Escape the Nether – Chapters: 1 – 2

One day you and your friend heard of the nether update (1.16) and decided to venture into the new and updated nether! This is a one-two player map and is a great adventure map showcasing some of the features of the nether update(1.16) and is a great play. please enjoy.

The story goes that one day you and your friend discovered the nether update and decided to go to the nether to check it out. but then you where captured by piglins and trapped in a cage over a lava lake next to a bastions that the piglins use as their base. You then must parkour up vines and discover the secrets of the nether in order to defeat the Nether Wizard and escape back to the over world.

You must battle through multiple stages and biomes. Fight the wizard in the bassalt delta, run from hoglins in the crimson forest and flee to the mysterious warped forest as well as escaping the bastion and forging netherite equipment in a nether forge.

This is an adventure map featuring the nether.  the ultimate goal is to escape after the wizard prevents you from leaving through a portal. Good luck





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Fixed download links, soooo sorry that i stuffed it up. :) hopefully it should work now. 

i removed the world edit i left on, sorry for the inconvenience 

i added a direct download link to media fire for verification purposes

i changed the description to give a more detailed view of the map

i changed the storey slightly to better understand the map.


go to adfly

wait five seconds and deny any notification requests

press skip ad

go to the next page and deny any notification requests and wait 15-30 seconds

works on nearly all versions


Supported Minecraft versions

1.16 1.6 1.9

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  1. sorry for the broken link, it will be fixed very soon. thank you for the feedback enjoy our maps.

  2. Guest-8928697774 says:

    download link is still broken oof

  3. How does the link to “UlTRA-SURVIVAL” need fixing? and thx for telling me

    • Guest-6400474504 says:

      No, the link of this page literally leads to a download link to ULTRA SURVIVAL. Just click on the DOWNLOAD ADFLY TO MEDIAFIRE link to see it yourself.

  4. scripting fixed sorry about that, and i will make it easier in terms of mobs in the next chapters, thx for the feedback 🙂
    Godlyone1104(founder of eternitystudios)

  5. Guest-4128163035 says:

    Hey can you fix the link, the link leads to a Ultra Survival map. Thanks.

  6. PC1364 says:

    I cant do it cos the mobs keep killing me and taking me to the respawn anchor

  7. Thanks for the feedback i will remove scripts sorry for the inconvenience

  8. Guest-7984763977 says:

    It says I can’t play becuase my device doesn’t support scripting… how so?

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