Escape From The Mind [Horror]

Escape From The Mind is a new level of horror. In this map, Herobrine has captured you and entered your mind to terrorize you. Your goal in this map is to escape from your mind by finding secrets as well as the hidden lore. Will you find a way to escape and beat Herobrine?

WARNING: This map has lots of jumpscares and flashing images!

Explore the map and find a way to escape

Look in chests for items you can use to help you

Find stone brick walls with a gold speck to find hidden secrets and useful items

And remember, he is always watching

For all of those who wonder about the secret ending, here is a list of what you should do:

    1. Reinstall the map (if you have already finished it)

    2. Play through until you reach the house

    3. Go to the bathroom (at the end of the hall next to the bedroom)

    4. Flip one of the switches above the sink to open a secret passage

    5. Find the cell 4 key

    6. Play through until you reach the asylum

    7. Unlock cell 4

Changelog View more
  • Fixed minor bugs in the game
  • Made huge changes to the map, especially in the mineshaft
  • Fixed some bugs
  • Fixed a typo in the end credits
  • Updated the cave with the mineshaft; I also added a new easter egg in there
  • Made some changes and fixed some bugs
  • Should be fully multiplayer compatible now, though it was meant for singleplayer
  • Fixed an annoying typo at the secret ending
  • Effects will not clear after flipping the lever again in the throne room
  • Added another easter egg, you will have to find it yourself ;)
  • I fixed small bugs in the map
  • The lever in the throne room won't cause blindness more than once
  • a sign is put up so players will know where the tower is
  • fixed typo in the map description
  • I added a book of potion recipes that could be accessed from the cell
  • The mob was supposed to be invincible and people killed it anyway, so I fixed that
  • I fixed the bug where you could easily access the escape ending at the beginning
  • I added food in the chest at the beginning in case people starved during the map

I realized I had left an obvious hole in the map while fixing bugs before I reuploaded this.

The file was corrupted. I am reuploading this map and hopefully, that will fix it.

  • In the castle, all doors are locked until the blindness effect is gone
  • I have also done minor fixes
  • I added a description of the secret ending on this page


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63 Responses

4.82 / 5 (28 votes)
  1. Guest-1397283556 says:

    dude me and my friend was playing this and we got a heart attack and a head ache xd

  2. Guest-2750375539 says:

    Is it possible to play this on multiplayer with friends?

  3. Guest-7265281672 says:

    Hi this map is AMAZING me and my friends love it please make another one !!!!!

  4. Guest-3445840707 says:

    My game said Level Import Failed, however all imports I’ve been trying to do lately have all failed. Could there be a reason for this?
    It does seem like an awesome map though!

  5. VirusX728 says:

    I have been working on an addon for my next map, but I ran into a problem. I am new with making addons and I made a new entity with Block Bench. I created the texture pack for it with photoshop and it works perfectly, but when I tested it in Minecraft, but the textures don’t work properly. The entity is a humanoid and I made a humanoid skin for it, but the head of the entity was for some reason being used for the body, arms, and head. If somebody reading this understands how to make addons better than I do, can you please help me?

  6. Guest-4988022927 says:

    Oh. My. Goodness. Dude, this is great. I’m personally more of a fan of watching horror than playing it but I’m so glad I tried this! It’s even more impressive considering that Bedrock is difficult to work with, at least more than Java. I can tell you must’ve worked hard on this, and I want to thank you so much for making it. I loved it!

  7. VirusX728 says:

    Hello guys, I added something new to the update, you will find it in the mineshaft. I plan on adding more to it that makes it fit more with the storyline. Let me know what you guys think of it, I am deciding whether I should keep it or remove it.

  8. Guest-3998621308 says:

    Im confused i was making a confusing map but cant make the hallway part and you did make it How did you do it? (The part it says go back and its diffrent but makes a round into the place you were in)

  9. ToxicBry says:

    Hello! I finally went back and did the secret ending. i cant wait for your next horror map, and by any chance do you have a twitter i could follow? 🙂

  10. Guest-1337686858 says:

    I can’t grab the keys or crawl!!!!! someone helppppppppppp

  11. Guest-5921966144 says:

    I’m stuck in the courtyard. I got the potion, opened the trapdoor, got to the chest…. but the chest will NOT open. Can someone PLEASE help me? I’ve looked, there’s no block above the chest, but I still can’t open it for some reason. I need help. Also, I want to say, when I saw Herobrine by the tree, I wanted so badly to have the waving emote.

  12. Guest-2995852770 says:

    I’m going to troll my friend with this. I’ve renamed it to the world we created together, and am going to invite him to play with me.

    • Guest-7262554725 says:

      Never mind, this was made for single player wasn’t it?
      (This is the same person btw, I think it generates a new guest number every time you say something)

  13. Guest-1838023223 says:

    Woww man
    I plaied your map and it was AMAZING
    Five starts for you !!

  14. Guest-6606657529 says:

    I’m stuck in the courtyard how do I get out?

    • Guest-5878282649 says:

      Oh once you’re there obtain the breating potion from a chest in the courtyard and consume it. Then open the trapdoor, swim into it, and open the chest at the end of the water tunnel. Afterwards, escape the water tunnel and lose your sanity. Hope that helped!

  15. Guest-6945195779 says:

    Completely stuck in the first room, how do I get out?????

  16. Guest-1665036119 says:

    Your Secret ending is more of sad ending
    Please make a part 2 for secret ending earners

  17. Guest-9101511247 says:

    That was so fun!!

  18. Guest-1086702272 says:

    I loved the map. It was so fun!

  19. Guest-4419713266 says:

    This map was amazing! It is a very advanced horror map and both my friend and I loved it!!!

  20. Guest-6053151960 says:

    I cant get into the courtyard

  21. VirusX728 says:

    Hello everyone, I will be working on a sequel, but I am waiting for the nether update so I could have more textures. For now, I am working on a behavior pack and textures for it. I can’t promise you it will come out this year, but what I can promise you is that I will put in the effort to make it bigger and better than the first game. In the meantime, I will be uploading other maps and resource packs. Also, keep commenting on this map and uploading videos so that I could fix more bugs. Thank you guys for your support.

  22. Tfarkenim says:

    Very cool map!

  23. Da3pikD3rpy says:

    Very cool map! 5 stars! Keep going like this!

  24. Guest-8789978022 says:

    is this single player, multi or both?

  25. Guest-5934811587 says:

    i don’t know how to install this, it says import started and it was successful but it isn’t appearing in the add on section.

  26. Guest-7252735199 says:

    Can i please use the resource pack for my map? Ill give credits to you if you can let me.

  27. zpeanutgirl says:

    just a tip dont kill the shadowy thing that follows you it will break the map

  28. Aboodiio966 says:

    I somehow found the secret ending before the normal one

  29. bpsysgamer says:

    .Very good map, although I don’t understand much English I was able to understand the history

  30. Guest-2359377085 says:

    I really loved your map, i hope you make much more like this

  31. DiamonDaggers says:

    How does this even work? I can’t even get past the first room! I don’t get this.

  32. Guest-9610333481 says:

    Can we play multiplayer?

  33. Guest-1297222231 says:

    Why can’t igo to the toilet???
    I think there’s a invisible block blocking the way

  34. Guest-1120783819 says:

    I really wanna play this map…. (it looks like so much fun!) but I’m having trouble downloading. Every time I click the link to download the map it brings me to a blank page! Does anyone know how to fix this issue?

  35. Guest-9678604359 says:

    Are you doing a second part

  36. Guest-2662572538 says:

    Are you doing a second part?

  37. Guest-4772362761 says:


  38. VirusX728 says:

    For all of those who wonder about the secret ending, here is a list of what you should do:
    1. reinstall the map
    2. play through until you reach the house
    3. go to the bathroom (at the end of the hall next to the bedroom)
    4. find the cell 4 key
    5. play through until you reach the asylum
    6. unlock cell 4

    I hope this helps 🙂

  39. VirusX728 says:

    For all who want to do gameplay on this and post it on YouTube, please feel free to do it. I do not mind at all.

    • Guest-4945695024 says:

      Thanks man! Some friends of mine are searching for some Minecraft maps to play on youtube. If it works out we’ll be sure to give you a shoutout. I will rate the map after I play through a few times.

  40. Guest-7315568251 says:

    Im going to do a gameplay on it ^-^ Hope ya dont mind! Channel: Gachamonster

  41. Guest-4411237398 says:

    Great map! the jump scares were unexpected, hope you don’t mind i attempted to do a video on it on my channel TheToxicBry.

  42. Guest-2668624955 says:

    Hey great map, what was the second ending? Where was the bathroom I was supposed to go to to flip the lever

  43. Guest-8321648453 says:

    I forgot to rate, oops.. I’m the same person who said that this was great!

  44. Guest-1588953755 says:

    This was a really good map! I absolutely loved it! Great job!

  45. Miuyuza says:

    This map is very good, I played it until I was scared because of herobrine shock 😫

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