Entity 303 Addon

Entity 303 is a creepypasta which was created by someone in the Minecraft community as an attempt to scare other players. He is often described as the new Herobrine and some think he is a Mojang employee who was fired and now wants revenge on the Minecraft players. All of this is obviously made up but that’s basically the history of the creepypasta. This addon brings him to life in Minecraft PE!

Creator: Assassiner 003, Twitter Account

How does it work?

He will only spawn in fortresses in the Nether (since he replaces the wither skeleton). But you can also spawn him in the Overworld by using a wither skeleton spawn egg. He’s most definitely considered a boss and I recommend that you bring some good weapons and wear a full body armor.

  • Inflicts wither potion effect
  • Attack damage: 7
  • Drops 1-3 spider eyes
  • Health: 75 hearts
  • Slightly faster than a skeleton
  • Replaces wither skeletons


  1. Download Resource .McPack
  2. Download Behavior .McPack
  3. Activate the packs for a world in-game

You can get a .ZIP file for this addon here.

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44 Responses

4.67 / 5 (9 votes)
  1. KyleParsons says:

    The real one has the black and white switched for the head

  2. Mark says:

    Awesome Herobrine vs Entity Battle Is Good.Entity 303 Very Evil to Mobs.
    Nice Add-on

  3. chen chen hao says:

    this a add-ons good

  4. Frost golden says:

    He is scary he kill my all villagger

  5. Ryan says:

    The .mcpack files don’t download, it keeps giving me an add

  6. Boyden says:

    Notch rules

  7. Boyden says:

    Notch created minecraft for building

  8. MasterBran08 says:

    Mods too please

  9. MasterBran08 says:

    Mod plz

  10. runicharmony69 says:

    is this one the real entity 303 if it is im out

  11. Merik james says:

    You go the look WRONG! XD but I LOVE IT

  12. EpicChasGamer says:

    Try spawning in an iron golem and it looks really messed up.

  13. Notch says:

    Call 303 Enity or Meggser 303 Enity666! MINECRAFT PE Pocket Editon 😂 lol XD 🚪⚠️📵🕓Clock 33:3AM ????????????HELp Kill You Guys

  14. Jinxz says:

    How to download in adfly?

  15. Sebastian says:

    Download this and on top of it put the random stuffs texture pack and when done entity303 will hold a cool knife XD #lol

  16. Anonymous says:

    Can I use this for my map?

  17. Luk3_Pow3r says:

    It’s really cool and i trolled a lot of people in my server thanks guys!!!!!

  18. EnderFede says:

    To me it’s buggy!

  19. Oliver says:

    Entity 303? Cool! I LOVE IT!

  20. Creeper Kid says:

    I love this add on. It’s great to troll your friends with it but he has a black head and a white helmet.

  21. Lolmcjag says:

    You know what I was able to fix the texture of Entity 303 and it works on IOS and android
    Idk for android but you can do it! For IOS just download he zip file and get the app and then open the zip remove the texture of the Entity 303 and just put the real texture (skin) and rename is to what a wither skeleton is named in the file
    I might make a YT vid on it so look at my channel in a few weeks its Lolmcjag

  22. Win says:

    You are right Alexander

  23. Alexander says:

    This is awsome!

  24. Minecrazy153 says:

    Entity 303 doesn’t look like that he has white cloak and black on the inside of the cloak so get facts right

  25. DGamingGamer says:

    Great, you made another Add-On for RageElixir.

  26. Thedoc says:

    Hi this is brilliant. Hopefully. Please editor can you make a weeping angle addon. (Look away, it moves) thanks. Please consider.

  27. Pixleu says:

    On the face you made the out side black and the inside white but entity 303 has white on the out side and black on the inside of its face

  28. Anonymous says:

    Pls update to look like real one

  29. Konrad says:

    Hello your add-on is very very cool please add blidness effect 😉

  30. Nathan says:

    That’s gotta hurt Fallen Gotham. Luckily we aren’t partners so I don’t have to listen to endless complaining

  31. RandomChickrn says:

    Is there a chance you can make a Herobrine addon? Others don’t work and I feel a Herobrine addon would be fun for trolling

  32. maisong says:

    What seeds are you using editor?

  33. HotPotato says:

    Failed to import “Entity303”. Unknown pack name, manifest validation. Pls help i am on IOS. The only thing that ported was the pack icon. I downloaded rescource pack by the way.

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