wanted to be custom)

    • Mark24 says:

      One thing though is the glint will become more pixelated the less the resolution is…

      What I did is: open all items that has enchantment glint from the Minecraft default texture and save it as a 256x using the same app I used to do the enchantment glint (and it’s not very fun, although worth it)

      • Mark24 says:

        Sorry didn’t made myself clear…

        The lesser the resolution of the items the more pixelated the glint would look in-game (the models are all the same unless the model’s code is customized)

  2. Mark24 says:

    Hey guys the v2 MediaFire link is now on the right folder…

    Sorry for any inconvenience…

  3. c00kiebit says:

    I love this texture pack a lot. I didn’t realize I wanted a different enchantment glint before till I tried messing around with this pack. Now playing w/o it feels like something is missing.

    Side note: “Download v2 – MediaFire” takes you to the v1 folder, but going through the v2 adfly takes you to the right folder

  4. Blaaze says:

    such a good texture pack thank you!

  5. iShadowE says:

    I really like this texture pack but is there a way to add a white enchantment glint? Id really apreciate it.

  6. fukimuki says:

    thanks i was looking for this everywhere

  7. balta says:

    wow! i love this texture pack, is really beautifull and i really like, i all ready download.
    of course, five stars.

  8. Booshek says:

    I needed this! It’s amazing, thank you =D

  9. Tom Tom Tom says:

    This is so cool

  10. The_NetheriteSG says:

    U should also credit Xisumavoid since u made this based on his Vanilla Tweaks Resource Pack. 5 stars btw

  11. TheMonkeyPopper says:

    Very nice

  12. ive been looking for a addon changeing the enchant glint for a while but the one i need is Completely removeing the glint or removeing the name of the enchant under the enchanted tool u got maybye you got something up your sleve?

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