Evil Nun Addon 0.2 (Horror)

Do you love playing Horror games?Killer Games?Then this is the right Addon for you!This addon adds Evil Nun to you world,she will attempt to kill you and chase you so find a place to hide!

Important Notes:

•You are not allowed to re-upload this Addon in any other websites without my permission

•Your are ALLOWED to review this Addon in a YouTube video,but dont forget to put the proper download link of the Addon (this site)

•The addon is tested and worked properly in Minecraft Versions 1.16.100 / 1.16.101 Official Version

Gameplay Video

Evil Nun Addon v0.1

This Addon is more scarier than you think!

•Evil Nun 

Beware of this Nun!She is fast and will chase you when she sees you,she can Jump and Open doors,sometimes she can go though vents (1×1 block) for unknown reason

The Nun is Animated,she have;

•Walking Animation

•Attacking Animation

•Idle Animation

The Nun also have sound effects;

•Terrifying walking sound

•Terrifying Attack Scream

I also added 4 Keys so you can make your own Map

Keys (for custom map use only):

Master Key

Blue Key

Red Key

Yellow Key

Known Bugs:

•The Nun Animation is sometimes broken/buggy when played on Minecraft Version 1.16.20 / 1.16.40

Addon Creators:

LiLCraftYT (Me) and UseDataPlays

You may Subscribe to our YouTube channel to get the latest updates of our Addon:

LiL Craft YT




Changelog View more


Fix The Nun's hitbox

Slightly increase The Nun's health


Make sure you have read the Important Details written above


Supported Minecraft versions

1.16 1.16.100 1.16.101

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17 Responses

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  1. Splackers says:

    You cool if I use this in one of my maps? Add me on discord if you wanna come check it out for yourself MrSplickers#9489

  2. Impostor says:

    does it spawn naturally

  3. SmarterBoy2019 says:

    Lods pwede po ba akong gumawa ng review video para dito???

  4. skategod says:

    can u make killer Santa

  5. Jacopo Gianfreda says:

    Keep improving it!!

  6. BloxurloGamer says:

    HOLA BUENAS TARDES sobre el addon WTF y solo quiero decir aparte que las texturas estan bien hechas saludos.

  7. This addon looks amazing. Will there be a granny chapter 2 addon coming out soon? if so then pls make it happen.

  8. Ultra cat says:

    I have 1.16.20 version ._.

  9. SmarterBoy2019 says:

    Thankyou lodss

  10. Oh no, SHE IS SO BEAUTIFUL, just kidding

  11. xXMelvinFanXz says:

    It seems Evil Nun does not have a voice i wonder you might put some voices for her

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