Exo Suits Mod

The Exo Suits Mod is inspired by the Exo Suit as used by players in the popular video game Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare. In that game the player can wear a suit which drastically enhances his ability to fight in battle.

Currently the mod for Pocket Edition is still very basic. In the future we would like to see the ability of actually draining the batteries for some realism. It would also be nice to see a couple of other Exo Suits added to the mod which acts differently from the one and only currently available.

Creator: FantaPhantom

Item IDs & Crafting Recipes

  • Battery (378) – 4 iron ingots + 1 redstone
  • Exo Helmet (410) – 3 batteries + 2 iron ingots
  • Exo Chestplate (411) – 3 batteries + 5 iron ingots
  • Exo Leggings (412) – 5 batteries + 2 iron ingots
  • Exo Boots (413) – 2 batteries + 2 iron ingots

Getting Started

Currently there is only one suit but in the future there will be more.

Exo Suit

Some would say that this suit is overpowered but either way it’s an incredibly fun suit to wear as you will be able to jump super high, run a little bit faster and be resistant to damage. It takes advantage of the potion effects now available in Minecraft PE, but only when the suit is worn.

exosuits1 exosuits2

[download label=”Download Mod (MCPE DL)”]http://mcpedl.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/06/ExoSuits.js[/download]

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Link doesnt work

  2. Yeasy says:

    iOS please

  3. Mike says:

    Where do you download

  4. john says:

    why it would not go down???

  5. Ghostboss02 says:

    Wonderful mod

  6. Aitutaki says:

    Hi you ar so awsome

  7. Jay says:

    This mod is so so amazing

  8. Jay says:

    What a nice mod

  9. Funky Jack says:

    Hi um I know a. Lot of people say how do I download this but when I download it it has a progress bar and when it finishes it says download complete but when I go to block launcher and I go to manage modPe scripts I select it and then its says its active but when I go into a world I doesn’t tell me anything and I can’t seem to find it in my inventory and this happens in all of the mods that I download so please help but don’t put a link please explain and I’ve got android thank you

  10. Matt says:

    I love it

  11. Timothy says:

    How do you get the mod

  12. maxmilian says:

    My armor is just black fix this please…

  13. Connor says:

    It’s the coolest mod ever but I have 1 sugeston make it so if you jump of a high plays you take no fall damage

  14. Dan says:

    Great mod but can you add a button that when pressed gives you the jump boost affect instead of having the jump boost on the whole time because it is really annoying. Maybe add a button at the bottom right next to the hotbar

  15. Charlie says:

    It’s awesome

  16. Leonardo says:

    Awesome mod

  17. Nash says:

    It’s just all coding for me

  18. Bjdhfxhjsdfb says:

    I’m using it in IOS 8.3 and I saved it to pages and Dropbox but I don’t know how to use it

  19. Cohen says:

    This so great!!

  20. Peterpool says:

    Thats awsome

  21. Hussain says:

    When I tap the download mod button it does nothing but turn black instead of green PLZ help

  22. Sarah says:


  23. DiamondDude says:

    How do you download it

  24. Christian Pacheco says:

    Its cool

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