Epic Terrain: Amplified Generation Add-On (1.16)

Epic Terrain is an add-on that completely overhauls how terrain generates in your world! It adds amplified terrain similar to that found in The Java and Legacy Console editions of Minecraft as well as adding all-new mountain types. You won’t need to go far to find a truly epic backdrop for your builds! Remember to turn experimental gameplay on!

Video Showcase

Epic Terrain is an add-on for Minecraft 1.16 that will overhaul the generation of your Minecraft world to make it similar to the Amplified generation option for Java and Legacy Console editions of Minecraft. In addition to this, Epic Terrain adds a whole-new biome that features the pillar-like mountains found in certain parts of China. Above is a video showcasing what average terrain will look like with this addon installed! 

Below are screenshots of what the average terrain of your world will look like with this.

Jungle mountains biome pictured below


This add-on is intended for higher-end devices and may run slowly on slower devices such as mobile platforms.

Also, It is recommended that you start a new world for this add-on as there will be strange terrain at chunk borders if you don’t. These effects are pictured below. They aren’t too bad, but this is just a heads-up.

Also, remember to turn on experimental gameplay!


Supported Minecraft versions


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44 Responses

4.63 / 5 (8 votes)
  1. PoweredGod says:

    Works in 1.16.4 but could make it more aggressive and more varied

  2. SettingThingsRight says:

    another good mod bad link choice
    link remove ()

  3. Eddraider22 says:

    No se si hablas español pero tus addons son muy buenos

  4. MrSunday7 says:

    The Linkvertise link isn’t working like all the other links, it doesn’t show anything to get the file, just a bunch of ads and that’s it. Help

  5. heiyu1021 says:

    What app did you use to shoot this video?

  6. Legendary_Walter says:

    Another time can you make it so that wolves and Taiga Villages can be found on extreme hills? And maybe add bamboo hills and give jungle temples the ability to spawn in the jungle hills biome?

  7. Guest-9008053471 says:

    Love the addon, the only problem is that ocelots, pandas, and parrots aren’t spawning in the jungle mountains/hills biome!

  8. Guest-2858019774 says:

    i keep downloading it but its not appearing in behavior pack

  9. Guest-9721213856 says:

    This is amazing!

  10. Guest-7470580326 says:

    Whenever I get to media fire I hit download but it just opens the same page in a different tab

  11. Guest-5726547545 says:

    This is the link Mediafire http:(//) remove the () fu.. Linkvertise

  12. Guest-4346788295 says:

    does anybody have a mediafire link?

  13. Guest-3636296352 says:

    Hey, writing this as a test to see. Do you like building with grass blocks?

  14. Guest-6183874790 says:

    how make 3d “epic terrain” text?

  15. Guest-1198323431 says:

    the king is back, good generation of worlds you have created bro, please keep this mod updated and update the cave update for version 1.16

  16. Guest-4501019655 says:

    How’s the Nether affected?

  17. Guest-6414253695 says:

    Cannot download: link ferries only shows spinning square.

  18. Guest-3193933009 says:

    It just works.

  19. Guest-4644964580 says:

    yuck bad

  20. Guest-3631576159 says:

    I have to say that every single one of your add-ons on here have been fantastic and I use them all, may I suggest that you do an end update add-on.

  21. Guest-4049306789 says:

    I don’t understand the Link vertise. I can’t figure out how to download it. Can’t vouch for this addon. If I can’t download it, it isn’t very good in my opinion.

    • Guest-3339597792 says:

      Click the link, then click read articles. Wait for 10 seconds and then click on the x. Afterwards you just click continue. Wait for another 10-15 seconds and then click direct access.

  22. Adt0xid says:

    I’m in love with this add-on ✧\(>o<)ノ✧

  23. PavelDobCZ23 says:

    Cool addon, but will you update Cave Update addon?

  24. Guest-5061208990 says:

    Can’t Download because of the link 🙁

    • Guest-7963989656 says:

      all you have to do is look a article for a while and click the x to get out and click continue of course wait a while for about 10 seconds finally click the direct button to media fire

  25. Jimmybagodonuts says:

    Still not as good as Java. But obviously that would destroy your game if it was so nice job.

  26. Guest-2746219623 says:

    Can You Fix Link To Mediafire? Love This Addon

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