EVASiON [Puzzle] [Parkour]

EVASiON is a challenging puzzle map with a unique storyline. The creator of the map has managed to creatively use features and objects in Minecraft to create map specific features, such as a high score system with gold ingots and more cool things.


EVASiON is a secret laboratory in which you have been imprisoned in. You are set through a high number of tests and puzzles and the tricky part about the whole thing is that you got no idea what you are doing in there. The ultimate question is if you will make your way through the tests or die trying?


  • Always play on Peaceful
  • You are only allowed to destroy clay
  • You are only allowed to craft things by things which are given to you, besides clay!
  • High score is based on the gold you collect
  • Gravel = keys

Creator: ZeeSnipesMC


eva3 eva4 eva5


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4 Responses

  1. Laura says:

    How do we download it

  2. Eno says:

    Why do we need to open a zip file?

  3. DragonSlayerz says:

    Does this work for 0.16.0?

  4. Ipil says:

    Wow,this map is so challanging and fun!Thank you for making this map!

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