Explorer Mode (1.14)

Experience Minecraft like it was on your first day: Scary, challenging and full of wonder! Disables most crafting recipes for tools and armor. So you have to either find them or trade for them in villages.

About Explorer Mode

Remember the first time you started Minecraft? Being put into an unknown world that was yours to explore. Digging a little hole in the dirt to survive your first night? Being excited when after hours of playtime you found your first diamond? The good old days, when “Survival” mode actually meant you have to struggle?

Compare this feeling to modern Minecraft. You skip your first night by killing some sheep, strip mine at y-level 12 and find your first diamonds after an hour in game and get fully enchanted diamond equipment before a day is up. Making the rest of the game absolutely trivial. You then spend the rest of your time to make it even more trivial by creating huge automated farms taking all challenge out of the game.

Removed Crafting Recipes

This add-on aims to bring the feeling of your first days in Minecraft back. It achieves this goal by disabling the crafting recipes for stone, iron and diamond tools and armor. It also disables the recipes for shears and buckets. So you have to either find them or trade for them in villages. This means that you will have to explore the world, gather loot and emeralds and fight for every bit of progression. No longer can you ignore all those different villager trades because all of them are now useful. Llamas and donkeys will become your best friend, when they transport your loot while you travel from village to village looking for that enchanted pickaxe trade. When you delve into abandoned mineshafts or dive for sunken ruins and you find that iron pickaxe or gold ingots to repair your enchanted golden armor you will rejoice!

Enhanced Loot and Trade Tables

Explorer mode also enhances some loot tables for mods and chests. To prevent sleeping through your first night by murdering sheep, they will not drop wool anymore when killed. So you have to shear them in order to get wool. On the other hand some mobs and all loot chests have enhanced loot so you will usually find something you can use. It also edits the trade tables for the villagers so you are not offered a bell for 36 emeralds anymore.

Restricted Breeding

In order to prevent massive animal farms that make obtaining food and leather trivial, breeding now requires golden food. To breed rabbits or chicken you need a golden carrot, to breed pigs and sheep you need glistering melon and to breed cows you need a golden apple. This makes breeding less trivial (and incidently helps with the spawn limit, therefore making hostile mobs more likely to appear in caves). 

Rebalanced food

Not all food is created equal now. Food consumption time now corresponds to the amount of hunger restored. So a berry can be eaten very quickly while rabbit stew takes five seconds to slurp.

Rebalanced Ore Spawn

In vanilla Minecraft exploring the underground lacks variety. No matter in which biome you mine, the underground stays the same. In Explorer Mode it actually makes a difference where you mine. Right now there are three significant changes to the ore spawn. The amount of coal and lapis lazuli that generates in the world has been significantly reduced. To compensate you will find a lot of coal underneath a swamp biome and a lot of lapis when mining below a desert biome. Additionally when you face the dangers of the frozen biomes (Strays will spawn underground now!) you can find diamonds up to y-level 32.  

New Ores

Explorer Mode adds Nether Gold Ore and the rare Nether Emerald Ore to the nether. They can be mined with any pickaxe (even wooden) and will drop gold nuggets or an emerald respectively. So it might be worth it to take the risks of the nether to get your hands on some precious gems and metals. You can also smelt them in a furnace to get an emerald or a gold ingot.

Added Mobs

Explorer mode also adds some new (retextured)  mobs to the game, to make exploring more interesting and challenging.

Pygmy Skeleton

In the  jungle, instead of normal zombies and skeletons there will now spawn pygmy skeletons that shoot arrows of poison and weakness. They can also drop those arrows if you slay them.

Nether Golem

In the Nether you can now find the mighty Nether Golem, a hostile mob that is very powerful and probably best avoided. If you kill it, you will be rewarded with some nether bricks and a bucket of lava.

Obsidian Golem

Another golem added to the world is the obsidian golem. These huge ancient guardians roam the deepes recesses of the underworld. They are neutral towards the player but if you manage to slay one of those rare entities you will be rewarded with obsidian and a block of diamond.


Another new resident of the nether is the hellhound. These creatures hunt in packs and will drop leather when slain.


This creeper replaces it’s surface variant when underground. It behaves just like a ordinary (green) creeper but with a much more powerful explosion (less powerful than a charged creeper though).

Golden Creeper

This creeper variant will spawn very rarely when underground. In contrast to a normal creeper the golden variant will flee from the player at very high speed. If you manage to catch and kill it, the golden creeper will explode in a “lootsplosion” dropping many valuables.

Red Husks

This variant of the Husk replaces Zombies in Mesa biomes. They drop red sand on death. Normal husks will also drop normal (yellow) sand when killed.

Parting Words

Explorer mode makes the game much more challenging. You can spend hundreds of hours before facing the Ender dragon or the Wither. There is no “optimal” way to play Minecraft anymore and when playing Explorer Mode you are here for the way not for the destination.

Will you take up the challenge and enter Explorer Mode? 

Changelog View more

Full list of changes in version 1.1:

  • replaced the possibility to find horse armor in dungeon chests with the possibility to find enchanted stone tools
  • if you smelt down chainmail, iron or gold equipment you will now receive an ingot instead of a nugget
  • restored the saddle as a possible master trade for the leather worker (turns out you lose a lot of donkeys!)
  • restored horse armor to ender city chests
  • I figured that a hoe cannot be sold or found enchanted. Therefore, I replaced the iron hoe that the toolsmith sells as an apprentice trade with a diamond hoe. Removed the diamond hoe as an option for the journeyman trade accordingly
  • replaced zombies and skeletons in the jungle biome with Pygmy Skeletons that shoot arrows of poison and weakness (and drop them accordingly)
  • getting hit by a zombie or baby zombie will now afflict nausea for eight seconds
  • added the hostile nether golem to the nether
  • added the neutral obsidian golem to the deepest caves
  • added compatibility with the Minecraft Earth Add-On
  • added Nether Gold and Nether Emerald Ore that spawn randomly in the Nether
  • removed version number in the addon manifest

-added cavecreepers and golden creepers

-increased spawn rate of obsidian golems

-added a recipe to the stonecutter so you can turn one stone into eight buttons

-added an offer to buy heart of the sea for five emeralds as fisherman master trade

-rabbits now breed in 10 minutes instead of 20 and always drop rabbit meat

-snow golems now spawn naturally in the Ice Spikes Biome

-you can now craft arrows with prismarine shards instead of flint

-all stews and soups are now stackable to 16

-food consumption time now differs depending on food points restored

-zombies now drop baked potatoes instead of potatoes when killed while on fire

-spawn bonus chests now always include a book & quill

-woodland mansion chests now may contain emeralds

-you can now find exploration maps in stronghold libraries

-you can now catch a gold nugget while fishing

-snow golems now drop zero to two sticks on death

-you can now smelt a pumpkin to get orange dye

-silverfish may now drop clay balls when killed by the player

-husks may now drop sand

-mesas will now spawn red husks instead of zombies

-swapped the prices for iron and chainmail armor at the armorer villager

-fixed a bug where snow golems would spawn everywhere instead of other passive mobs

-Ravagers can now drop leather

-Cakes now need sweet berries for crafting

-Strays now spawn in all cold biomes instead of skeletons, they also spawn underground

- increased the amount of coal found in swamp biomes

- decreased the amount of coal found in all other biomes

- increased the amount of lapis lazuli found in desert biomes

- decreased the amount of lapis lazuli found in all other biomes

-in frozen biomes you can now find diamonds up to y level 32

-should now work in Haven't changed anything else, just let Minecraft update the pack itself. Please report any issues!

-updated mobs to format

-removed recommended mods since I cannot be bothered to check if they are still working

-updated the add-on to beta 1.14 

-please report any bugs you encounter!


  • Make sure you are on the 1.14 Beta! (Instructions)
  • Download the mcaddon
  • Double-click and Minecraft should open
  • Create a new world and enable experimental features
  • Choose "Explorer Mode" under behaviour packs


Supported Minecraft versions


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71 Responses

4.55 / 5 (20 votes)
  1. Guest-4252086481 says:

    I Cant Download What Happened

  2. Guest-9944462062 says:

    Wouldn’t it make more sense if deserts or savanna generate more coal?

  3. Guest-3435518678 says:

    Can you make working on beta 1.15 and fix the black spawn eggs pls

  4. Minecrafter says:

    Please update it for minecraft 1.14 release. I’m not sure if there’s any difference between the beta and release, but better safe than sorry. Thanks!

  5. Ben says:


  6. mmmmm says:

    this sounds like hardcore i will play it with my friends

  7. I am a guy who wants cool add-ons. says:

    Could you add sounds for the mobs?

    Also, the hellhound’s tail doesn’t appear. Add sounds of the hellhound. And make them attack animals.

  8. EnderBrine_404 says:

    Can you add sounds for the mobs? Thanks.

  9. Wise says:

    Nice addon, but breeding cows is too steep.. 16 gold ingots for 1 or 2 beef doesnt sound like a good trade-off.

  10. CrimsonGhost78 says:

    What are the chances you could update this to 1.13 full release? I am absolutely loving it. It has rekindled my love of the game!

  11. Enemies not giving XP when killed will be fixed in 1.0.8. Please report any weird behavior you may encounter.

  12. Yak Hunt says:

    Unfortunately it crashes for me (Win10 / v1.13.0.17 BETA) when starting a new game with experimental features enabled. Let me know if you need more info!

  13. Gandalf says:

    it crashed for me wehn i create a map

  14. Gandalf says:

    this mod is not working for me. if i start a world the game crashes.

  15. 17703 says:

    Yo, any clue if this works on xbox? I’ve tried downloading it and everything, but it keeps crashing when I launch a world with experimental mode on.

  16. Anonymous says:

    Removing recipes for LEATHER armor seems like overkill to me:/

  17. Liam says:

    How do you create stuff

  18. Luke says:

    Hey. There’s a bug where most of the passive mobs spawn as Snow Golems. :/ Other than that, this mod is what made me go back to Minecraft. If this bug gets fixed it will be perfect.

  19. layla says:

    there is a bug with the golems spawing in the desert instead of the ice spikes

  20. Thetigerking says:

    Make it so you cat tame the hellhound plz

  21. The golden creeper sounds really cool. Could you make that a separate add-on?

  22. Anon says:

    I really like the concept of this mod, however it makes some ores obsolete (like diamonds.) Settling down is basically impossible as if one of your tools breaks you’re going to be back on the road.

    • Anonymous says:

      This is the idea that you have to travel from village to village and only set up shop there for a limited amount of time. Of course later in the game you can still settle in a specific spot and set up a nether gateway to get back to your base. Iron and Diamond still retain their usefulness since you will want to repair your gear once you manage to acquire it.

  23. Steve says:

    Will the addon work with the official release of 1.13? I cannot join the beta, because Apple doesn’t support it.

  24. Mastercraft says:

    I do not love it

  25. rchrdcrg says:

    Links are broken…

  26. Anonymous says:

    I was going to download it but the link was broken try to fix this soon

  27. Anonymous says:

    Just wondering but could you say which recipes you disabled? Or is it all of them?

    • Sorry it was in the first version but then got deleted with the changelog. I’ll see that I get it back. But for references:

      -removed the recipes for all iron and diamond tools and armor
      -removed the recipes for all leather armor
      -removed the recipes for all stone tools except the stone sword
      -removed the recipes for bows and crossbows
      -removed the recipes for buckets, shears and the fishing rod
      -removed the recipe to turn string into wool
      -added a recipe to create an enchanted golden apple with an apple and eight blocks of gold
      -added a recipe to turn a block of quartz into four nether quartz
      -changed the torch recipe so you will only get one torch per coal

  28. helloo says:

    great mod! 😀
    This will be a lot better than regular minecraft!

  29. Problems? says:

    So I tried to download the pack and couldn’t find the behavior pack anywhere, so I figure you Just messed up the .mcpack file configuration so I drop the addon into documents, thinking I could just zip it and then access the files, zip em again and then change it to a .mcpack, but apparently there’s no files in the actual pack?? I think you might’ve messed up with the behavior pack link or something, cause from what I can tell there’s no actual files in the pack; it’s not even an addon it’s just an empty .zip pack

    • Gurkengelee says:

      I checked the download and it worked fine for me. Anyways there is now an .mcaddon pack since I also needed to add some resources. Maybe try again now?

    • Hm I tried it on several decives and it worked fine. The file is also definitely not empty. Anyway I now updated it with a .mcaddon file that you can use. Try it and please report back if it works now.

  30. Dope but idk says:

    So, I downloaded the addon, and can’t find the behavior pack anywhere, but it says that the pack was successfully downloaded… I’m on 1.12 right now, did I mess something up or is it just broken for us 1.12 plebs?

  31. Beef says:

    When I try to download it it says I already have it… I’m just confused so I’m not gonna give a rating yet

    • Gurkengelee says:

      Maybe something is wrong with MC oder with MCPEDL. Either way there is now an .mcaddon file. You may try this one and see if it works (everything works fine for me on several test devices).

    • Anonymous says:

      Hm I tried it on several decives and it worked fine. The file is also definitely not empty. Anyway I now updated it with a .mcaddon file that you can use. Try it and please report back if it works now.

    • Hm I tried it on several devices and it worked fine. The file is also definitely not empty. Anyway I now updated it with a .mcaddon file that you can use. Try it and please report back if it works now.

  32. tsvetomir says:

    Killed 8 sheep no wool for bed….

    • tsvetomir isn't smart says:

      Killed 8 tsvetomirs still no brains have dropped. Starting to think he doesn’t have any. (It says that sheep will no longer drop wool upon death under the “Entities” section.)

      • Indeed it is working as intended so you cannot just sleep away your first night but have to actually create a shelter from the hostile mobs. I also intend to make beds unbreakable in a later update. So the night will actually become dangerous again.

  33. Very Good, I really like it!

  34. Nice! This will definitely make things more challenging, as you’ll stick with those wooden tools for awhile until you find a village, which is usually hundreds of blocks away from your spawn point.

  35. Thanks for the suggestion! Currently this does not seem possible. But you have a higher chance to get Books with Mending enchantment than in vanilla so that might help.

  36. Plasma7007 says:

    Very good modification to the game, my only suggestion would be to allow golden tools and armor to be enchanted with mending via the enchantment table. They are quite brittle and this would make them more useable

    • Anonymous says:

      Thanks for the suggestion. Alas this currently does not seem to be possible in 1.12. Maybe in 1.13. I raised the chance of getting enchanted books which may have mending on them, so it is easier to acquire.

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