Erebor – The Lonely Mountain [Creation]

Erebor is the home of the dwarves and known as the greatest dwarf kingdom in Middle-Earth. It’s a massive fortress built and carved into a mountain which is commonly referred to as the Lonely Mountain. If you have watched the latest The Hobbit movie then you will probably recognize this creation as it plays a big part in that movie.

As it is a port from the PC version of Minecraft the top part of the mountain doesn’t exist due to the 127 block height limit in Minecraft Pocket Edition. Some of the blocks are also missing but besides that it’s a fully working map.

Ported by: FreshFruit
Original PC Creator: Trixy Blox

erebor1 erebor2 erebor3 erebor4


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14 Responses

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  1. Josh schlegel says:

    I wanna download this so bad 😭

  2. I.I.IXX says:

    when I tried to download this, it brought me to a site called ‘filecred’. Could someone explain how to download it from there? thanks

  3. Z says:

    Please make into a Macworld!!!!!!! Please, love LOTR

  4. NeeloNojuaPoll says:

    The downloading won’t work

  5. Anonymous says:

    Who’s playing on 2018

  6. Scorpius Malfoy says:

    is this pre or post Smaug

  7. Woowolf says:

    Download link does not work!I’m on ios,brings me to page were it says that safari can’t open the page!Please help!

  8. Heychicken1 says:

    How do you not need computer

  9. Jeff says:

    This sucks I don’t have a computer so I can’t download it.

  10. Barricade says:

    Pleeaaaaaassse make the Mountain gor mcworld. ❤️❤️❤️

  11. jmmajaducon says:

    Cool Map Gotta Play It Right Now

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