Escape Room: Cave

You enter through a cave entrance in search of treasure, only to have the cave collapse behind you! Solve 4 puzzles to unlock the door that holds the treasure, and escape before the cave collapses in this puzzle map.

elcome to Escape Room: Cave! 

In my attempts at making my maps compatible with pocket edition users and to be able to create maps faster, I’ve devoted myself to only making smaller maps for the time being (no huge adventure maps until I get a larger following and a build team together :D) and that means I can get smaller, more refined maps out to you guys. 

Escape Room: Cave is a small escape room map intended to take anywhere from 25-40 minutes, It’s meant to be a good introductory to puzzle maps and some of the ideas used in this one are rudimentary, but I’ve been experimenting with particle effects and I think it came out really well. 

Please join my discord if you have any concerns or issues with the map, or have suggestions of your own! (It’s the fastest way to reach me)


*For people who want to play this map on Java edition over bedrock edition, go to my discord server or my guide and you can find the Java download there)* 

Guide for those who get stuck:

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I hope you all enjoy the map, and I’ll see you all here when my next one comes out (It’s going to be a 2-in-1!)


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  1. Estrongel says:

    That is weird.. there isn’t a single button on bedrock edition showing at the start of the map that would do anything like that. I’m not sure what you did because the button you’re talking about doesn’t show up until later. The item frames aren’t the first puzzle either. Idk what you did, sorry!

  2. allen023 says:

    I found a bug, in the first part where you going to find buttons. I found a button and the title command said 4/4 and the bedrock wall is gone but that’s the first button that I found.

    It’s a great map even though It’s short. Nice builds especially inside the cave. The variety of blocks that you used is good.

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