Excavators Command System 1.12+

This map shows a command system that allows the player to crawl and place excavators for their survival world.

3 Excavators Avalibles

This system has been created by ZhackerHero and Dr. Pyanco.


On this map it has:

-Command box

– Crafting recipes

– Basic Excavator

– Advanced Excavator

– Final Excavator

The command box has on and off, in addition to displaying the crawls necessary to acquire the excavators.

To crawl the excavators you will need to place the ingredients in the indicated way inside a dispenser facing up, and center your gaze towards the dispenser (for those who play with tactile).

Once you get the excavators, you will have to throw the item into a corresponding block:

-Basic Excavator: Iron Block

– Advanced Excavator: Diamond Block

– Final Excavator: Endstone Block

* The basic excavator will break blocks every 12.5 seconds 3x1x3

* The advanced excavator will break blocks every 6 seconds 3x1x3 and every 3 layers will put torches

* The final excavator breaks blocks every 8.5 seconds 5x1x5 and every 3 layers will put torches



Supported Minecraft versions

1.12 1.13

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5 Responses

3.75 / 5 (4 votes)
  1. HonestReviews says:

    It actually work it is Spanish which sucks but u can read the description.. you put the items in order like it shows in the images in the desc put it in a dispenser FACE up and drop it on the block that it’s supposed to go on… the on and off system doesn’t work but I’ll still give 5star ppl just need to READ

    • Dr.Pyanco says:

      Sorry for the inconvenience you had with the tongue. We really want to make content for both languages. In Spanish (inside the map); in English (in the description of the publication). The next update of the «v3» system will have improved all these aspects, thanks for commenting.

  2. Sadwo says:

    Doesn’t work

  3. Tim says:

    Link don’t work and I know all the links and how to do then. Its just not loading

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