Escape The Zombs

In this zombie game, you will have to escape a mansion which is full of zombies. You only have one stone sword to fight the zombies.

This game is suitable for both multiplayer and singleplayer. (multiplayer is recommended cuz it’s so dam hard)

Update 0.2: player list on the scoreboard

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Since this was first released, this has got quite a lot of downloads and I've been working on this. I've made a few improvements to the map and multiplayer.

-When you are playing now, the survived players and the player number will be shown on the scoreboard. I can't put the image in the changelog for some reason. Please fix it ASAP.


Supported Minecraft versions


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Ya know whats funny it looks like the wood masion lol you did barly nothing

  2. thisgameisterrible says:


  3. ThatGirl says:

    Link! It’s! Not! Working!

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