Exotic Biomes Addon

Exotic biomes is nothing more than an add-on that adds 25 new biomes with several decoration pieces included for each one of the new biomes that will give more diversity to the scenario, it is noteworthy that.

I recommend you install YBiomesCraft next to ExoticBiomes to get 50 new biomes in your game.

You cannot create your own download link, create an application, or create a page within another application.


Biome of active volcanoes

Small Mountains Biome.

Coconut trees spawn on beaches now (90% complete).

Large trees of termites biome.

ice biome with spikes.(inspired by bundle bioomes, however different)

Frozen tree biome (can also be edege with spikes).

frozen old pine biome

old pine biome

sharp tree desert

super bedland biome.

new giant pine biome

biome new giant pine and ice

reforested planices

desert flower biome

big birch forest

big birch ice

big birch

large gray pines

large gray pines and ice

mangrove biome

frozen desert

crooked pines (says a hurricane legend)

dark wood plains

And 2 others I want you to discover by doing your exploration (they are much nicer).

Programs I used to make this complement

the first time you import the addon and create the map will take a little longer than usual

You cannot create your own download link, create an application, or create a page within another application.

Changelog View more

all progams I used to make this add-on are properly credited.

add 25 new biomes the ice thorn biome is inspired by a pc mod but it's different


Supported Minecraft versions

1.13 1.14

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65 Responses

3.7 / 5 (27 votes)
  1. Guest-5853497588 says:

    So i tried to install this addon and my antivirus finds out that the download has a trojan….

  2. Guest-3169040056 says:

    It says that it has a virus in the file

  3. Guest-4680994430 says:

    Hey, i installed your addon but in my world there are no new biomes can someone help me? Sorry for bad english 😛

  4. ArchedHeart says:

    Cmon bro i dont want to do all this scammy link vertise stuff can you gimme the link

  5. Guest-1694815558 says:

    Can you put some download link on add fly pls

  6. Guest-8336489413 says:

    Can you add some under water volcano

  7. Guest-5807676003 says:

    Can you add a Giant mushroom biome?

  8. Guest-3253463343 says:

    This add on only works on phones. If you try to download this on computer you will get a virus.

  9. Guest-4523924391 says:

    Can I get a direct link to the file? Because the website you link is trying to give me a virus….

  10. Guest-5850613685 says:

    Warning, this is scam. This mod probably doesn’t even exist!
    You can watch ads and you won’t get the file with mod, only the Trojan from .EXE

  11. Guest-5078373355 says:

    I download and I get a .exe file. what do I do to extract it etc to put it in the beh and res packs in Minecraft

  12. Guest-2315404079 says:

    How does it works?

  13. Guest-4537265510 says:

    How does it work

  14. Guest-5014131118 says:

    Guys there’s this thing I don’t want to watch and it’s popping up plz remove this thing

  15. Guest-3058128777 says:

    I can’t wait to start exploring this is gonna be fun

  16. Ember- says:

    I have a great idea, you should but generated structures according tot he biome they are in.

  17. Guest-1125530629 says:

    can villages still spawn?

  18. Guest-9462138344 says:

    Please link the behavior pack

  19. User-3392233051 says:

    En el otro de ybiomescraft ni si quiera puedo encontrar ni un solo bioma, basura

  20. SmothLime186535 says:

    I was exiting for the add-on Buy it doesn’t works

  21. Ueexxbw says:

    I see no new biomes in my world.

  22. Jack says:

    Able to use on realms? Or on dedicated server?

  23. JacksFO says:

    It dosn’t seem to work for me 1.14.2 is it broken or am i installing it wrong?

  24. PLEASE says:


  25. DutiKun says:

    I just want to say that I’m also going to make an ice-spike like biome. But I want to say that I had the idea a few months ago, too so I’m not stealing any of your content. Just want to give that little information

  26. Leo says:

    Never mind it imported, but i tried loading it in a world and it froze my game on my apple device, please fix this!

  27. Leo says:

    I checked the files and the behaviour pack is in there, but the folder includes a file named “import_lock” and no manifest or pack_icon files

  28. Leo says:

    Also a pack icon

  29. Leo says:

    You forgot to add a manifest for the behaviour pack that’s why it’s not loading

  30. Wes says:

    Could you add this to the addons app please

  31. Anonymous says:

    does it work on pc?

  32. Anonymous says:

    I didn’t get the behavior pack when I downloaded the pack pls fix this

  33. :v says:

    Arregla tu link

  34. Patrick Mendoza says:

    Fix this addon. It doesn’t import the behavior pack and crashes the world i put the addon

  35. Anonymous says:

    Sharp tree desert….?

  36. Mr.Spongey onesie says:

    Exracting the behavior pack takes for ever i don’t have the time but i can’t fix that. I’m downloading this from Xbox and typing this. The does look good so i can’t be too mad.

  37. OmeneG says:

    Incrível faz um addon de desastres naturais,vc tem potencial demais

  38. Anon says:

    It won’t even start downloading

  39. Just a person says:

    Can you make it so there is a normal behavior and resource pack option instead of a mcaddon?

  40. Yellow says:

    No sirve

  41. Anonymous says:

    Hey Can You Add Temperature From Other Biome To MORE REALITY EXPIERIENCE😇👍

  42. Thetigerking says:

    Thank you for a biomes O’plenty 😀 But can you add custom ore and wood and other stuff

  43. Henrique says:

    Poxa vida, não conseguir achar um bioma!

  44. David says:


    I have been waiting for a Biomes O’Plenty mod for BEDROCK. This DID NOT disappoint at all.

  45. Anonymous says:

    it looks lik Biome o Plenty mod from java
    its very good but can vannila biomes still spawn?

  46. br says:

    Quando você atualizar,poderia adicionar mais cores as árvores,ja que fica tudo verde,é meio repetitivo,mais adoreii

  47. enderPOTATOcat says:

    great addon! I really like the addons that mess play around with the generation of the world!
    one idea that I haven’t seen recently is applying more structures. at least I can’t find one the doesn’t spawn them after the chunk is already loaded.

  48. CubeSteff3906 says:

    Hello bro! This is an amazing addon and me and my team would love to have it be a part of our modpack! Please contact me on Discord if you please to learn more 🙂

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