Published on May 15, 2023 (Updated on May 20, 2023)

Epic Shader

(alright. let's try this one more time.)


This is a introduction

I hope you like it

Anyways let's get straight to the point

This pack is designed to improve your Minecraft graphics

You don't want it? WELL TOO BAD

I worked REALLY HARD on this pack so I hope you like it

here's a desc

saturated colors, full grass, clear water, realistic skies, realistic sun and moon

this pack doesn't change much

so it's compatible with most packs

as long as the pack is higher on the priority list than epic shader

unless it's an ui thing like dark mode

exceptions are actual major ui changes

Select version for changelog:


literally nothing this is the first release

changes listed in the desc

also I removed a credit

their assets aren't even in the pack anymore

plus they stole Vocktile's fog



  • Epic_Shader_V4_Definitive.mcpack (2.11 MB)


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THIS is actually a good shader I don't know why it has low downloads this is good bruh super good