Escape Room

“Welcome to Alteir Labs’ new simulation game called Escape Room. As our tester, you will be solving puzzles to escape rooms. Secrets hide within our simulation game so have an open eye on those secrets. Have fun and remember… don’t follow the crowd. Alteir Labs thanks you for your participation.”

Escape Room is a short yet puzzling map that offers 4 endings. You are a test subject who is testing a new simulation game called Escape Room. Alteir Labs, infamous for many scandals, are rewarding participants for testing their new game so you decided to join in. 

However, as you solve all of these puzzles, you begin to realize that there’s more than what it seems around this game. After solving three rooms, the entire facility goes into lockdown and it’s now or never to escape the facility that’s in a sudden and bizarre security breach. 

This is a side story to the adventure map, Alteir’s Lab, which gives a bit more story and lore into the whole universe of Alteir’s Lab. More maps will be released that will fill in the gaps on the entire lore of the Alteir’s Lab universe. 

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35 Responses

4.27 / 5 (22 votes)
  1. Guest-6647740907 says:

    The code for that blue room is, 51931165
    the reason this is the answer is because when youre given the clue book, there is a letter in each page. E is on page 5, S is on page 19, C is on page 3, A is on page 1 and P is on page 16, which spells out escape.

  2. Guest-6559160779 says:

    what is the code in the dream tunnel??? This is the only way im not done

  3. Guest-6969922829 says:

    yo ur legendary thanks for not having adfly

  4. Guest-5467255148 says:

    What’s the code on the ABCDEFG…. clue?

  5. bauti says:


  6. Cakecircle90308 says:

    Wow!! what a game i completed it three times and found 3 new endings
    1.title ending
    2.death ending
    3.coward ending

  7. Szkra Nrcz says:

    How to first room?

  8. Anonymous says:

    yeah but then what

  9. Anonymous says:

    Whats the actual code
    It’s so hard

  10. please says:

    guys please i dont know how to get past the bathroom i tried everything please answer me

  11. Nathan Mills says:

    What’s the code??? doesnt make any sense…

  12. TheEpicOne5000 says:

    How many endings r there?

  13. Grace says:

    What am I supposed to do when the announcer says to run??

  14. EnderFive5 says:

    It was a really good map! I did have to go into creative though for the blue room with the code, I didn’t understand it. If you do update the maps can you put in the clue a second page that puts the actual answer? But overall pretty neat and would love another map!

  15. Vini says:

    I’m not gonna lie I have no idea wtf the code could be for that small blue room. I understand I should be something with numbers and letters but I just can’t get it. Can someone give me a clue

  16. rip.kid says:

    one of the best maps i’ve played!

  17. Stinkelsburg says:

    So cool! I downloaded the map multiple times and finished it with the different endings! Well done!

  18. D05 says:

    Hey man, great job it’s a nice break to the usual formula. But there’s a small problem, you see: at the circuit of the last escape room’s button there is a repeater facing the other side, thus not allowing the story to continue. Fix it and I’ll give my all fleshed our review!

  19. Anonymous says:

    A few of your command blocks didn’t work to activate your repeating and normal command block. The reason why was because you put one of the repeaters backwards!

  20. Sky says:

    there is no way out of the bathroom. i swear i have tried everything. I’ve even gone into creative and broken everything on a copy map. all there is is this random diamond that does nothing. please help!

  21. Alyssa says:

    I liked this map a lot! But what is supposed to happen after I place down the Diamond block next to the fridge? And also, why did I get a spruce button? I can’t place it anywhere. Overall this is amazing!

  22. Bugdetboat says:

    I needs help

  23. Jojo Dancer says:

    Hey I was wondering if it is multiplayler?

  24. Grumpycat says:

    The map glitched and it stoped working when I reached the ??? room and so I am sorry for cheating and teleporting through but then I got to the run RUN! part and nothing happend

  25. kit says:

    Bro is this Ao Oni?

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