Enhanced Golem Models

Yeah, minecraft entity models are a little bit too blocky, this addon i created was an addon that enhaced the golem models which is the iron and snow golem not just that i also increased their health and more extra features soon like both can be rideable and tameable.

  • In this addon the Iron and Snow golem models were rebuild and their health we’re increased to 150 and 100 respectively.

  • Iron Golem

  • Front View

  • Side View

  • Back View

  • Snow Golem

  • Front View

  • Side View

  • Back View

  • Reminders;
  • Iron golem animations are not yet reworked.
  • The point where the Snow Golem Shoots out its snowball is not yet fixed.

  • Notice: I did’t add some extra abilities just the increase in health and I wanted it to came from you guys so if you wanted me to add more abilities such us both can be rideable and tameable then just comment down bellow.
  • And I also working out on remodeling the default minecraft entities so the most entity name that will be commented will be my next project so vote and comment down bellow your entity name that you wanted to be remodeled next. 
  • And also, I will be putting down bellow the link for the shaders that i have created and used in the background.


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77 Responses

4.63 / 5 (51 vote)
  1. Guest-4161330456 says:

    Please remodel all of the main mobs it would be epic 🙂

  2. Guest-5828555424 says:

    How about remodeling blaze?

  3. Guest-2324825581 says:

    Please add more animations

  4. ViceEye says:

    I would like to request the permission of using your addon in my server. We could offer some profits. If you are interesting, please contact me or give me a reply. [email protected]

  5. Guest-2118075353 says:

    Maybe for the iron golem give him a upper punch attack that launches enemies high in to the air? Also maybe add punches for it that launches enemy’s backwards. For the snow golem make it so that he uses his stick hands jab at enemy’s. Also for the snow golem make it so that he grabs a snow block and bashes enemy’s with it. Also that the snow golem can throw snow blocks at you.

  6. DTechGamer says:


    • Fix head rotation(up, down, left, right).

    • Fix snowball shots location.

    • Mechanical armor with guns on the shoulder for iron golem.

  7. Anonymous says:

    sorryyy guys, im out for a couple of months and stop working out on my MCPE projects for personal reasons, i am just only a student and this past couple of months there’s a lot of school works and project that’s stopping me to do so, but fortunately i am now continuing to update my works and i’ll release an update as soon as i can, please understand, thanks guys for the suport 🙂 <3

  8. User-5985319297 says:

    update pls

  9. Hey_man says:

    Update this amazing add on to 1.14

  10. Creator For Fun says:

    Hello There. i’ve been playing around with your mods and they’re amazing
    i am working on a dynamic tree addon for minecraft pe i’ve been looking forward to work with you. we can talk on discord if you agree.

  11. Rogue says:

    It’s pretty good to me just the resource pack.

  12. HazmiRasid says:

    lol it’s been long as hell, update it please? It cant take 2 month to update the addon, please rework the iron golem animation or make a custom death animation for the iron golem. the snow golem never have a single animation. please fix

  13. Lolly Pop says:

    Hey dude, this addon looks pretty good so I thought I would recommend some features. when you tame them and ride them can you make it so they can move and jump like a horse, and maybe even make the snow golem fly for a short amount of time after a jump? Also another neat feature for the snow golem might be for it to shoot a barrage of snow balls at first and it could actually do a little damage, and once in a while it could throw an ice block and a rare chance for it to throw a packed ice block. And I’d love custom animations for all of these that I suggested. For the iron golems features, it can cause a quick earthquake when near any hostile mobs and make mobs blind for a few seconds. And maybe make the iron golem a little faster. And when it throws mobs up into the air they will go slightly farther, and when taming and riding a snow golem there can be a custom animation of it moving fast like a gorilla. So that’s it, if you don’t take note of my suggestion then I’m sure you’ll do so with the others, have a good day and nice addon!

  14. ArduousArrow954 says:

    maybe make the epic snow golem throw blue ice blocks instead of snowball just for the bonus epicness. And can you also make a separate version where both are hostile?

  15. Just browsing the dark weeb says:

    Ahh yes, post jo jo

  16. Anonymous says:

    Yooo that snowman looks like a stand from JoJo just joking this is great

  17. Rolan says:

    Here are my suggestions for now

    >Make the walking animations of the iron golem slower (because its animations is fast, but his slow)

    >Iron golem is tamable with iron ingots

    >Iron golem can be healed by iron blocks

    >Player can ride on the shoulder of the iron golem (if tamed)

    >Make a floating animation and spinning snow animation at the bottom part of the snow golem (like the blaze)

    >Snow golem will rapidly shoot snow balls (the snow balls will come out of his mouth or somewhere)

    >Snow golem is tamable with golden carrots

    >Snow golem can be healed by snow blocks

    >Player can ride on the back of the snow golem (if tamed)

  18. Rolan says:

    Here are my suggestions.

    >Animations (if not yet added)

    >Iron golem can destroy blocks (to chase the enemy)

    >Iron golem can throw blocks (to kill the enemy)

    >Iron golem can pick up and place down blocks (if the enemy is dead)

    >Iron golem can do a hulk smash (to combo kill the enemy) (destroy some blocks)

    >Player can ride on the shoulder of the iron golem (if tamed with iron ingots)

    >Snow golem can destroy snow/ice block (to chase the enemy)

    >Snow golem can throw snow/ice block (to kill the enemy)

    >Snow golem can pick up and place down snow/ice block (if the enemy is dead)

    >Snow golem rapidly shoot snow balls (the damage is higher) (makes the enemy slow) (to combo kill the enemy)

    >Player can ride on the back of snow golem (if tamed with golden carrots)

  19. Anonymous says:

    That iron golem is swol!

  20. Enzo says:

    Make the snow golem shoots ice blocks

  21. Extrañó says:

    Se ve increíble me encantan los golems ಠωಠ

  22. ThisJobYT says:

    Take the Wither (1000 HP), Enderman (180 HP), Skeleton (100 HP), Zombie (300 HP), Creeper (80 HP), Spider (125 HP), Cave Spider (600 HP), Shulker (400 HP), Pillager (380 HP) and lastly, the Ravager (480 HP). The following mobs must have custom sounds and insane attack animations. And yes, the Snow and Iron Golems can have custom sounds (only if they already have it.) and can be tamable and rideable. By the way, do YouTuber Mutants Addon next!

  23. Eldeston says:

    what shader are you using? good pack btw

  24. Me likes this addon says:

    Looks cool! Can the samw for zombies and other mobs? I would love to see it!

  25. King says:

    Please make them rideble. Can u make the snow golem through ice and the iron golem through stone at their targets

  26. MISAEL says:

    Você poderia fazer com que o golem de neve atirasse blocos de gelo iria ser muito interessante e insano

  27. R3GARIES says:

    nice addon bro 😀
    im from indonesia :v

  28. Twist says:

    Please add new mobs like zombie

  29. Edu says:


  30. HazmiRasid says:

    yes please make them tameable and rideable please?

  31. Ace says:

    I also think that you should add new golems with different models and abilities

  32. Kijen says:

    You Can Make the iron golem throw a Big Iron Cube to kill mobs

  33. CoolShark102 says:

    It reminds me of JoJo Bizarre Adventures for some reason…

  34. HazmiRasid says: is shit. give em direct link like mediafire and make it mc.pack

  35. Navneeth says:

    Hey it would be cool if you add a animation we’re the snow golem takes the snow that he leaves when he moves and throw them at monsters. And also when snow golem gets near water the water freezes. And when iron golem hits a mob(animation needed) the mob would launch far than usual they will be stunned. Please add this.

  36. Ace says:

    i hope you can remodel the ender dragon

  37. SCP Bendy Contaiment says:

    That Mutant

  38. Dank Oi Reservance says:

    Okay… okay…. okay
    The iron golem can pick up blocks like grass, sand, stone, etc.
    They can also do the ”Hulk Smash”
    The snow golem has the same mechanism to the iron golem but can rapidly throw 5 snowballs at a time….

  39. Foxy355 says:

    Jojo mods 😂😂😂

  40. Brandon says:

    So i think thisbis cool but there is an issue. “[Molang][error]-minecraft:snow_golem | molangscriptarg::get() called on incompatible type” and “[Molang][error]-minecraft:iron_golem | molangscriptarg::get() called on incompatible type” keeps poping up when a snow or an iron golem walks around or attacks. It spams the screen over and over.
    Please fix
    Ver. 1.13.1 minecraft bedrock
    Device: xbox one s

  41. Rockeous says:

    Rework the wither or ender dragon. Make health 450 and 400 respectively

  42. haziq.mohd.izuddin says:

    Snow golem ability summon tentecles in ground and in snow and summon the snow golem. For iron golem let give him the rocket launcher,Lazer and higher jump

  43. Steph says:

    of the remodeling of the mobs, I would like them to modify the wolves and the debtor, the zombies or the spurs and the Enderman

  44. frost redstone vn says:

    What the Hell :))

    • Guest-3179176346 says:

      I would like to request the permission to use this addon on my server. And also we could negotiate some profits. If you are interesting please contact me. [email protected]. or give me a reply. Thank you.

  45. Jely says:

    Maybe the iron golem can do both the throw up into the air attack and a new one, where they smash the ground to cause an area-of-effect damage causer.

  46. :) says:

    woooooww,the models are so great,I do not complain about! That’s really cool,I have a suggestion,Make some other golems,Like fire elemental? So it will be more added to it!

  47. Steph says:

    Hello! well here are some ideas that I would like to add-on
    1.-that the snow golem when attacking that I left an area covered with snow and ice, also, that they do damage when attacking (because the normal ones do not harm the mobs
    2.-that have their own sounds (another sound different from the original one)
    that the iron golem has other attacks such as: that it throws iron blocks (like a TNT)
    3.-that at death his corpse remains and with a sword or a new or different tool you can pick up everything that he releases (his head, you are “minerals”, etc.) and that you can keep his skeleton
    4.-that with your loot you can make some kind of armor (snow or bone armor, or rusty iron)
    5.-that you can keep your head from both

    I can’t think of anything else for now
    PDT: I’m sorry if you don’t understand, I am using the translator

  48. PizzaWill1 says:

    This is really high quality! If you were to add anything, I think that the Iron Golem should have a lot of knockback. As for the Snow Golem, perhaps he could be a Neutral Mob (Idk if he is in Vanilla, been a while since I spawned one), or maybe his snow could deal huge damage or something?

  49. Squaluky says:

    This add-on bus actually pretty cool.I think maybe zombies or enderman could be cool.

  50. Yeah says:

    Tame and ride

  51. Verydrew2005 says:

    Wow This Looks Sick!

  52. Harrythemagician13 says:

    The Golem Can Summon its mini version of its self

  53. DaRealPanDa says:

    Don’t forget the animation 😉

  54. Lacey says:

    This looks amazing
    I am definitely going to download this😃

  55. Mr hydra fantasy says:

    great addon over all hope u get down with this plz I luv this

  56. Why do u want 2 know says:

    But why do the golem look like a buffed iron with a long noise werewolf

  57. Brb why do u want 2 know says:


  58. creeper says:

    please make it tamable and ridable

  59. Anon. says:

    Literally just turns the golems into Chads

  60. Zack Taylor says:

    its good but why replace mobs this addon could be even better if it didnt replace mobs its geting 3 stars just cuz it replace mobs

  61. Joey says:

    THis is awesome

  62. Cthulhu Warrior says:

    Can you perhaps make iron golems immune to fire damage?

  63. CubeSteff3906 says:

    Wow man such an amazing mod! I have been seeking an addon such as this one for an extremely long time! The models look absolutely great. I do have quite a bunch of suggestions for them though :
    1. The Iron Golem :
    -has the ability to stun enemies (hits the ground, throws them in the air, and freezes and makes them weak for a little bit
    -tameable, if tamed he will follow you trustfully and attack nearby mobs
    -rideable, if rided he will become golem caravan leader and may have a caravan like llamas do if you have other tamed golems
    -maybe he collapses to the ground upon death in an epic medieval fantasy way (custom death animation)
    2. Snow Golem
    -may ocasionally throw snow blocks and ice at you, which deal significant damage
    -tameable ; if tamed he will protect you from mobs by turning into a snow wall and attacking the mobs with its regular attacks
    -not rideable
    -can also form a caravan ; this time the snow golems will attempt to create a fortress to defend you
    -melts upon death
    3. General Golem Abilities
    -upon death they have a very small chance of dropping a Iron/Snow soul, which can be used to craft some sort of epic swords or stuff
    Also, I’d love to see not only one mob, but rather entire categories being worked on by you. For instance, the end mobs (endermab, ender dragon, endermite). I’d love to first see the undead category being worked on, so thats my vote. Hope you like my ideas 🙂

  64. ALEXYSSSJ4 says:

    good add-on
    You could add an improvement to the snow golem attack (for example, throwing ice blocks with a damage of 5 or more, such as towards the mutant snow golem of the minecraft mod java mutant creatures
    And also when it starts to snow the snow golem has a regeneration effect?
    And you could add to this add-on to the improved wither boss (technically the wither is a golem since it is invoked by creating it with a structure)
    I thank you to take my ideas into account, regards

  65. yoshinon says:

    noice I love it….. how ’bout villagers? can you remodel them?

  66. Skeleton says:

    Could you add the new ones instead of replacing the old ones.

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