Epic Jump Map Version 1 [Parkour]

The Epic Jump is a series of multiple maps (so far two!) where the big challenge to test your jumping skills. As you progress through the map it gets harder and harder and if you make it to the very end you don’t have to worry about losing out of the fun too quickly as there is also a second version of the map.

In average the map takes about 30 minutes to finish so as you understand it’s no little map this and it surely lives up to the expectations in terms of quality and fun.

Creator: MCMan132



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4 Responses

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  1. Minecraftgamerprogirl says:

    Hello guys I need to tell this game is AMA-zing because to me it’s like I could rlly remember when I started playing Minecraft that all of this makes me think………… YOU guys that made this game SHOULD MAKE ANOTHER ONE for all of us and I should recommend y’all this game!

  2. Minecraftergirl352 says:

    Such a good game and the thing that I like it is when I could remember when I started playing Minecraft Rhodes bed the texure I just LOVE EVERYTHING in this map I should recommend y’all to play this map

  3. Hosea301 says:


  4. Tiffrocksatgaming says:

    This is totes recommend for all you mincrafters out there

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