Hardcore Mode (Add-On) [v1.11+]

Try Minecraft Java’s original Hardcore mode in Bedrock Edition! Locked at the hardest difficulty: fend off much stronger and dangerous mobs, find food as you can starve continously; and, the hardest part about it is: have only one life!

created by: r4isen1920

pack version: v2.0

Applying Add-On

  • Simply import and then apply it to an existing or new world! No setup needed! For the best results in Multiplayer mode, apply the resource pack as a host – and make sure to tick the checkbox to apply for all players who joins in as well!

  • Applying latest version: To apply the latest version of the add-on, first, delete the current add-on that is imported in your Minecraft, and then import the upated one from the download links provided below.

Hardcore Mode Features

 Hardcore mode in Minecraft features as follows:

  • Hardest difficulty only. You cannot switch to the Easy diffuculty, specially the Peaceful one! All mobs deal more damage – such as Skeletons have greater accuracy of shooting you & Zombies tend to spawn more often in the dark – and you won’t easily replenish your Heart if you do not eat as you can get starved much more than any other difficulties.
  • Only one life & Spectator Mode. Once you die, its game over! Spectate the world to see what progress you’ve done – as you can no longer modify the world in spectator mode. 

  • Spectator Mode: You cannot hurt mobs/players nor destroy blocks once you die. If you want to fly, you can enable the Education Edition from your World Settings:

Adjusting Options

  • In multiplayer, if a player dies, its game over for the rest too; or, make each player have their individual one life. This can be adjusted by simply typing /function hc/mode_0 or /function hc/mode_1 to toggle between the two mode options!

Options Description

  • Mode_1: This option features only one life shared by players in a world. If someone dies in this world, the rest of the players – and anyone who joins can no longer continue. 
  • Mode_0: This option features individual lives for each player(s) in a world. If someone dies, the rest of the player can continue playing – but still only have one life.

Video Demonstration

  • For more detailed explanation, here’s a video below for demonstration.
  • The video below is outdated for the current version. A latest video will be uploaded in the next patch.

Changelog View more
  • Rewritten behavior code. For a much stable experience, I have rewritten the behavior code so that you should experience less lag and further improve the add-on's stabilization in-game.
  • Added custom UI title. See the pause screen/menu! 

Behavior Changes

  1. Implemented forced gamerules. 
  2. Inventory management improved. You should no longer obtain unwanted items even by using /give command on certain items!
  3. Tweaked the usage of mob potions to improve the game's FPS somehow.
  4. You should no longer take damage even when you are in Spectator mode, when near a melee hostile mob.
  5. Moved the two options by using a function command instead.
  6. Used the player's behavior instead of relying too much on commands.
  7. Revoked the needs of Experimental Gameplay just to run the add-on.
  • Enhanced Flying. You can now optionally fly like the same as if you're in the Creative mode! Requires Education Edition to be enabled in your World Settings.
  • Optimized texts. Removed the 'actionbar' text, added different languages for the term "Spectate World" via the infamous Google Translate. Translations are not 100% accurate. You can contribute and help for this simple translation by contacting me on Twitter.
  • Performance Optimizations. Frame rate drop is now reduced when the whole function is triggered.
  • Enhanced Spectator. To fly, just jump, then you'll glide slowly back to the ground! This is the only option for now, but I will update it as much as possible! Also, you can no longer hurt mobs or players once you die.
  • Added 'Options'. See description for more info.
  • Others. Tweaked some texts to make it noticeable.


  • Note: Apply the add-on's Behavior Pack on top, specially if you are using multiple addons. If you experience lag, make sure to reduce the amount of addon(s) currently imported into your world!
  • If the add-on didn't work somehow, make sure that you have checked if the Behavior Pack is doing fine.


Supported Minecraft versions

1.11 1.12 1.13 1.14

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66 Responses

3.28 / 5 (32 votes)
  1. Guest-8371966891 says:

    I think you should fix the resource pack, here’s a story i went to the nether and a bunch of mobs spawn and i couldn’t handle the situation then i went back at the portal and some mobs followed me in and then i fought so hard to survive and have only 5 hearts left but a normal zombie hit me once and i died instantly without see the spectate and main mune button. It just instantly turn it into spectate mode, but the real thing here is i should have still survive that attack from that zombie tho

  2. Guest-7453465729 says:

    When I open chat it switches my gamemode to spectator and I lose my world

  3. Guest-5495673437 says:

    The add-on works fine, just I can’t do multiplayer since whenever someone joins it puts me into spectator, and I did change it to the type where everyone has one life each but it still kills me. Any help?

  4. Anonymous says:

    Very good addon. But the question is. WHY SEPARATE RP and BP?

  5. Guest-4866132189 says:

    The description you give for each mode is switched from how its described on the site to how its described in-game. It confuses me from which one is actually individual lives to one life for everyone since its switched.

  6. Guest-2094736250 says:

    It directed me to a website with inappropriate content

  7. Guest-3796407173 says:

    How can I play it on realms. It dont work correctly. I’m able to respawn and go into creative

  8. Guest-6798398995 says:

    Do you know why when I host a cross-play server with the addon and someone joins the world I am put into spectator mode right away ?
    Is there any way to fix this?

  9. VladyCraftHRyt says:

    Ahora actualiza el de dormir un solo jugador, y que funcione para 1.15

  10. User-6921273367 says:

    Need to be a adult.

  11. ThisJobYT says:

    It doesn’t work!!!

  12. Sky says:

    What is the difference of rb and bp?

  13. Stepfight says:

    BP wont load in

  14. Elon Musk says:

    Update this pack to the latest version of minecraft1.14

  15. Doofnuget says:

    Adfly doesn’t work for me. Can you please put the link without adfly?

  16. Doofnget says:

    Adfly doesn’t work for me. Can you please put the link without adfly?

  17. Emerald Sword says:

    Nice But A Spectator Mode Is Added Just Go Download Plug Toolbox Pe

  18. Anonymous says:

    I got it on Xbox one

  19. Salaa says:

    How do i download this on iOS I have Been trying for the past 10 minutes

  20. BENIS says:

    this addon is awesome except whenever I use it whenever I die, I click specate and it respawns me. makes the aspect of hardcore a little less exciting. don’t know if this is because I use other mods with this one.

  21. Jordan Godfrey says:

    When playing with friends, my game crashes after they leave the world, any solutions?

  22. Corey says:

    Hey I can’t use it on my realm because it closes the whole realm if someone leaves the game in any way shape or form. If you could fix it I’d definitely be using this again.

  23. Jordan godfrey says:

    When playing with friends, my game crashes after they leave the world

  24. Nestor says:

    cual de los 3 links de descarga debo descargar ?

  25. bob says:

    if it were possible. try making it so when we die the command /ability @s mayfly true happens so we can fly in survival.

    • r4isen1920 says:

      I thought of this once, did not work properly. Although you can fly in survival or adventure mode, but you’ll need to enable “Education Edition” as well.

      I’m still working on it, so don’t worry – I’ll find a way!

  26. Anonymous says:

    Wow! It’s always a ton of fun when I see an actually good addon and then the creator decides to use a shitty ad website to completely ruin it!

    • r4isen1920 says:

      Okay, really sorry for the inconvenience. The ad website takes only 5-10 seconds and you’ll be redirected once you skip the ad. Additional ad’s may come from Mediafire, and its not my fault and it can’t be prevented.

      I hope you understand.

  27. Anonymous says:

    Man i wish there’s a mcpe version of Rlcraft

  28. Jordan Godfrey says:

    Can you make it where when playing with friends, it doesn’t apply to everyone when one person dies

  29. Good job on the add-on! I really appreciate that someone with a better experience in modding bedrock Minecraft was able to make a better add-on than myself. Cheers!

  30. Ummm... says:

    Can’t you just make us in creative mode when you die, and make you not be able to break blocks, and you will be able to fly?

    (Idk, since you could maybe force us to be in visitor mode…)

  31. An2 says:

    Specmode had to fly

  32. MasterGaeX says:

    Make the Instant Health (lvl 255) and Fire Resistance in the Spectator Mode

  33. A good review says:

    This is the best mcpe addon “D can you fix it so it doesn’t damage people

  34. Anonymous says:

    I honestly think This Is the best hc addon in mcpe Its great, but can you fox it where it doesn’t allow you to hit animals

  35. dsfdiuoaiufdosayf says:

    can u make a ragdoll physics addon??

  36. Anonymous says:

    It may seem futile, but maybe add a option to disable the *Hardcore permanent death* thing, the only thing i really want is the mob AI changes (Eg, skeleton accuracy and zombie spawning), but if you cant thats fine! I can do this myself by editing the pack itself. As i know how to make behavioral packs.

    • r4isen1920 says:

      Thats specifically my point here. If you read the description above carefully, you can see that it’s locked at the hardest difficulty only – the AI Changes sould’ve been applied already because its in the “Hard” difficulty, similar to the Java Edition.

      Hope you understand.

  37. Diana says:

    Can you please, change the name from “Hardcore Mode” to “Hard Core Mode” because it says it’s restricted on my sons phone, (I’m The Son) Just please change the name so he can play.

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