Escape Room: Herobrine [Horror]

6 Rooms 6 Secrets 6 Blocks

Hello guys! Another Escape Room! But this escape room is different to my other Escape Rooms because the antagonist or the villain is HEROBRINE! Play with your friends now! And HAVE FUN while QUARANTINED! BE SAFE! 




  • Story

Brix is an investigative reporter. He arrives to investigate the Dark Place based on a lead he receives from an anonymous source. He was stucked inside the place and can’t get out.he wants to tell the the secrets, rumors and the truth about this place so Herobrine locked him up. Your goal is to Escape! Find clues and hints to get out of the place!

This map have Mazes, Trapdoor Parkour, Rooms Full of Barrell, and Many MORE! 

  • How to Download?

Click the link and skip the ads and deny the notifications then wait 15-25 seconds and you will be redirected to the link! If the first link didn’t work try the second link!

Changelog View more
  • Fixed and changed some minor issues and problems
  • Thanks for the youtubers showcasing and playing my maps! 
  • Fixed and Changed some minor issues! 
  • Thanks for the good feedback and thank you for the youtubers who showcase or played my MAPS! 
  • Fixed some minor issues and changed the description and installation description! 
  • Thank you for the youtubers showcasing and played my maps! 
  • Added another link because players can encounter errors.
  • Download the last link and import it!


  • How to Import?

Download the link then open the link then it will automatically opens to minecraft then that's it! Because it its .mcworld!


Supported Minecraft versions

1.14 1.15 (beta) 1.16

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Installation Guides

AndroidiOSWindows 10

22 Responses

3.67 / 5 (3 votes)
  1. LemonLord983 says:

    Does this work with multiplayer?

  2. Guest-9745614707 says:

    Bruh am I an idiot. I cant even get passed the first room with all the doors

  3. Guest-9469352724 says:

    Change .mcworld to .zip then extract everything and navigate into the folder where you see, etc. Finally select everything there and zip it. Once zipped, change this extension from .zip to .mcworld. double click the .mcworld as usual and it will work

  4. Guest-8951131560 says:

    You using java?

  5. Guest-9895469067 says:

    Can you pleaseeee add a zip file because when I downloaded the zip file and import it, it works 😀

  6. So which link is it?

  7. Guest-8359778045 says:


  8. Guest-1835366118 says:

    Yep it really works in Education Edition :>

  9. iiExotic says:

    Don’t put 1.14 in supported version if it’s not gonna work 🙄

  10. Guest-1266791267 says:

    When global lockdown restrictions for COVID-19 are lifted, will you change the description of this map along with the descriptions of your other content?

  11. Guest-7447862548 says:

    the download says level import fail

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