Expansion+ Add-on (v2.0)

Ever wanted more ores in Minecraft? What about palm trees and new mobs? Or even more weapons and tools? Well this is the perfect creative or survival addon as it adds all of those!

In this addon there is over 200 new blocks, over 100 new items, and around 100 new mobs for you to use and explore. Some of the new blocks include dyed planks, stained glowstone, more stone brick variants, and much more.

For every ore in the game there is a rough item that can be chiseled to make the polished type (or the normal type). For example, when amethyst ore is mined it drops rough amethyst. This rough amethyst can be crafted with a chisel to make polished amethyst. The same applies for all ores, however, already existing ores still drop the same item. It will hopefully be possible to change existing block loot tables in the future.

There are also new GUI features, such as a new panorama, a new dark mode option, and new splash text. Dark mode can be applied by going to settings and global resources, then click the Expansion+ Resource Pack and tap the wrenches or the dark blue/gray button.

This addon contains more features than just blocks, and items. There are also more natural generation features and more smaller features such as more game settings.

Natural Generation:

Cave generation has completely changed also. Depending on the biome you’re in, the blocks in the cave will be different. For example, icy caves have lots of frosted and frozen stone, along with blue ice and marble. Emerald ore and sapphire ore will naturally generate now in the End dimension. Gold and Coal can now be found in the Nether as well, along with chunks of basalt.

New Ore Generation:

Amethyst Ore: Found only in icy caves at y-levels 0-16.

Ruby Ore: Found in warm and jungle caves. In warm caves it can be found in y-levels 2-29, while in jungle caves it is more rare and only generates in hill-filled areas.

Sulfur Ore: Found only in jungle caves in y-levels 1-63.

Copper Ore: Found in desert caves, only generating at y-levels 1-63.

Salt Ore: Found in icy caves at y-levels 1-63.

Prismarine Ore: Only found in ocean caves. Generates in both warm and cold ocean caves at any y-level.

Sapphire Ore: Found anywhere in the End


Many features are still a work-in-progress and will be updated in the future. Please report any bugs you find to [email protected] and I will fix them. Also, blocks with custom block shapes will not work on versions 1.13+

Changelog View more
  • Added 50+ new blocks
  • All crafting recipes are finished
  • All mobs naturally spawn
  • New Pirate Ship and Villager Pirates
  • Cave and ore generation has been completely changed
  • New Dark Mode feature available in the resource pack settings
  • Many more new features for you to explore!


Make sure to turn on Experimental Gameplay and Mob Spawning to make sure all of the features work.


Supported Minecraft versions


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257 Responses

3.79 / 5 (144 votes)
  1. User-9309624867 says:

    Way too Laggy

  2. User-1935655799 says:

    It says the website is unsafe, so you need to look into that.

  3. User-3251305234 says:

    please can i have a list of crafting recipes or something because not everything shows up in the survival recipie book

  4. JPatrickLz says:

    The Expansion+ is great but it says sometging about enabling thirst. Is this a joke or is it real, if so, how to activate it?

  5. Anonymous says:

    Hi, I have this problem… when I want to craft, without having anything, the results is sapphire. (Sorry for my bad English) I went to the resource pack, and delete the sapphire… but it’s still there, but with another texture.

  6. DARK_THE_GREAT says:

    Hello, the addon work successfully on 1.14 but the character or the skin is invisible please fix this!

    • PaDiS says:

      Yo I found what causes the problem!!!
      You have to go to your Minecraft folder then in the resource folder then find expansion+ folder open it then go to entity and delete player.json
      If you still have problems make a new world or that again but in your world folder

      • Anonymous says:

        Is this mods good do they work ? Because I have tried other mods with ores and they don’t do anything is like using the fist.

  7. Anonymous says:

    This is cool and all, but how do I reload the flintlock pistol?

  8. ryan james says:

    could u add the tree feller mod into this? (shift and destroy a log with an axe and it will cut the whole tree down)
    would really appreciate it

  9. Neji2004 says:

    There is a problem and it is that the kind of rock wall is generated too much or something, it is very annoying to have to take it out every time it appears, it also appears quite a lot in the house and in what would be the mines, if they fixed that, it would be great, thanks, by the way, very good the addon, it’s cool

  10. PrazeThySun says:

    Problem with player turning invisible having this addon active. idk whats causing it but its there.

    • Anonymous says:

      same problem for me so for now its single player only

    • PaDiS says:

      Yo I found what causes the problem!!!
      You have to go to your Minecraft folder then in the resource folder then find expansion+ folder open it then go to entity and delete player.json
      If you still have problems make a new world or do that again but in your world folder

  11. DogE says:

    Please update it to 1.13 its broken

  12. Isaiah Taylor says:

    can you fix the clear snow on grass problam

  13. Isaiah Taylor says:

    can you fix the clear snow on grass problum

  14. Isaiah Taylor says:

    can you fix the clear snow on grass problum

  15. CrazehIvan says:

    I love it but pls make it available on 1.13

  16. Mafuyu says:

    Is there any ways to break the teleporter? And can you please update it for 1.13???

  17. RainCraftGamer says:

    I wish This expansion add more Armor
    And can u change the version to 1.13 plz

  18. Yeeeeee says:

    This addon is amazing but since it’s now 1.13 can you update it?

  19. Rob876 says:

    Fix it for 1.13

  20. AdeptSporz says:

    Yeah it sucks that a lot of mods got outdated

  21. Orlando019 * says:

    Pls support for 1.13 I really like this mod and I don’t want it to get outdated. I would really appreciate it if you updated the addon for the newer version of the game.

  22. Anonymous says:

    Great addon pack!!! If you want a lot in your world or a survival series then this is the pack you need

  23. Francis says:

    This addon is very cool but can we have à guide/wiki or something ?

  24. Issa Fleur says:

    pleeeeease fix this mod!. I love this mod. I just hate when it crashes and those lines all on every block. Plus when you stack the leaves you get a x-ray vision.

    Pls fix!.

  25. Ya Momz says:

    Why are swords equipment? Also no enchantments?

  26. Potterfun says:

    Hi do I need to turn on experimental gameplay for the blocks to Be put in my creative menu? As there not there only the spawn eggs are the blocks have only been there once in a world I deleted but there not there otherwise a really good pack!

    Please fix all the glitches If you can

    • KawaiiMellon says:

      Great addon! I love it although can you update it to 1.13 as it makes me and my friends invisible, but besides that it is amazing!

  27. Leo says:

    My game crashes once in a while when I use this addon, plz fix this, I am on iOS and I love this addon

  28. Henkill95 says:

    works in 1.13 beta?

  29. blah says:

    good mod . very good indeed. many blocks many mobs many everything. Its a perfect mod. i dont know what others say about you adding more stuff. i disagree with them. but. i really do agree with people that tell you to fix bugs.. I have found 2 major and noticable “errors”
    1. Crashing. i placed an iron chain = crashed . i left the cave and when i got to the surface i crashed.

    2. the white outlines.. well lets just say texture errors.

    please just make a hotfix update where you fix bugs

  30. DeathOnASpoon says:

    this mod is very yummy. i can tell lots of effort and care went into the making of it. HOWEVER, i am experiencing some bugs that subtract from the enjoyability of the mod. I can live with the odd pixels on the blocks and I’m pretty sure i’ve fixed the crashing, but an odd one that’s really bugging me is the fact that every now and then a bunch of fence posts and walls with a stone texture appear all over the place, which i have to go through and destroy. Perhaps this wouldn’t be as much of an issue to me if the only place they spawned wasn’t the one part of my world i put a bunch of care into making look good…

  31. SCREEEE says:

    Idk if it’s something on my end (probably is) it’s keeps saying and I am using Mx addon and documents app because I’m on iOS 13 and when I launch it in mine craft it says invalid zip does anyone know as to why that is

  32. Anonymous says:

    So the creator of the cave update successfully added new ore generation, please consult who ever that may be

  33. Orlando019 =) says:

    Great addon but there are some glitches in the addon.

    1.-Invisible blocks: Only when I have this addon on some blocks turn invisible.

    2.-Crash: My game crashes after saving the world.

    Pls fix so I can play this again

  34. HirwrC says:

    This addon looks very promising but it crashes after one or two minutes after launch of the world. I’m not giving bad rating because I know, that this issue will be fixed soon. Good luck dealing with it 🙂 (Windows 10, game version: 1.12.1, experimental gameplay: ON, education edition: OFF)

  35. Some Guy says:

    Overall I love this but there are some rendering issues and sometimes a giant yellow creature sits on me blocking my field of vision even though it’s not really there

  36. MetalFoxy573 says:

    This addon is amazing but I do have suggestions for others blood moon every 20 days the moon rises red new mobs such as more mobs spawning like regular mobs spiders zombies heck maybe so of the carnage mobs could help with this also make mobs faster during it please I have more ideas such as a skill tree DakonBlackRose could help with this like in RL craft you have to a your inventory and upgrade diffrent skills okay that’s all my suggestions I’ll add more if I think of any I’m asking you because you are one of the best Minecraft bedrock addon makers ok thank you

  37. Br says:

    No render controllers found.

  38. GameTekWizard says:

    This Mod can be 1 of my favorites but i keeps on crashing on Xbox even when im only using this please fix your mod because as far as it go’s i love it and hate to see it getting Hated on

  39. Yello says:


  40. Anonymous says:

    This addon is great. My only issues are that the overworld ores don’t generate, and for some reason, grass with top snow on it will not render whatsoever, causing an X-ray glitch. It does crash every now and then, but I use iPad so it might be my device. Otherwise great addon, and I hope these bugs get fixed eventually.

    • Anonymous says:

      I heard that this addon is getting updated soon so I’m pretty sure the snowy grass thing will be fixed. I hope it does. I don’t expect ore generation to be fixed but if it is that will be great too. Looking forward to the new update! 😁

  41. FlaviusFire says:

    You guys HAVE to make sure that you’re enabling Experimental Gameplay. A lot of the time, these kind of addons don’t work right unless you do. I always enable it whether it’s listed or not.

  42. Simple Craft says:


    Main issues though such as the Ore system still bearly working (trust me i went to the right spawn locations) and game crashes and a few crafting bugs are holding this back from being the Best addon for MC Bedrock but once fixed this will be amazing so keep at it and if really nessersary update to 1.13 beta since ore spawning is WAAAAAY easier to code along with additional biomes e.ct and once the full 1.13 comes out i’ll be playing it 🙂

  43. The ancient evil master says:

    Too much. this addon adds too much

  44. Yumgbgkns Yumgbgkns says:

    isnt this addon by dakonblackrose?

  45. GarunixReborn says:

    Ore generation doesn’t work in the slightest, and the edges of blocks have a few bugged pixels, very annoying

  46. Big l says:

    V 2.0 you can’t use command console it crashes the game

  47. The reason I give 2 stars, is that this add-on causes my game to crash (it’s running on an xbox one, not a phone so don’t say it’s because me device is too weak) and very narrow white lines are rendering over many blocks such as stone and grass. Certain leaf patches have a middle that shows caves and everything, which is basicly the middle being an invisible block. Grass with snow also becomes a seethrough-xray block. This add-on is great, but these flaws really ruin the experience, and that is why I don’t rate it higher.

  48. Big Bob says:

    Is there a way to get us all of the items? I can only get them individually from commands 🙁 otherwise, it’s great!

  49. TheSkullCreeper says:

    Snowy grass is invisible when using Expansion+

  50. laiffoo .. says:

    how i can make the ores normal?

  51. A says:

    Keeps on crashing

  52. BS mat says:

    Please make crafting recipes!!!!!

  53. noname says:

    Can you introduce some add-ons on other sites?

  54. noname says:


  55. no name says:

    Can I introduce some add-ons on other sites?

  56. Junkywheat says:

    Okay so on my none of the ore generation worked for me until I I had to do function Ore_gen, is that normal also I noticed in the pack that there are recipes there just not showing up in the crafting table. I recommend making a sort of book or something that you spawn in with maybe like a bonus chest or whatever explaining all the possible recipes. Anyways awesome pack. This is probably one of the closest things to a java mod there is.

  57. Anonymous says:

    Super great Addon just plz add crafting recipes

  58. HeeMan says:

    Can someone tell me how to use the camera? On w10.

  59. Mod Explorer says:

    Make it so we can craft already. it annoying having No use of this Mod Pack, You need to fix it. Because everyone will not use it Because it doesn’t work or They’ll use just because of the blocks it adds.
    Plus people that look at it will check the comments. Meaning they wont download this mod. You need to fix it its a really cool fun and awesome mod it just needs to be updated frequently For awhile. if you have stuff to do then do it but just don’t leave this mod with no updates Note: I’m not hating. It just needs to be updated frequently Or regularly for a few weeks so it’ll work it just disappoints me because of how well this mod is but it doesn’t get updated regularly like normal mods should.

  60. Wyatt Fidell-Newsome says:

    Is there a guide somewhere for this mod so I can learn about everything that has been added. There is information on the website but it is very limited

  61. Mr croc says:

    It’s so cool but the crocodiles sink and don’t swim so please make them swim NOT sink😂😂😁😁😁😁

  62. Beetus says:

    So the boat works and I see what your going for but when I tap ride, the raft kicks me off and disappears when I hit it, for some reason the teleporter doesn’t work, the mobs are awesome though, but I didn’t see any new ones, thanks for this add on, it was amazing

    • Cthulhu Warrior says:

      Okay so I’m just gonna ask you one question cause I got the same problems. Do you know how to use the teleporters? Not trying to be rude or anything but you need and enderstar and at least 2 teleporters. Use the enderstar to activate the teleporter and walk into it. It should teleport you to the other teleporter.

  63. roberto says:

    hello what are the recipes of things

  64. Chad Carroll says:

    Its a good addon but it keeps crashing my game (might be my device or terrible Wi-Fi but I’m sure it’s the mod since it doesn’t happen much in my other worlds) and there’s a glitch with the boats which I can’t describe well.

  65. Anonymous says:

    The chisel only works on the Ruby and nothing else so you can’t obtain amethyst

  66. Abraham Luna says:

    The teleporter doesn’t work

  67. Cammie says:

    Add On is very good I love it i cant use experimental gameplay because it is very laggy and none of the blocks and items are there but all of the mobs and animals work perfectly fine and that’s one of the main reasons I downloaded it!

  68. Big Chungus says:

    Why boat not work BOAT GLITCH

  69. hopper from stranger things says:

    really good addon but most of the items aren’t available on either creative and survival. idk if i did something wrong but none of its there

  70. Swallowbird says:

    Can you make a document with guides about the addon

  71. Sully says:

    How do i install this on xbox one?
    Please help =(

    • Enrique says:

      The answer is un YouTube

    • Alex says:

      Install it on your mobile device and then transfer the world to Xbox with realms.
      It worked for me

    • Matthew says:

      Install the file, then rename the file by deleting the addon part at the end, (but leave the dot) then put zip. Then you can go in and you should be able to see the behavior and resource folders, and then you should know what to do by there. If not, search up on youtube how to get modes on xbox and then put the folders in that way.

  72. Abdel says:

    Please make all the new creature more common. Because its very hard to find all new mobs in survival. Btw this addon is amazing!

  73. Jayb5150 says:

    Cant seem to get this or any other mod to work on bedrock 1.12 no idea why and I am doing everything correctly. some mods dont have missing dependents like this one but others do, non work tho.

  74. Alex says:

    This addon is amazing, it adds so much stuff to the game. Can you fix the milk glitch? When I get items from other mods they show up as bottle of milk.

  75. Alex says:

    Great addon with lots of new stuff and it works good on Xbox one. Can you fix the milk glitch, when I get items from other addons some of them show up as bottle of milk.

  76. Wynnie says:

    I did everything for my Xbox one. I put the resource pack where it’s supposed to go and behavior and once I go to Minecraft I can’t find it. Im so bummed 🙁

  77. Yug says:

    It is superb but please could you add more animations for mob and also I will love to see cobra,zebras,new villagers🤗🤗 etc. You should also improve mob textures and sound🙂🙂

  78. DcypherXT says:

    Ok, lets get this straight. This add-on is amazing. Tons of new mobs and creatures and blocks to explore. It would be amazing if everything worked but we can wait for updates. So there are no crafting recipes what so ever meaning if u wanna do anything with this mod outside of creative, you’ve gotta figure it out on your own. And even if you’re on creative, only the blocks are in the menu, NOTHING ELSE. So if you want some items, you gotta switch back and forth from survival and creative. And if you’re gonna add new weapons and resources to build them, inform us on how to obtain them and use them. I had to go through the comments to learn how to make a chisel that I don’t even know how to use. If I can’t use the chisel, how do I make the new swords??? Overall it’s a cool mod but the updates are needed if this mod is gonna work.

  79. Vulterinesqiud says:

    I installed the mod and none of the weapons were craftable so please fix it

  80. Mineguy says:

    Crafting doesnt work mistake or not added yet

  81. AlreadyKalen says:

    The new ores are completely useless because you cannot craft anything from them. Also can you change the spawn rate of mobs because only birds, fleas and deer spawn, or at least from what i’ve seen. Great work though!

  82. Mari says:

    All the textures are missing for me, I made sure to install this correctly and read everything and nothing has worked please fix this it seems like a very cool concept

  83. Idk says:

    How do i download it?? Three stars for now

  84. MC101 says:

    Awesome concept, just want to make sure you’re aware of a few of the biggest bugs:

    1. Limestone and other new blocks cannot be mined. When granite, diorite and andesite are placed, they turn into Limestone etc. as soon as you place them.

    2. Many of the crafting recipes are not available in the crafting table, and there is no guide for what items can be crafted.

    3. Boats, rafts and the nether are completely messed up, but I saw a few comments pointing this out already.

    I will update this if I come upon any other bugs. Looking forward to future updates and bug fixes.

  85. NoName123 says:

    Whenever I smelt or mine an ore, it gives me a bottle of milk.

  86. Dino Demetro says:

    I love the mod but if I could just get a Version with just the animals and nothing else that’d be awesome

  87. River says:

    Could you fix the milk bug please? When I put other mods with this it turns some items even these into milk!

  88. Patrick says:

    I have a bug with a lot of textures not working properly, most are black and purple squares and some are invisible, how to fix?

  89. Mod says:

    Can you please make the items craftable and add a use for copper ore/ingots this mod is good for creative but i’m trying to do a survival world but i cant craft any thing other than a chisel.

  90. Weasel Da Great says:

    Anyone know how to craft the hammers?

  91. Plum says:

    So when a player leaves the game I just crash bc some people join me and then leave and my other friends wanted to stay on my world but since I crash then I can’t even Play correctly also I’m on IOS

  92. burger with moldycheese says:

    There is a bug I found – Whenever I try to create a world with this addon, some of the spawn eggs are colored plain black and when I spawn them, they are just invisible. Can you fix these bugs now?

  93. GamingWithYassin says:

    Hi, just I was wondering if you can fix some bugs.

    Some recommendations for mobs: Animations, Write beside every mob spawn egg Expansion + Addon, Try searching for more animal kinds, Maybe MAYBE some dinosaurs (If that’s possible), And also maybe some bug fixes, And look this maybe like Boring but, can you do more spawn eggs to the same animal with a different texture? I know that’s something SO SO BORING, but please please take do this as fast as possible.

    Dear Minecraft User,


  94. Fred says:

    Please make a way to sit down the panthers after taming it.

  95. Ilyaseen says:

    Sorry I haven’t been able to get the swords and tools in creative or even in crafting please help

    • DcypherXT says:

      There is no chisel in our versions of minecraft and the mod for a chisel i found doesn’t have good links

  96. erm says:

    ermm… just wondering, HOW DO U CRAFT CHIZLE?

  97. Anon says:

    When the bugs are fixed this will be a great add on.

  98. FireDragonIII says:

    I haven’t tried it out completely yet, but I am sure it is going to work. I was making a modpack and I was like, “I’ve got new biomes, new blocks, new items, furniture, now I just need mobs. Just like 10 new ones would be fine” Then I stumble across this. The heaven of mods, it makes Minecraft way better! Thank you! I can now feel like I’m in CrazyCraft or something!

  99. Dino Demetro says:

    Are items craftabl yet

  100. Jobyjem says:

    Hello I’m JobyJem! A command block and addon creator, I love this pack and I hope it continues to grow. I’ve found a couple bugs and I’ll continue to try to find more. The weapons do no damage, I’m assuming this is because you didn’t sync the player.json. The natural generation in the overworld is also messed up. I dug at y12 for ~1000 blocks through a extreme hills biome. I found emeralds, diamonds, but no new ores. The other dimension generations work fine, but the nether ores are a bit too rare in my opinion. When you use a spawn egg for the boat it doesn’t work. Also, make a section dedicated to crafting recipes once you add them. I would also love to see new weapons with custom abilities and maybe some armor soon(Ik it’s hard haha). I’ll continue to supply you with feedback once the new update comes out! Good luck

  101. Jerry Smith from Rick and Morty says:

    These are some of things I noticed while playing

    -can’t pickup limestone
    -the chisel only works with ruby
    -can’t make any gear with the ores
    -the chisel only works for a single rough ore (unless that’s intended)
    -This last one is a request can you make the recipes for the items to make everything easier

  102. Yalokin says:

    How do we chisel an item?

  103. InfamousBlueTie says:

    Seriously the best mod for bedrock. Few bugs, but nothing game-breaking so far. Keep up the good work!

    • Bixitt says:

      It didn’t work on my Xbox 😑 I’ve tried everything to get it to show up at the screen I don’t know how to post a comment

  104. Gfishr says:

    To make the chisel you’re going to need a stick and iron to make the polished version how ever i dont know how to make the sword

    • Matt Tygore says:

      I wasn’t asking on how to make the chisel, I wanted to know how to USE it

      • Trenton says:

        I recently got this pack for my Xbox One and yes. I enjoy all the new mobs. But there is a flaw. Most of the blocks have this outline look to them. Adding and moving around resource packs doesnt seem to fix it and the sight of it causes headaches to the players in my realm. Id like to keep the pack. But Id like this to be fixed. My Gamertag is MudKipPanda if you’d like to keep in touch

  105. Bruh says:

    I have a problem with the add on , when I try to mine ores with my pickaxe nothing drops

  106. Helpful tip says:

    All big cats are tame able with bones! Thought u should know.

  107. River says:

    When I mine saphire why milk?

  108. Alex says:

    Also could you make the stayned glowstone generate naturally all in the nether except for the purple one witch should be found in the end naturally in the router islands

  109. Matt Tygore says:

    How do I use the chisel tool?

  110. Alex says:

    The mod is amazing but i encounter some problems like :
    the end ores don’t appear in the end and the red panda everytime when he gets to get the bamboo it crashes the game could you fix this in the next update pls

  111. Monkee1963 says:

    Can you give us a WORKING link?

  112. cattamer543 says:

    Do you know when the update will come out?

  113. UndeadOne says:

    This mod doesn’t work

  114. MuffinGod17 says:

    Doesn’t work for me. It breaks all my worlds and even if I remove the addon, the game crashes when I try to enter the world.

  115. anonymous says:


  116. Fred says:

    You need to add the crafting recipes because I have no idea how to make the different stuff.

  117. Vev says:

    This expansion is amazing but there are a few faults. The boats are broken and I find no purpose for the crazy amount of ships spawning in the ocean. Also, the corrupted skeletons are crazy overpowered! They spawn in more than the drowned and deal 4 damage when throwing their trident! That’s absurd! It’s especially annoying when starting off the game and having to try to get back your stuff from the corrupted! Hopefully you may perhaps downgrade the spawn rate and damage.

  118. Megalodon says:

    Great addon and can you add piranha,zebra,cheeta and shark damage????

  119. A says:

    I didn’t get the items!😡

  120. oOAmthOo says:

    Crashes on my xbox please fix it

  121. Anonymous says:

    How do the telporter work

  122. Anonymous says:

    How does the telporter work?

  123. Anonymous says:

    Sounds amazing. I haven’t tried the mod out yet, but i will right now.

  124. Minecraftlover070809 says:

    Why do I get milk when I mine sapphire

  125. Jacob says:

    Hey! I’m working on a mod but I don’t know how to import it without replacing an existing item! I noticed you have worked your way around this. Can you help?

  126. Cthulhu Warrior says:

    HERE ARE SOME MORE ADDITIONS(NONE REFERENCE TO OTHER VIDEO GAMES): sea anname: spawns in the ocean will only harm you if you step on them only doesn’t attack tropical fish and spawns in coral reefs. Skeletal pirates: skeleton versions of the pirates spawn only in abandoned pirate ships. Giant Centipede: a centipede that only spawns in the jungle does 5 damage and gives you the poison debuff. FIX ALL THE BUGS!!! There are a number of bugs, some of the crafting doesn’t work, the cooking in a furnace doesn’t work, and the drops don’t work!!!! I said it once and I’ll say these again MAKE CAPYBARAS TAMEABLE AND LARGER!!! Make tiny bugs PLEASE!!! Like tiny Spiders-are completely harmless and scared of humans and other animals, will extremely rarely spawn 1 cobweb and will kill other insects besides, Centipedes, ants, and bees. Make skeletal villagers they will be like normal skeletons can’t be cured because they have no skin. Zombie illagers zombie versions of illagers. The strays and wither skeletons just drop normal bones not their corresponding bones same for mice they don’t drop their cheese. Again please make different fossils depending on the the type of block frozen being mammoth fossils and wither dragon bones. (Wither in the nether, stray in the tundra. More bosses I have ideas for them: the queen ant- spawn only in ant hills, hostile twords the following it’s resectining ant types that’s all, Ancient golem spawn in the jungle ruins natural spawning area the ancient golem takes the form of a normal iron golem but instead made out of stone bricks and is 10 times the size of a normal iron golem having about 300 hp and a ancient gem in the middle of its chest being exposed ,it’s ruins will only spawn in jungles and the ruins will have ancient loot, the golem itself drops a load of stone bricks and a 100%chance of dropping its heart which is called the gem of portals used to craft ravagers Bain- dealing 20 damage and setting enemies on fire while having incredible Knockback, it will also give the player speed 2 and health boost 5 for a long time until the player moves there hand off the weapon. Now I want 1 more thing…New biomes: such as the corresponding biomes I will tell you. Great graves biome pretty rare and an amazing find there will be ash blocks everywhere spread with skeletons of all types and fossils, it’s awesome to find. Volcanic biome-filled with block of ash, stone and cobblestone, the biome is extremely dangerous because of all the fire and ash the lava is being poured out of the volcano but also in lakes, when it’s near water it obsidian, their is also some magma blocks scattered everywhere, and as for the mobs the mobs are volcanic and also spawn in the nether!!! From imps to afrits. Okay I have 1 more suggestion for right now Carnivorous plants will spawn in the following biomes jungle, flower field, and forests of any type, they have a hunger for anything and look like venis fly traps they only spawn at day time though cause they sleep during the night they are about the size of a iron golem.

  127. :3 says:

    When I destroy the sapphire ore why do I get milk?

  128. :3 says:

    And how do you get a chisel?

  129. Daisy Cowan says:

    Boat is broken please fix

  130. Anonymous says:

    Soooooo many hearths what the?!

  131. Timo Tastic says:

    I like this add-on! But is it OK if I showcase it on YouTube and make the link to this site? I will also give credits to you (of course). But anyways thank you for the nice add-on!

  132. CrazyyDocc says:

    Pretty good, but me and my friend were fooling around and we went into survival and I had a pet skunk that sprayed. (Green potion particles.) And we couldn’t figure out how to remove the particles. Now I’m heartbroken because I worked so hard on that world and her going into survival ruined it. Please tell me if I can fix it and how to. 🙁

  133. AgentCPU0 says:

    The game crashes when I enter the Nether

  134. Anonymous says:

    If you can make a video going’s into detail on this addon that would be great and the tools do not work as they should

  135. Person says:

    The mobs are the only things that work

  136. Shiro says:

    Game crashes 5 seconds after I join my world, tested 6 times, 1.12.0 with EX on.

    • Sammy Bouchefaa says:

      In the next update, could you give all the animal stuff new textures to make them resemble the designs of The Mo’ Creatures mobs?

  137. Fail600time says:

    lots of animation failure when creating world even some mobs and vechiles aren’t working


  138. Anonymous says:

    There’s a lot of lag

  139. DiamondSeeker15 says:

    I normally love JEBR_GAMING’s Add-Ons but this one is broken, The crafting recipes do not work and the mobs dont naturally spawn

  140. Why says:

    Tools don’t work but mobs work

  141. Stichyboy10 says:

    Pls fix link!

  142. MaybeIFixedUrProblem says:

    Maybe you can’t find them cos ur not in 1.12

  143. Hi says:

    Weight i’m such an idiot I did not scroll down

  144. Hi says:

    It does not let me download but it looks really cool

  145. Paulo Joshua Tan says:

    Please add rhino beetles and other insects such as mantis,tarantula,caterpillar,and ants it would be great please JEBRgaming👌👌

  146. João says:

    the mobs are slow and the ores did not generate in my world, I tried several times, among other errors. I really liked the addon and hope these problems are fixed … thanks !!!

  147. Loppolo says:

    It didnt work for me

  148. Cthulhu Warrior says:

    There are some things that need to be fixed okay? The mouse does not drop the cheese. The water mobs(swordfish,shark,octopus,and fish) should do a flopping animation on land, the swordfish should drop the swordfish item, and when hitting a fish it flys in the air. In jungles the bee hive should spawn with a queen bee boss and worker bees to attack you. Please make the Capybaras and hamsters tameable cause they are in real life for the capybara make them tameable with fruit and the hamsters wheat and or seeds. Okay now for the new items/mobs. Mooshrooms should drop their corrosponding hide. Add glowing mushrooms. Make the strays and wither skeletons actually drop their bones. Make ice fossils in the tundra biomes and wither fossils in the nether. Make ash blocks spawn in the nether and add a use besides blocks for an example soul sword crafted with wither bones ash and a nether star. Add different types of sharks here are some examples: hammerhead spawns in oceans, great white spawns in rivers, whale shark spawns rarely in oceans, and Megalodon spawns rarely in oceans and is an underwater boss. When encountering a porcupine poking or bumping into it will inflict a thorns attack. MAKE CAPYBARAS BIGGER in real life they are pretty big. Make a giant ship that spawns with pirates and a pirate captain which is the new boss for the pirate ships when killing the captain he will drop his many good loot. There will be barrels filled with fish, tnt, cages with captive villagers, bedrooms, and a large chest full of loot and also custom items. There will be two types of owls snowy and the normal they will only spawn at night, kill mice and rabbits, and sleep during the day(new behaviors for the owls) rarely inside of mine shafts were the cave spiders roam will spawn a Spider queen which is another new boss it will shoot webs, summon spiders, and do incredible melee damage. When killing the spider queen you will get a spider staff which when sneaking summons spider minions. Make the starfish be 3D have some animations and kill any nearby fish except tropical and add different varieties. Since their are frogs I have some suggestions for them, add different varieties and two exclusive ones that spawn in the jungle poison dart and the tree frog. They have more weird sounds depending on which type they are ( they make strange sounds in real life) make them attack bees silverfish and many more. Add toads there are frogs so why not add toads the can come to be smaller and have different varieties.(and add an exclusive toad the cane toad hostile twords snakes, rabbits, villagers, illagers, undead, and players. They deal a load of damage) add more insects for the frogs and toads to eat( flys annoying little demons buzz a lot but easy to kill!!! Ticks evil little demons these monsters are super tiny they have a chance to spawn in tall grass. Mosquitoes only spawn when it’s night or it going to rain will bite you!! Ants spawn in a colony like bees, the have a queen there is a chance a rare chance that an anthill will spawn, army ants spawn in the jungle and are hostile twords everything except themselves and their queen. Centipedes spawn commonly in jungles and rarely in forests. Tiny spiders tiny versions of spiders are very tiny and spawn at night will attack any bug except ants, centipedes, and ticks have a rare chance to spawn 1cobweb to catch prey, another chance to have a spider called a taurantula which is a bit smaller than a cave spider and attacks bugs, rabbits, and mice is neutral. Snail spawns in caves and in wet areas is adorable and drops its shell does and animation to were it will hide in its shell also slugs snails without their shells can die in the sun. Worms only spawn during rain when killed has a chance to drop a worm item, rare chance a earth worm will spawn and also drops an item but it’s an earth worm it’s edible, and also an extremely rare chance that a Giant worm will spawn and its a boss will drop mud and dirt.) things that will spawn in a desert: scorpions have claws and a stinger will not attack you unless provoked, thorny dragon a cute thorny lizard that eats bugs, Komodo dragon, a giant lizard that eats goats and sheep. Vultures, they have an eagle AI but instead eat raw meat on the ground. Wither bones can be used as fuel in a furnace of any kind. I want all of these I don’t have Snapchat, twitter, Facebook, or an Instagram so I will share them here with you.

    • LZGM says:

      Cthulu Warrior, he isn’t doing that, this isn’t Terraria.

      • Cthulhu Warrior says:

        I wasn’t talking about the Eater of worlds I was talking about just a bigger version of the worms not claws, eyes, and corruption!!!! Oh and for the queen bee I think it would be a good concept I didn’t say what they would look like!!!!! And I’m guessing you don’t want all the bugs to be fixed!!!!!

  149. JellyPaladin says:

    Adding even more Equipment Sets would be cool. Like Cobalt, Adamantite and stuff. Armor sets are impossible but I’m pretty sure you’ll be able to soon. What I really want to see is more weapons, and bosses to take on.

  150. andrew says:

    how do you make the swords?

  151. Silent Shadow says:

    This is a really cool mod, two recommendations:
    1. In a separate website, add a bio about each item. Most people search online if they don’t understand something, but in this case they don’t have anywhere to go.
    2. Develop this mod more! This addon has so much potential! Like others have stated, there are a few problems, but that is to be expected, you can’t make a perfect addon the first try.
    2a. More tools (pickaxes, shovels, axes)
    2b. Fix as many bugs as possible

  152. Andre Esposto says:

    I just wanna know one thing. What are the main taming items. Like can you tame certain animals with an item or what. Also I’m not sure how your meant to use the raft. I right click it and it kicks me straight off. Some of the entities are invisible [Zookeeper, etc.] And there are some animals that should be able to swim, like the crocodiles. This is an awesome mod, but you need to fix it up and add tools/weapons for the new ores. Maybe add a guide book item that people can read to learn more about the mod? [How to use new items, how to craft new blocks/items, etc] That would really help! Great mod in general!

  153. LimeLemons says:

    The nether crashes me, every other dimension is fine but for some reason it’s just the nether

  154. Wizard says:

    a question The animals are domesticable

  155. oofis says:

    I can’t seem to make any swords with any ores, besides the ones you can craft swords with (basic ores or wood/cobblestone)
    But overall the most advanced addon in Minecraft Bedrock Edition!

  156. zip says:

    hello it would be nice if u told us the crafting recipes for all the blocks and items using pics. as i am unsure how to craft anything. and a list of all the mobs would be nice to.

  157. Nick says:

    Only the mobs work for the rest nothing

  158. Marco says:


  159. Tim.Schrohe says:

    Oh suuure the stonetypes are below y lv 16. What a stupid idea !

  160. Zack says:

    Also my game crashed and now it won’t open at all…

  161. Blaze Gaming says:

    This is epic,as epic as pewdiepies minecraft series,you deserve 5 starts,and a dab of course!

  162. Zack says:

    Okay great add-on but one problem that keeps it from a five star. The boat spawns. They are absolutely broken, me and my friend are trying to build a dome and three boats spawned inside my dome and outside. Completely ruined it. They multiply in such huge quantities and there are like 20 outside my house. I love the dyed planks, I love the new ores and the ores in different dimensions. I love everything about this add-on except the boats.

  163. Canadian63 says:

    The mod is pretty cool but I don’t see any of the new tools and swords and there seems to be a small border around every block.

  164. Skin Pen says:

    This is pretty cool but in the behavior pack file there is not manifest and pack icon files so it doesn’t show up in the settings. The resource pack works and I can see all the blocks but there are no useable items.

  165. Matmun says:

    Oh woah this is amazing! I have not yet tried out crafting, but so far everything is working really well. Everything is also generating into the world properly as well. My only problem is that some of the normal game textures have glitchy corners, but in general amazing!

    Hopefully you can soon make it so the ores can be made into tools, but its really amazing still!

  166. HussDab says:

    I had a lot of faith in this add-on, because unfortunately it doesn’t work. Are the items actually not present in the creative inventory, or even in the crafting table recipe inventory, or is that a bug? Also, how do we dye the planks and the glow stone??

  167. CgShadowxx says:

    i love this addon so far but it would be nice to have a video to go along with this to show off what you can do in it

  168. raul says:

    Craftings are not working

  169. Anonymous says:

    the weapons are not working for me but all the mobs are

  170. Minecraft is amazing says:

    When I downloaded this on your site jebrgaming site I found some amethyst but I tried using chisel to turn it into smooth but it didn’t work I put them in my crafting space idk how to use chisel

  171. Honey says:

    Wonderful pack the animals are amazing!But sharks die in the water? And the ores that you have put in and the swords aren’t coming up and the ores aren’t smelting in the furnaces and I was really excited about the new ores coming….Nothing glitches ect all the animals are amazing as I said earlier but the ores aren’t working so try 2 work on that please….9/10 totally recommend if you want your game to be more interesting (also can I add food)

  172. Gemen says:

    An amazing add-on filled with a bunch of cool features to have you hooked on it for days. The only reason why I can’t fully recommend it is because of countless bugs I came across just in the first few hours of playing. That being said, it is a very fun and unique add-on that should be played by everyone!

  173. Mike says:

    I got this addon on the jebr website it is good but you cant craft any of the swords you cant make dust only rubies can be polished and not amethist or sapphire. Many things can only be optained via commands please update

  174. Leo says:

    I love where this is going but is it possible to make all the easy ores spawn in the over world and the harder ones in the nether? I don’t like when ores spawn in the end because it will take too long to get there and obtain it. Plus there would be no point to get the ores in the end because, well it’s the END. However when I first saw this addon I was so happy, I was looking for an addon like this for months. Thank you so much for creating this! 🙂

  175. Sammy Bouchefaa says:

    Dude. This mod is amazing! Me and my brothers are planning to build a zoo based off th San Diego Zoo, and dear the amount of animals here is just.. wow. Thank you so much! Hopefully you could add in lemurs, giraffes, alligators, Jaguars, snow leopard, zebras, and many more. Just PLEASE take your time.

  176. LMDC2004 says:

    This Mod is really that Amazing ! , But a couple or all Craftings arent working but its a very nice Mod for Creative

  177. Yoloboy4 says:

    Mann kann leider nicht die Wekrzeuge Herstellen , Das ist schade

    • Mafuyu says:

      Is there any ways to break the teleporter? Because i tried everything to destroy it but i can’t destroy it and please update it for 1.13

      • JuanC17 Playz says:

        1. Get a nametag and rename it using an anvil for example “b” to name it
        2. If you can use cheats open the chat and type /kill @e [name=b] and send
        Now you have removed it! Isn’t that easy? Good luck!

        • JuanC17 Playz says:

          Hi I experienced a few issues on this addon that need to be fixed:
          1. Player character is invisible
          2. A few blocks like the candles and chains are full blocks and blocks that can be seen trough including the windows have xray on the bottom.
          3. The game suddenly crashes
          I hope the issues I experienced would be fixed, If it realizes I will leave a 5 star rating :).

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