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Recently (as of September 2019) Mojang has unlocked the ability to change player’s animation whilst sneaking. You may ask – why would they do that? What is the reason? Well, it’s quite obvious – Mojang has unlocked the emotes only because they wanted me, the almighty Donald to create this Naruto run animation. That’s the truth.

Source(s): trust me bro

Press the sneak button to activate the animation

 Important Note!  

Because emotes are only changing the animation of sneaking, the player will still move SLOWLY, even though he’ll be running like Naruto. In order to fix that you’ll have to download a behavior pack which I included to the downloads. Please, read this note before you spam “Not working!!!” in the comments!

Here’s one more GIF:

Yeah… Looks kinda messy on the GIF (especially with that resolution) but trust me, it looks better in-game;)

Also, don’t forget to check my  Twitter , as I post news on my future and current projects there

Changelog View more
  • Fixed grammatical errors in the descriptions
  • Updated the download links

It seems that I accidentally added the wrong animation to the pack. Should work fine now


This emote only supports Minecraft Bedrock Edition Beta and above!

  1. Download the emote
  2. Apply it to your world
  3. (Optional) If you want your character to actually run download the additional behavior pack


Supported Minecraft versions

1.13 1.14 1.15 (beta) 1.16

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  1. Guest-5130236989 says:

    What Link I Must Click For Naruto Addon? Please Reply

  2. Guest-9155763577 says:

    why not activate THE BEHAVIOIR PACK WITHOUT TEXTURE :>>>>

    hehehe just think about it 🙃
    N O I C E

  3. Azkafuady207 says:

    what happen if it work when sprint

  4. Azkafuady207 says:

    E🅱️ic when sneak

  5. BaldingFox77558 says:

    dude 2 things that ruin the thing first you aren’t actually running your Naruto sneaking also even if you stand in place your legs go swinging so fix it and 5 star rate will be in your hotel but fornow 3 tars

  6. Yes says:

    Yes I’ve been looking for so long. 😂😂😂😂

  7. Anonymous says:

    i saw ad uwu

  8. yeetboi says:

    boi i love it its so funny 🙂

  9. Jom says:

    Thank u so much bro

  10. Ghome says:

    Make 1.12 One Please I Dont Wanna Switch To 1.13 Bad At Pvp

  11. Anonymous says:

    Too late ’cause the Area 51 raid already happened, but this is great!

  12. Helpfix says:

    I CANNOT GET IT EVEN WITH FIX IT SAYS “Pack manifest” Pls fix 5 stars if you fix next week monday

  13. Anonymous says:

    It doesnt work for me cuz i on 1.12 ;-;

  14. StrikeDragonn says:

    This is just 🅴🅱🅸🅲

  15. Ayy Lmao says:

    Late for the party, but it’s e🅱ic

  16. Beh says:

    Its good and all but it would be more awesome if you can make it less laggy and make the arms flair around.

  17. Momo says:

    If you actually swapped the running animations with this it will perfect.

    • I haven’t actually thought about that! I’m not sure though if normal walking and running animations animations are editable… Besides, those might not be separate, which would mean that normal walking animation would be replaced with naruto run:/

  18. Deax says:

    *narrows eyes*

  19. Bruh Bruh says:

    Failed to load “Unknown pack name”

  20. SammyDoesNotExist_ says:

    Minecraft Area 51 raid (not clickbait)

  21. Bruhbutton says:

    As every clicks on the No ads

  22. MCPE says:

    There Is A Problem I Have Paper doll on my top right screen when I run I see his feet or foot going to his body…….. Omg Although Nice Addon Still I Will Raid Area 51now

  23. MagicalIce19293 says:

    Epic (🤣/

    (That’s a dab btw)

  24. WeebGamer says:

    I always wanted this emote, thanks! Always support the creator

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