Epic Kit PvP 2.0 Beta

Do want to play a pvp map with lives, Now you can! By playing this map each player will have 5 lives! And many kits/heroes to choose on and having beautiful maps which where you fight each other. Make sure to play with friends!

How to play

When you open the world you will see a play sign and beside is a pressure plate and then press it

Then you will be teleported on a lobby where all players can wait 

You will see in your action bar if how many players you have in the world it is required to have 2-5 players to play. If you have the proper players a pressure plate will appear then press it 

Now all of you are teleported in a room which where you pick the modes (for now only 1 mode) you will see a Deathmatch sigh and below it is a button then press it

Now its time to pick kits/heroes. All players will be teleported at a room where you pick kits/heroes when you have picked a kit/hero just drop on the pressure plate and be teleported on the map picking. 

Wait for all players to be in the map room

Then if all players are ready and in the map room pick a map and press the button of the chosen map

All players are now teleported on the map and its time to fight! Lives are decreased 1 point if you die and if you have 0 life you are out of the game but dont worry you could always spectate.

When the last survivor remains he won the game and the map will automatically reset and all players are back to lobby then you could play the game again.

There are 13 kits/heroes you could pick!

1.Poseidon- dashes with his riptide trident and could easily get away to enemies!

2.Archer-shoots instant damage arrows to the enemies and has a totem

3.Barbarian-hookes the enemies if near and hits like a truck!

4.Thing-slows down enemies if he gets near and very tanky

5.King-having shining armor and and turns his enemies on fire

6.Viper-Poison enemies if goes near in the enemy and shoots poison arrows

7.Knight-summon his horse that would never die and its hard to catch

8.Scavenger-very fast and can walk in water 

9.Assasin-invisible and assasinates enemies easily

10.Paladin-knockbacks enemies in a long range and easily get away with enemies.

11.Hunter-having a shotgun that can kill squishy kits in 1 shot


12.Angel-able to fly and has a powerful bow

13.Ninja- Air borne enemies with a deady effect to the victim

And more in the future

Added jump boost block to reduce camping

Feel free to suggest on the comments!

And feel free to suggest on twitter @vosglactic

But most of all have fun!

-fixed paladin bug

-buffed Ninja and angel

-Automated Map picking

-added particles on Viper and thing 

Back story

I came up of an idea of having really cool powers and having lives of a pvp map. I first built a map on the time of 2017 when there are 28 heroes created and having 4 maps but my phone broke and required for a hard reset I have no choice to delete everything. Then I started to make it again in 2018 now it is done and better than the last one if you download this map you wont regret it!-Vosglactic

DO Not reupload



Changelog View more


Added jump boost pads

Added 2 more kits

Revised some parts of the map

Fixed paladin bug

Minor buffs and nerfs

By downloading the map press download here then wait for 5 seconds then skip add if redirected to other links except mediafire please close the unattended site, if after going to mediafire download the file 

Go to minecraftw worlds create folder and extract the world there

File name OM*EpicKitPvP2.1.mcworld

Reworked and buffed Angel and Ninja

Added particle effect on Thing and Viper

Automated the map picking so no player will be left behind without picking a kit


How to download

Press Download world here!

Then wait for 5 seconds

Then press skip add

Then press download on mediafire website!

*if you have problems on downloading the map please comment in the comment section* or in twitter @vosglactic


Supported Minecraft versions

1.12 1.13 (beta)

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Installation Guides

AndroidiOSWindows 10

24 Responses

4 / 5 (8 votes)
  1. Aqkeasse says:

    I CANT DOWNLOAD IT it keeps saying reply a email at 7890121 and I say no and it says join thease letters coarepted awnser to the empty box side ways and [aQueaseJJK]

  2. A guy who loves it says:

    Holy it’s so cool

  3. FIX THIS PLS says:

    CANT DOWNLOAD IT :,( Keeps Sending Me To The App Store Saying Download Nord VPN!

    • Person who needs to install problems says:

      Same I can’t download it either! 🙁 please make the installation good and can be downloaded 🙁

  4. RoverThePug says:

    It will not let me download. When I try it takes me to an add that fills the entire screen so I can not press skip and it is SO ANNOYING. PLEASE fix this.

  5. Sam says:

    Viper is too op nerf plese

  6. Bot says:

    Could you add a .mcworld link by phone doesnt let me install .zip files to minecraft I have watched all the tutorials and read all the guides but it never let’s me play .zip worlds in minecraft even after I install them with a file manager

  7. Tom says:

    Hey Looks amazing but the link isn’t working for me 🙁
    when I click it just comes up with a website called “corneey.com” and it says the server IP address couldn’t be found. But honestly it looks so wonderful and I can’t wait to play on it it looks like it must have taken ages to make <3

  8. Vosglactic says:

    if downloading the map please give the link of mcpedl.

  9. Anonymous says:

    What do I do after download media

    • Vosglactic says:

      Please check on youtube
      How to upload maps on minecraft
      Beacause its hard to explain in this matter

    • Mrdestoyer227 says:

      Hey dude Vosglactic can u update it asap plssss and can u add the coming soon and there is a bug can u fix it the bug is when it’s -1 the live it won’t stop and u will be stuck in the 2 wooden pressure plate white box and you can’t do anything pls fix and pls add more maps and game modes thxxxx and more characters to play thank you this map is sick I recommend you to try it out with friend 😀 pls update ASAP I love this thing and pls tell me if ur gonna update and when thx

  10. mcalt6007 says:

    can i use this map on my server? i will link credit

  11. Bry says:

    Is very good

  12. Anonymous says:

    Great map love it, could you add more maps for pvp and kits/heroes ❤️👍🏻

  13. Julius says:

    Add mage/magician please!!! I use potions in PvP’s so I’d be glad seeing it in future update 🙂

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