epicnesss jebness: Great Jungle Seed!

Here is an awesome jungle seed for you guys!  At the moment there are very few of these, so we were quite excited when we found this one!

Check out this screenshot of the jungle:

Here you can see an interesting lava-pool, surrounded, quite ironically, by watermelons!

Remember also that jungles are a good source of Cocoa Beans used to make very healthy cookies!

You have to be very careful in jungles not to get lost, because it can be quite easy with all of the dense trees.

There is also nearby a cool floating island with mountians surrounding it!

Seed: epicnesss jebness

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9 Responses

  1. TTCD says:

    These seeds are epic!
    I put some in worlds I made and me and my cousins went in and found over a hundred cocoa beans and a large jungle territory!
    12/10 Ratin’, k?

  2. flamingogamer64 says:

    This is great! I looked around the mines in creative. THERE IS SOOO MUCH LAVA!! Luckily, there is 3 diamonds so this is a 10/10 seed! Thanks!

  3. Najmi says:

    Great seed!

  4. Marin Karavalchev says:

    Ok, but how do you downloat and use it ?

  5. Jon Morales says:

    I have another Jungle seed which is when you type in MassNugget for the seed and go on infinite

  6. TDS200 says:

    Epic, I am going to use this seed in A new mod/map combo adventure!!!!

    “Zombie Run”

  7. kiko says:

    cool seed meybe you kan give all of your seeds to me?

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